Advertorial: How to Cut a Dash in Your Club Stash

Back in 2001, a t-shirt printing company was set up in Cambridge by Downing undergraduate Alex Walker. Between SPS essays, he was selling t-shirts to boat clubs up and down the Cam. Today Indigo Clothing is based in London and supplies major brands such as Spotify, Magners and Hummingbird Bakery, as well as running the official University of Cambridge Alumni Merchandise web store.

Indigo have put together this quick guide to make sure that when you order stash you are up to date with the latest trends in the industry:


The staple item of uni stash is of course the hoodie. However, don’t think you need to be conservative in your choice of colour. Ten years ago hoodies only came in a small, boring range of shades. Today, the College Hoodie by AWD is is available in 50 colours! Also, finally there is a hoodie colour that is a good match for Cambridge Blue, so if you are in a blues team check out their Peppermint colour. AWD also make a Varsity hoodie with contrast hood and strings, as well as a zip-hoodie (zoodie!) and sweatpants.

Organic Cotton

If ethical issues are close to your heart you no longer need to compromise on your values when ordering stash. Continental Clothing produces a great range called Earth Positive which is not only made from organic cotton but also is carbon neutral thanks to their wind powered factory. Their t-shirts come with an official stamp of approval from the Soil Association too. However, if your budget doesn’t stretch to organic cotton, then WRAP certified manufacturers such as Gildan and AWDis may provide a good alternative. WRAP certification means that workers conditions have been audited to a high standard.

Wicking T-Shirts

The athletes amongst you know that the cotton tee no longer cuts it; you need to be sporting the latest in technical wicking fabrics. Luckily, you don’t need to fork out for expensive high street brands as Indigo offers a range of technical t-shirts and vests starting at just £5.25 ex VAT. New for 2012 is the Cool T (available in 30 colours) and the Cool Vest by AWDis (the same people who make the hoodies mentioned above). These shirts are ideal for boaties and rugby/ football/hockey teams who want something for training runs or gym sessions.

Keep Up To Date

Like Indigo on Facebook or follow them on Twitter (@indigo) to keep up to date with the latest special offers, new products and fashion blog posts, and if you ever need a quote for stash then you can call free on 0800 021 2207.

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