Honeymoon’s Over For Student Love Site

As Cambridge matchmaking service 'Beginning, Middle, End' enters its second phase, The Tab takes a sneak peek at some of the best love notes so far.

Cambridge on-line romance site Beginning, Middle, End has moved on to the second stage of its bid to help students find The One.

The website allows users to anonymously communicate with, and hopefully woo, the girl or boy of their dreams.

Set up by Jesus student Olly Rees earlier this month, the project started sending namelss texts via the website to the sweethearts in question.

And it’s been a huge success. Beginning, Middle, End has sorted through and, sometimes had to censor, over 800 texts.

The Tab has been granted access to some top picks. Here’s a selection, including some texts never sent “because they were just too creepy.”

They range from the amusing:

To the mildly insulting:

To the plain weird:

Will true love blossom? Rees told The Tab: “The aim of the project is to create and show real love stories, not true ones. Real love stories seem better to me than ‘true love.’

“At the moment what the project is hopefully doing is making some moments slightly more exciting or interesting as people realise that others really care about them.”

Although the website has been popular, some reactions have been more positive than others. Heather Shand, a Corpus second-year said: “It’s actually quite creepy. Really creepy.”

The new ‘Middle’ phase lets students send a flower and a note to their beloved, with echoes of last year’s Anonymous Pigeon, another of Rees’ projects.

The ‘End’ stage will be revealed on 2nd November, which will doubtlessly present all-new inventive opportunities for stalking, in-jokes, and maybe even the l-word.

  • IntheMiddle

    Heather Shand upsets me; Olly Rees interests me.

  • Olly Rees

    is a love muffin.

    • WTF and yes.

      True dat for real and ting.

  • BABE


    • BABER

      I liked it when he did all the things he did. I liked that.

  • realistically

    Yes, who wouldn't want to receive a text from some anonymous randomer? It's one of those moments when you get all excited and then realise it's from that guy/girl who won't take no for an answer/ that weird person in your class who dribbles/ your grandma trying to cheer you up.

    • A human

      I got a nice text and it made me really happy!

  • PURR

    Olly rees is my fave EVER

  • Cynic

    Ok, given that the "beginning" of this service allowed you text someone you would like to start a relationship with. and the "middle" lets you send a flower to someone you've started a relationship with, then surely the logical progression follows to the "end" part of this service be some sort of anonymous way of telling someone that they're crap in bed and you're not sure what you ever saw in them etc…

    • third stage

      Or just getting them INTO bed. Maybe sending them a pair of handcuffs (or handcuffs keys) with an address tied to it? Romance at its best. Mind you Olly does reckon he wants "real" love as opposed to "true" love.

  • Greg

    Olly Rees also interests me alot…

  • felix

    you have to play the game russell, you have to play the game


    Olly Rees yes please thank you very much. A great guy with a great mind and great abs.

  • Fan


  • Funky Dee

    Honeymoon's over but are u gunna bang doe?

  • Cooo

    O. Rees bring back the pigeons!

  • He's a Gent

    Olly "Banging Gent" Rees

  • Truth

    This is a great idea.

  • Scott


  • Birke

    i sent one to my boyfriend and he loved it

  • http://www.bridgetregan.net Brenda

    To Rees, hope this project will turn into successful one. With this lines my love to my husband indeed increases.
    More blogs to read soon.

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