Jacobi And Fry Join The Blessed Bandwagon

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Celebrity alumni Derek Jacobi and Stephen Fry have thrown their weight behind Brian Blessed in the race for Chancellor.

Celebrity thesp alumni Derek Jacobi and Stephen Fry have thrown their weight behind Brian Blessed’s grassroots campaign for Chancellorship of the university.

Speaking at John’s Jacobi said: “Brian would make a stunning Chancellor; absolutely wonderful. I do hope he gets in.”

Jacobi, who studies at John’s, starred with Blessed in the critically-acclaimed TV adaptation of I, Claudius and were both members of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre in the ’60s. Jacobi has since gone on to be very wrong about Shakespeare.

A few days previously, Stephen Fry plugged the booming nominee on his Twitter page, which boasts around 3.2 million followers. Getting noticed and tweeted by Fry, once the most-followed user on Twitter, is something of a PR coup, and grabbed the Blessed campaign 12,000 hits on their campaign website after the link.

Fry’s plug

Fry didn’t respond when The Tab asked whether he’d be coming to Cambridge to vote for Blessed himself.

The endorsements come as the race for Chancellorship heats up in its final stage. Competitor Lord Sainsbury recently revealed in an interview that he’s: “Not quite certain why any of the other three are [standing for Chancellor].”

Abdul Arain, local shopkeeper and third nominee, has also stepped up his campaign, releasing promotional posters and campaign videos on YouTube.  This leaves radical lawyer Michael Mansfield the quietest contender so far.


Arain on his bid for Chancellorship

All four will address the Cambridge Union Society next week in a series of hustings events, days before the election itself, which take place from 14-15th October.

READ Emily Alldrit’s plea for Blessed to become Chancellor HERE.

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  • Chaz

    No London Road Estate??

  • Flux

    Extreme hiking? Not for those with high blood pressure?!?! Walking up Tyler Hill is NOT. THAT. BAD. Unless you’re THAT unhealthy, in which case, fucking hell, we’re young! Sort it out!

    Also this enture article is vague and ill informed.

  • Alumni

    The supercilious attitude expressed in this article disgusts me.

  • jane

    What obnoxious little twit wrote this? I have been a
    residing at Hales place in a council house for the last 16 years. The estate wasn’t
    actually made for students or meant to be a get rich quick scheme for greedy landlords.
    It was made to house poorer families. It
    was a much nicer place to live before it was inundated with noisy and inconsiderate
    students. Oh and before you make your pathetic little assumptions I too went to
    university, the same one as you actually. I aced all three sciences at school
    and have my degree in biomedical sciences. And believe you me I had great
    insight whilst I was there in to how students think and how they regard the
    residents of Hales Place. When it comes down to it you are not better than
    everyone else just because you have an education!!!!!

  • Prof

    One day you (the author of this drivel) will grow up and regret your arrogant comments.

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