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Riot police from Cambridgeshire police force were called to London last night to help tackle the worst bout of violence in the capital since the Brixton Riots.

Riot police from Cambridge were called to London last night to help tackle the chaos on the streets.  

Around 25 officers from Cambridgeshire police force’s Police Support Unit were sent to the capital last night to help the Metropolitan police tackle the third night of violence.

Thugs took to the streets across London last night to loot and riot. Disturbances were recorded across the city and The Met was stretched to the limit.

Locals feared violence had spread to the area after catching sight of the vans carrying cops to London. But police assured residents that the county was safe and urged residents to remain calm.

Deputy Chief Constable John Feavyour said: “There have been no incidents of violence and disorder reported in the county. Businesses and residents should continue with their lives as usual.”

But the force did admit that there is a contingency plan in place if the violence spread to the area. Feavyour said: “The force is monitoring the situation in London and other parts of the country. At this time there is no information to suggest there is any threat to Cambridgeshire but we have contingency plans in place.”

London burns

As well as Cambridgeshire cops, The Met also called for help from Suffolk, Essex, Thames Valley, Kent, Hampshire, Surrey, Northamptonshire, and Sussex police forces.

Prime Minister David Cameron pledged this morning to have 16,000 police on the streets tonight to deter any potential rioters.

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  • DougDog

    This is the worst written article I have read on the Tab. Ever.

  • RACRouteplanNazi

    "Locals in Peterborough catching sight of the Cambridge police fans carrying cops to London led to fears that the violence had spread to Cambridgeshire. But police assured residents that the county was safe and urged residents to remain calm"

    Are you sure? Heading north seems a bit of wierd choice of route to London.

  • Panic

    This isn't really relevent to Cambridge students, is it?

    Also, get some sub-editors, Tab. We need at least one Cambridge paper that can spell.

    • Relevancy

      Because Cambridge students never need the protection of the police…?

      • townieandgownie

        No, because most Cambridge students weren't even here- the London riots occurred in the summer holidays..

  • Please

    Cambridgeshire police? send in the northern ireland riot police I'd say

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