Trinity Tops Tompkins Table

Trinity top the Tompkins table, as Tit Hall achieve their highest position in the last 24 years and Peterhouse drop 11 places.

Trinity have topped the Tompkins Table, knocking Emma off the top spot and regaining the lead it held in 2009.

This news will come as a shock to Emma, who have come first five times in the last ten years.

Other high achievers include Trinity Hall, who came third – its highest position in the last 24 years – and Jesus who rose eight places.

Students at both colleges were relatively unsurprised. Max Gopfert, a second year student at Tit Hall said: “Ah, so that explains why exam term was so mental.” Matilda Wnek, a second year English student at Jesus, added: “You could’ve guessed it from the atmosphere in the library.”

Meanwhile, Churchill dropped from 3rd place to 10th. But, the biggest losers were Peterhouse, who fell a massive 11 positions.

Peterhouse’s JCR President Ben Ryan told The Tab: “Obviously it is disappointing to have slipped down the table. However Peterhouse’s small years do make it subject to considerable variation year on year – the data pool is simply smaller than anyone else’s.”

Trinity is Oxbridge’s biggest college, and awarded a huge 37% of its students a first class degree. Rob Young, a third year English student was overjoyed, telling The Tab: “It’s good to see the big boys back on top again.”

The table, which has been criticised in the past for magnifying small differences between colleges,  is based on a system which awards points for all exams for which grades are allocated, with 100% for a first, 60% for a 2:1, 40% for a 2:2 and 20% for a third.

Tompkins Table 2011 % Score – % Firsts

1 (2) Trinity 70.94% – 37.2%

2 (1) Emmanuel 69.79% – 31.8%

3 (4) Trinity Hall 68.40% – 29.3%

4 (8) Clare 67.51% – 26.9%

5 (10) Pembroke 67.49% – 28.9%

6 (12) Christ’s 67.41% – 27.7%

7 (6) Selwyn 67.11% – 26.3%

8 (16) Jesus 66.51% – 27.2%

9 (5) Magdalene 66.22% – 23.6%

10 (3) Churchill 66.16% – 25.1%

11 (9) St Catharine’s 65.94% – 26.7%

12 (13) Corpus Christi 65.88%  24.5%

13 (11) Gonville & Caius 65.36% – 23.5%

14 (17) Queens’ 65.14% – 23.7%

15 (20) St John’s 64.30% – 22.1%

16 (18) Sidney Sussex 64.21% – 21.0%

17 (15) Downing 64.02% – 19.4%

18 (7) Peterhouse 63.51% – 22.1%

19 (19) Robinson 63.18% – 18.6%

20 (14) King’s 63.08% – 20.9%

21 (22) Fitzwilliam 62.62% – 20.4%

22 (23) Murray Edwards 61.51% – 15.5%

23 (21) Girton 61.38% – 16.3%

24 (25) Newnham 60.96% – 13.8%

25 (24) Wolfson 60.69% – 17.1%

26 (26) Homerton 59.39% – 14.3%

27 (27) Hughes Hall  59.27% – 12.7%

28 (28) St Edmund’s 56.32% – 10.8%

29 (29) Lucy Cavendish 55.38% – 9.5%

  • Not a mathmo

    Nice to see Trinity students keeping up their reputation. Both as being ridiculously successful come exam term and as dull to talk to as human beings are possible to be

    • Henry VIII

      Haters gonna hate

      • Ann Boleyn

        I hate you

      • Oliver Cromwell

        Yeah but a c*nt by any other name would still be a c*nt.

  • Christ's

    Yay, the kitten is safe!

  • Girton

    Daddy bought me a 2.2.

    • yeah yeah whatever

      That's unfair Girton is one of the best colleges for access. There may be slight differences between colleges but being at Girton didn't stop me getting a first!

      • just wondering

        was that a First in Part 1A of Having A Stick Up Your Arse?

        • just wondering

          are you a twat?

          • answer


        • rethink

          They're not from St Johns !

      • Girton

        How is it unfair? Daddy said it was a present for coming third in gymkhana.

        He also bought me a tutu, which he said was funny and I don't get.


      • Girton

        Oh, and if you see him, could you ask Alex Wessely if we're still on for polo on Friday? I'd ask him myself, but my PA has lost my phone.

        • Hmm.

          How did Girton get the reputation for being Rah, when it has one of the highest state school intake percentage among colleges?

          • Raaahly

            Girton is about as Rah as only way is essex. John's is rah central. They're building polo fields next to the rugby field.

            • Oblivious Victim

              The problem isn't the rahs, it's the students from disadvantaged backgrounds who inexplicably ingratiate themselves with the rahs, becoming at worst oblivious victims of vicious pranks and coded comments and at best foils against which the rahs can justify their deep-seated sense of superiority and class-based entitlement.

              • anon

                so your problem is students from different backgrounds becoming friends?

      • access

        not access into town

        • Banter Judge

          Best line I've seen in a while.

    • Rich Daddy

      Don't worry daddy have talked to the college, they will switch you to History of Art for next year

  • sorry but

    Max Gopfert and Matilda Wnek: ridiculous names, even more ridiculous comments

    • hmmm

      I dont know, better than Winchester Anstruther-Gough or Priscilla Heathcote-Drummond if you ask me…

  • johnian

    hahahahah standard Johns

  • Jesus

    I'm pretty sure Matilda Wnek is a fictional character made up by the tab.

    • Johann Hari

      Matilda Wnek is real! Not that it matters. As Albert Einstein told me when I interviewed him last week: "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

  • The Evangelist

    the tompkins table is for gibsons

    • Graduate Johnian

      John's is for cunts.

      • Really

        *cool kids. Clearly not a big name in your time!

  • San Juan

    Rising 5 places in Tompkins table = further proof of DOC

  • Max Gopfert

    ay ay ay! I'm from the f***in Wirral lad!

    • Lol

      nicked his degree grade probs

  • Clare

    Ha Ha @ Homerton. Load of thick pooled candidates.

    • Hurt

      Gower, you slag.

    • irony

      'education' is homerton's downfall

    • thickpooledcandidate

      … pff got stoned hours before an exam I hadn't revised for and got a first that's alreet going.
      Fucking do one.

    • Au contraire

      they were pretty good on University Challenge today

  • error

    Trinity is not the biggest collage!

  • 2. el e?ya

    when there is no need to hate to love

  • Trinsider Fan


  • Errr
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