Platinum Tabs – Guide Dog Awards Easter 2011

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG tires of this award-giving. Take your shiny prizes and go.

SEE the Easter 2011 Golden Prig Winners HERE.

Well done – you’re learning. As much as can be expected anyway. We spoke, and you spoke back – repeating opinions of this calibre is a sure sign of intelligence.

There was one exception, but we forgive you. So here you go; have a look at what you did:

The Platinum Tabs Easter 2011

Best Show – All My Sons

“It is a privilege for me to accept this award on behalf of the cast and crew of All My Sons. You voted in your hundreds of thousands and it does not go unnoticed. Thanks to all those who came and especially to those who took to their feet at the end of every performance… In fact we should have known then we’d win it! I’m joking of course – but there is a time when the joking has to stop and All My Sons was that moment. Thanks again it was a pleasure!” – Ben Kavanagh, cast member

Best Comedy – Armageddapocalypse 2.5

Dear The Tab, we realise there are a lot of awards you want to give us, but we have asked you to stop contacting us. We hope you will respect this wish in future.” – Lucien Young and James Moran, cast members

Best May Week Show – And Then There Were None

“We are thrilled to accept The Tab‘s Best May Week play award: thank you to for the nomination and most importantly to our audiences for voting for us! Our aim was first and foremost to entertain, so it’s brilliant to feel that people enjoyed the show. These productions are always a group effort, particularly when you have such a short space of time. We can’t thank everyone who made it happen enough. The cast, crew, Caius college and everyone who put time in hauling around our fabulous set all deserve a mention. We could not have done it without you – you made it the fantastic fun that it was.” – Polly Checkland-Harding, director

Services to Theatre 2011 – Tony Dent

“It’s a pleasure to accept this award and I look forward to continuing my involvement with theatre next year.” – Tony Dent

Just the kind of straight-talking modesty we’re not used to here at Tab Theatre.


Well, that’s that done. I hope you’re all proud of yourselves – I would be if I were you. I’m not, so I’m not, but it’s a nice wonder – from your perspective any way.

The first year of Cambridge theatre with the Guide Dog on watch is officially over now. It’s not arrogance if I note a marked improvement – because it is all entirely my doing, after all.

But now the dog days are approaching, which means it’s my holiday. I’m going for a walk. North. It’ll take me about two weeks – guess where I’ll be by the end of it.

  • Tony

    Get in there.

    • angostura bitter

      techies more likely to vote in online poll SHOCKER.

      • angry stirrer bitter

        Techie likely to make strong contribution to theatre SHOCKER.

      • gran classico bitter

        member of the movement likely to be bitter about losing out to a techie SHOCKER.

        • The Movement

          would never use the term 'shocker'. Nor would The Movement acknowledge an award not commissioned and won by Itself.

          • The Better Movement




  • Erm

    …Evidently not.

    • Jesus

      Not nominated because the reviewer didn't bother to write up her opinion. So not a particularly valid point from you, there.

  • him


  • Toooony Dent fans

    Oooooh yeah! Love you Toooooony Dent <3 <3 <3

    • Tony

      I still know who this is.

  • TD FAN

    I believe in Tony Dent.

    • Realisation?!

      Tony Dent's initials is TD, same as Technical Director! His name LITERALLY has techie written all over it

      • Eurgh, shut up already

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