Library Nudity “Unacceptable”

Students at The Other Place's Worcester College have been blasted by College Librarians for distracting other students with their "Half-Naked Half-Hours."

READ The Tab’s story from earlier today about Cambridge library antics here.

Students at Worcester College, Oxford, have come under fire for spicing up their revision once a week with a “Half-Naked Half-Hour”.

The practice, established in 2009 by a College society known as the Breakfast Club, was branded “a distraction to other readers” and “unacceptable” in an email from librarians, claiming there had been “a number of complaints”.

A typical Half-Naked Half-Hour would see between thirty and forty students stripping down then continuing to work for half an hour between 3pm and 4pm on Wednesdays.

To keep things tasteful, nudity generally does not generally extend below the waist.

No place for nudity – Worcester College Library

A member of the Breakfast Club, speaking to Cherwell, defended the practice on grounds of amusement and practicality:

“Half-naked half hour has long been a tradition at Worcester College as a way of breaking up the monotony of a long day’s revision and using the opportunity to cool down during the hottest periods of the day.”

There are also unsubstantiated rumours of girls removing their bras to mark the the weekly tradition.

The President of the Breakfast Club told Cherwell that the library’s edict against half-naked half hours: “has quite literally left our college in a state of chaos.”

But the Breakfast Club are still going strong, saying: “Beachwear Wednesdays, Suit Up Thursdays and Hat Saturdays have all had remarkable success”

Cambridge libraries don’t host any similar nudity based events, but if LibraryWhispers is anything to go by, Cambridge librarians have much worse to look out for than occasional bare chests:

  • Captain Masturbator

    I have many more effective strategies for revision breaks.

    • Connoisseur


      • Innocent child

        like playing solataire on the computer?

        • Joseph Fritzl


          • ibid

            We all like a game of patience, I've played for 29 years.


    This amuses me

  • Naturist

    They may be from oxford but they are on to something …

  • What

    "The practice, established in 2009…

    Half-naked half hour has long been a tradition"


  • Sasha Millwood


    This "Breakfast Club" has no right to impose its idea of "breaking up the monotony" upon others, particularly in a library, which is supposed to be place of quiet study. If these people must indulge their perverse desire for nudity, they would be well-advised to select a private location (e.g.: one of the student's rooms, with curtains fully closed), such that nobody is forced to endure the spectacle.

    If Worcester College is truly in "a state of chaos", that only reflects the general vacuousness, both academic and otherwise, of the other place (of course, it might just be hyperbole or ignorance on the part of the "President"). I would go so far as to suggest that rustication would not be a disproportionate measure to combat any future occurrences of this turpitudinous practice.

    • Bantabrigian

      Dude… I so hope this is sarcasm, but unfortunately not sure about that…

      • The Editor

        "Bantabridgian"… "Dude"…

        You are a massive loser.

        • Bantabrigian

          Shhh… Now be a good little boy and crawl back into your cage.

    • Go away Sasha

      I don't even bother reading Sasha's comments any more, I just thumb them down straight away and then prepare myself for the hideously righteous content.

    • Well…

      I read this as sarcasm. Then I clicked on his name…

      • The Pin Drops

        Same. I'd always presumed it was a girl. You can imagine my confusion when I read about horrific facial hair above. General chaos in my head.

      • Hazing2

        Upcoming Events: Getting kicked in the groin. 1pm. Everyday.

    • Thomas Stewart

      Sasha I am at Worcester and you are so right amigo!

    • Big Name Police

      Sasha Millwood is not a big name

      • Juan

        I am offended that nobody has asked MY opinion. I am a far bigger name.

        • But…

          Who are you?

    • Kindly meant

      Sasha mate, hate to tell you this but you are totally doing it wrong. Your attempt to comment seems to involve this:
      Write "Sir:". Look up long words in dictionary. Write comment so serious it seems ironic but actually isn't using all the long words you just learnt. Refuse to learn meaning of irony or humour.
      Most people… don't do this. And the worst thing you do? Use your actual name. The whole point of the internet is you can be a moron and NO ONE KNOWS IT'S YOU! Why not just stop posting your actual name and the website here yeah? And cut the telltale "Sir:". Which is totally sexist by the way.

    • Hurpa Durp

      I love that the word 'turpitudinous' crops up every time without fail 🙂

      • Gardener

        It means 'alike to turnips'.

  • Mmmmm

    I am very disappointed to see a lack of illustrative pictures in this article. I feel that I am not entirely informed of what the problem with this library nudity without a physical image to help. Perhaps the tab could arrange for a few pictures to help!

    • MmmmmHmmmm

      Specifically the occurrences of girls taking off their bras would be good.

      • Mmmmm

        That was the implication, yes.

  • yeah bruv

    Someone needs to get nekkid in this library stat.

  • Chaff Separator

    Sasha Millwood is chaff.

  • BBC Millwood

    Would also like to draw attention at this stage to his 80 (so far) posts on a BBC news website.

  • Pedant

    3pm – 4pm is longer than half an hour

    • Pedanter

      'between' is also different from 'for the entire duration of'

      exact timekeeping probably wasn't these guys' top priority

  • Ivana Humpalot

    what if we want to see the spectacle ?

  • Madame Tickle

    A fiddle-dee-dee! Rumple pumple!

  • Sidneyite

    'Sex on the library table when everyone's gone for dinner… yeah!'

    I'm telling Alan. He might not be so forthcoming with the squash and biscuits when he hears about your naughtiness.

  • kcfan

    I love Kieran. World class snogz.

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