Exclusive: Filthy Filthy Whispers

Library Whispers, the new site taking Cambridge by storm, have sent The Tab a selection of whispers that were too controversial for their site.

Twitter-esque website LibraryWhispers is taking Cambridge’s libraries by storm.

The site, set up on 15th May, lets you post anonymous comments from various libraries around Cambridge, and displays them in a real time stream, much like Twitter.

A group of Cambridge students, who wish to remain characteristically anonymous, set up the site so to help students communicate in libraries. Every library in Cambridge can be ‘whispered’ from – but there is no other information to identify a poster.

The site took off almost immediately and rakced up over 1,000 posts within five days. Soon all kinds of unexpected whispers could be heard.

The founders told The Tab: “We’ve had people arranging midnight liaisons, secret updates about librarians, indecent propositions, May Ball leaks… even posts from the Astronomy Library.”

LibraryWhispers is still moving from strength to strength – and as exams draw nearer for more and more people it shows no signs of letting up; not even after midnight.

LibraryWhispers gave The Tab access to some “banned and outrageous” whispers. Here are a few of the highlights (or lowlights, depending on your perspective):

“Just spat on a working-class person – fucking

jokes!!!!!” [from St. John’s – removed by site admins]

I thought I’d see if I could rile up anybody on the site (I’m the bottom post) – and the whisperers delivered. Give it a try if you get bored:

librarywhispers.co.uk for all your anonymous library needs. Not all posts are insulting.

  • A. Student


  • country boy

    so they were too 'outrageous' to be put on the actual website, yet they're happy for them to be put up on the tab?
    Publicity stunt for a failing website?

    • xxx

      the tab = outrage only?

  • FAVE

    This is such a cool website. I've been using it all the time.

  • mm…

    Such shit chat on Library Whispers. Revision is clearly not conducive to banter.

    • hmm


    • PC-GG

      160 pound suede shoes but are you going to bang doe?

  • WILLS fan

    A whole article about library whispers without mentioning WILLS?
    Clearly not a true whispers-aficionado.


    But they mentioned the wasps. Spot on.

    • waspfan101

      library waspers.


    I'm too edgy to be on the Tab

    • Gary Coleman

      What you talkin' about WILLS?


    I'm a tit

  • Bantabrigian

    What the… Jesus College has blocked the site now!

  • RE Featured Whispers

    Finally proof I think that Mathmos do have chat!

  • WTF

    "Every library in Cambridge can be ‘whispered’ from". Er, every library but St Ed's. That's collegist that is.

    • dear me

      errr it's on there….

  • Sherlock

    It's full of pointless, boring dickwads who think they're banterously accomplished. Thus, I conclude that the only people that use the website are from John's.

    • A Preacher

      Elementary, really.

  • dan belluci

    The John's whisper made me LOL like a motherfucker.

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