Rosa Robson presents her pick of the week’s best comments, including a visit from Batman and Robin, some scrabble banter and Rebecca Black on buns.

The Buns Are (Almost) Back In Town

Simon Page

Exclusive: Udderly Terrifying

May Ball Blog 2011

Cartoon: Rowing Revision

Street Style

  • Saul, Damascus

    For any historians wondering; people's chat was just as mediocre in my day, 104953 weeks ago.

  • Poor Will

    I love how the Tab will glorify comments that trash one of their contributors' honest work.

    • Anonymous

      I love this.

      She gets laid into every week for not picking the highly rated comments, and now gets criticised for picking probably the highest rated one on the site.

    • banterlad

      Also it was a very funny comment.

  • Bored and frustrated

    Hey Tab, any danger of a new fit college?

    • Ryan Giggs

      And where's Tab Totty???!!!! It had such inspired Imogination, and now it's vanished!

      If you do another one, I guarantee you maximum appeal via my Twitter page!

  • Not a fan

    Not really that keen on any of these.

  • Voldemort

    these comments are all HILARIOUS! i roflmaozedonged, i lolamingod, and i even roflcoptered off to space
    i particularly love the little batman robin exchange. LOL who thinks of these things guys!?!?
    well done rosa you picked some real corkers!

    • Harry

      Well it was so obvious.

  • Rebecca Black

    Thanx to my loyal fanbase for all your support <3 It's nearly my favourite day xxxx