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Tab Fashion gets romantic in the meadows, with floaty frocks and flowing locks.

Model: Victoria Gramm
Stylists: Amy Jeffs and Victoria Gramm
Photographers Siana Bangura and Amy Jeffs
Location: Girton Orchards
Clothing from Chatterton’s, 66 Bridge Street, Cambridge.

London buyer Rebecca Cargill ne Chatterton founded Chatterton’s in 1992, her aim was to stock the most individual, covetable and wearable brands in an attractive and relaxing shopping environment.

The boutiques stock the very best of fashion design for all ages: clothes, shoes and accessories from well known names such as Marc by Marc Jacobs and DKNY sit alongside collections from European Culture, HIGH and Wildfox. Their love for fashion and style go hand in hand and together they will work hard to give you a perfect and personal wardrobe.

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  • BaBo

    Now that's a fittie.

  • Petrean

    What a pretty young lady. Although you two really don't seem to be able get hold of anyone who is neither Petrean nor an architect…I'm sure if you look closely you'll find there are some such people in Cambridge.

  • Must Try Harder

    Tab fashion offers fuck all but for a bit of amateur photography. There's never actually any discussion about the clothes. What is she wearing? Why does it work? Why should other Cantab girls take notice?

  • Yep.Your Mum.

    It's photography bitch, for discussion go to opinions.

    • Must Try Harder

      Actually, from the name of the section, I got the impression it was actually 'Fashion', not 'Photography'.


      • Such a huge EGO

        Stop being so mean the both of you. It's so boring. This feature isn't about your bloody egos!

  • That Bastard Above

    'Must Try Harder' if you hate Tab photography so much, why bother coming every week and being nasty? GO AND DO YOUR FUCKING REVISION, you wasteMAN!

    • Must Try Harder

      I don't come here every week.

      • Must Try Harder

        I'll make an exception for this lady though

  • Not a party Pooper!

    Lovely pics of a stunner! Nice one Tab! Some people are just bitter because they're seat at the UL got taken!

    • THEIR

      Revise some grammar.

      • Some People

        Probably a Natsci. Not the end of the World. I think all of you should concentrate on the photography and the lovely lady in the photos. I think revision is making everybody a little bitter. Piffft.

        • It is

          I'm a NatSci and I still learnt the difference between their, they're and there in primary school.

          • Calm the

            fuck down.

      • Such a huge EGO

        We all need to chill. Why does every Tab feature end up with cat scratches and feathers all over the comment page?!

  • Kenneth Clarke QC

    I'd date that.

    • Just say no…

      But not a serious, proper, date..

      • laughinglad


  • Opinion Poll #1

    Thumbs up if you would.

  • Alotta fagina


  • Gok

    Why's there a dog? How's that fashion? You can't wear a dog. That's just taking a dog for a walk, which people do all the time. A bit like wearing clothes. Although admittedly most people don't pose in front of a camera all the time no matter what they are doing and try and make it arty. (Yes dave, I am being ironic – of course they do. And then they upload it to the internet. A bit like this article really).

    Pre-emptive whinge: bet I get some artsy response saying it's the essence of the style or it expresses her inner vibe. And this is meant to be the tab – the first for filth. remember? no, you probably dont, so long ago were those days. But it was. Back when the world was a happier, more innocent place. those happy happy days.

    • arsehole

      What the fuck is with your grammar??

    • popper

      Jack Rivlin is this you?

  • bitter cynic

    its reached the point where the tab's sole purpose is CV points for those who run/take part in it, and "chuftey" points for those who regularly leave their 'oh so witty' comments on these 'articles'.

    p.s. that's not to say I want this comment to get negatived, giving me likes would nurture my depleted sense of self-worth, and compensate for the lack of recognition my dry humour gets outside of the internet sphere.

    • Cheerful optimist

      Great bitterness AND cynicism. You should be really proud that your comment lived up to your name.

  • Such a huge EGO

    I love Cheerful optimist and I HATE bitter cynic. Make sure you stay within the internet sphere. Nobody in the outside world wants your 'humour'.

  • Is this inventive in any way at all – white tunics, denim shirts, manly cropped boots??? Seriously – yes that girl would look gorgeous in anything but come on I'm sure you guys were picked because you had the potential to style more inventively than this!

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