New Home for Caius Boats

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Caius plan to demolish their existing boathouse and build a new one, after the building was declared structurally unsound.

Gonville and Caius college have applied for permission to build a new boathouse, declaring their existing one to be ‘beyond repair’.

The Victorian boathouse, designed by W.M Fawcett

The existing boathouse has presided over the river bank since 1879, making it an impressive 132 years old. But according to Pete Walker, Captain of Caius Boat Club, the building has “started to subside on one half” and is no longer up to the job of accommodating the club. The building itself was found to be ‘unsafe’ by a structural surveyor.

The college are in discussions with the council over plans to demolish the historic building to replace it with a brand new model, still in keeping with tradition. Walker said the design will continue the “original red bricks, clay tiles and Caius blue doors.”

Despite the huge cost of the project, Caius students aren’t concerned that it will disadvantage other areas of college life. JCR President Martin Iacaponi said: “The college generously funds the activities of all the sports clubs and societies… none of which suffer from the demands of a large and successful boat club.”

The Boat Club Captain told The Tab that Caius hopes the building work will be funded by donations: “so this project will not detract from educational funding, or from other areas of college life.”

The new boat house will boast more rowing machines, better facilities for female rowers (who weren’t provided for in the Victorian design), and increased racking space.

Caius boaties in action

Caius wants to use it to celebrate their previous boating success over generations with the addition of a clock tower. All in all, says Iacoponi, it will be: “a valued asset to the boat club that can only improve its attractiveness and performance on the river.”

  • No on gives a damn

    FFS, the clock tower tradition is a myth Caius. How little chat can you possibly have as a boat club that you have to keep going on about it.

    • meta

      but by building a clock tower, surely they change it from myth to tradition?

    • Really?

      The very idea of a boat club having 'chat' is embarrassing

  • Martin Iacaponi

    Could he be any fitter?

    • Facebook stalker


    • Everyone

      But everyone's like 'oh do you want to have sex with me do you want to get with me' and stuff and he doesn't really want that

  • Caian

    No. Piss off. They get an inordinate amount of money already and I really don't believe this will be able to be done without collegiate assistance.

    • Not from Caius

      Thank you for proving how dull Caius is as a college

      • From Caius

        I agree.

  • Not a Connoisseur

    Thought I was going to have to settle for a Iacaponi quote, last minute save by paragraph 6.

  • Caius Alumnus

    Jolly good. Who do I write the cheque to?

  • Facebook Stalker

    It's Iacoponi you nob.

    • Facebook stalker

      Not only have you stolen my name, but you have also used it to make a non-comment. "Iacoponi" is exactly what it says. Now pipe down.

      • Pedant

        One of the two references say Iacoponi, the other says Iacaponi. Now who's the idiot.

        • Pendant

          Marvin Iacaponi

        • Facebook stalker

          You lie. You are no pedant. A pedant wouldn't have said "says" rather than "say".

          • Facebook stalker

            By which I clearly actually mean the opposite – a pedant wouldn't have said "say". I think I'm going to stop clogging up the comments now.

  • Fram Seeman's Heart

    I've found a new home too! love you my little salted peanut!

  • boerdinthelibrary

    wheres our library tea and coffee. stop making stupid online statements Mr President sir. everyone knows you're the college yes-man. where's the man who was elected??

  • squeer-c*nt

    rumour's rife that the president has herpes. please would he report to the clinic on the way to football tomorrow (it is nearby)

    • mr pres/bob dylan

      someones got it in for me, they're planting stories in the press

      who'er it is they better cut it out quick, but when they will i can only guess

  • H4ter

    "Caius Blue"? That's Cambridge Blue, you tw*ts. Caius for spoons.

    • The Past

      Unfortunately caius blue existed before cambridge blue. Cambridge rowed the first boat race in pink in fact.

      • Historian

        Which were LMBC colours at the time. Currently the theory is that Caius blue existed but was actually blue and they changed it to match the cambridge blue later to make themselves more important

  • cooler than thou

    wonder who the architect will be?

  • Kita

    A little more information about what happened would be good. For instance, was Heather being forced out by the unfair judgement of peers or by staff at the uni? Quite a serious issue here in need of more detailed reporting.

  • Lindsey

    This couldn’t be more wrong. The disability services at Glasgow University are the best I have ever encountered, and i’ve been around. Yes there is discrimination, but that is a fact of life, and I have been welcomed with open arms to Glasgow University and been given every chance to succeed at it too. Perhaps this girl just needed more of the facts about the help that was on offer to her.

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