May Week: Tickets Left

Missed out in the frenzy to snap up tickets last term? Here the Presidents of May Week events with tickets still on sale tell you why theirs is the one you should attend.

May Week is just 8 calendar weeks away (we counted). Here, for those of you with some spare change, the Presidents of the events with tickets still on sale fight for your custom:

Homerton May Ball

Date: Thursday June 23rd

Time: 9 p.m. – 6 a.m.

Theme: Camelot

Tickets: £140 for dining, £120 for Priority tickets and £110 for Standard tickets.

President Fiona Holman, a MML finalist, says:

“While we promise to bring you all the luxury and revelry you would expect at King Arthur’s court, and excitement and magic of a May Ball with a few 21st century twists, this year Homerton May Ball has a few surprises in store that promise to make this a real experience. Although I can’t give away too much, I can let you in on the secret that our theme will be brought to you in more ways than just food and decorations, and what we are planning is unrivalled, not only by other colleges but also in previous years.

“Spectacles worthy of a King await – a great headliner, alongside some of the UK’s best DJs, and music and food to suit both medieval and modern tastes. Keep an eye on our website for updates this term!

“For one night only, students from all across the university can experience the stunning, spacious grounds of the friendliest college in Cambridge –  it will be a Knight to remember!”

Pros: Beautiful grounds, a great atmosphere and some truly unique ents.

Cons: Not so good if you prefer to go to Balls where you can see the Cam.

A Rumour: We hear that Homerton is going hands-on with its medieval experience, so you might get a chance to try some knightly skills for yourself …


Wolfson June Event

Date: Friday June 24th

Time: 9 p.m. – 5 a.m.

Theme: Titanic – an unsinkable night of revelry

Tickets: £64 + £2 charity option. Queue jump: £72

President Evelyn Trichy is a 2nd year biochemistry Phd student. She says:

“End your May Week with an unsinkable night of fun! This year’s Wolfson June Event promises to be more fabulous and glamourous than ever before. With entertainments ranging from the famous Wolfson Howler to burlesque, bouncy castles, karaoke, salsa and swing dancing, music on 3 dance floors throughout the night, unlimited free food and drink and much much more.

“From thrills to elegance – the docklands to the 1st class ballroom, Wolfson will round off your May Week in style.”

Pros: Party all the way through till 5 for the price of a June Event.

Cons: No oysters, you might have too much fun.

A Rumour: Truly Medley Deeply may be making an appearance…


Hughes Hall

Ballooning outside Hughes to celebrate the opening of its new building, circa 1895.

Date: Friday 18th June

Time: 8.00 pm to 6.00 am

Theme: Around The World In 80 Days

Tickets: £159 a pair with single tickets available.

President Amy Clifton, who is a second year undergraduate studying History of Art, says:

“Hughes May Ball has earned a reputation of being intimate but packed-out, and with dining tickets, as always, sold out months ago, 2011 is keeping to trend with 100 more tickets than ever before. The theme promises internationally flavoured entertainment on three stages, food inspired by exotic travel, lavish decoration by an ADC producer/director, and the inevitable hot air balloon.

“Hughes only takes students over 21, so it has a grown-up air I call ‘adult-ery’: we are experienced partiers! With nothing more important at a Ball than having a full variety of drinks on tap until dawn, so I am guaranteeing the supply, including an exceptional variety of libations for the teetotal.

“The music will range from Fitz Swing to some up-and-coming indie groups that could be the next big thing, all backstopped with comedy, dance, devilish distraction, wandering whimsy, and fantasy folly. With a price point just shy of £80, Hughes puts on a remarkably good show, and is should be a first choice for those who have no Balls to attend when term resume.”

Pros: That party-cosiness is usually striking to Ball guests from outside the close-knit college, and gives the Hughes May Ball a feel that the others can’t match.

Cons: Last year this gave rise to rather public noise complaints from the surrounding residential area, mean there are amplification restrictions in Hughes’ marquee venues after midnight. But, ‘don’t worry’, says Clifton, ‘our unplugged plans are breathtaking, and indoors we will be turned up to 11’.

A rumour: Hughes Hall May Ball is a Black Tie event, but there may be good reason to bring beachwear. Oh, and there’s talk of an elephant.

  • Scrummy Cava

    I love an excuse for a bit of bubbly! Count me in for them all.

  • Banter Boris

    HH May Ball? Really? Hmmm….:

  • Bro

    18th is the Saturday, not Friday.

  • Only Way Is Homerton

    Yes, everyone browsing the comments section dislikes everything about all of the balls that haven't sold out. Stereotypically cunty Cantabs. Keep it up guys x

    • Banter Boris

      Homotown? Is that part of ARU?

      • Only Way Is Homerton

        No Boris, it's not, a bit like how gay jokes aren't part of 'impressive humour'.

        • Banter Boris

          Whoo. Grow some balls before attending one.

    • Homerton

      Shut up, you're embarrassing the rest of us.


        You can try all you like to get 'on side' with all the wank merchants who usually hate on Homerton, but at the end of the day you've still got 'Homerton' as your name and you're still going to get downvoted.

    • Corpus

      Homerton has a greater capacity for guests than many of the other balls meaning there are more tickets to sell. Common sense really.

  • Joker

    I hear there are still quite a very tickets to John's left…

    • hrmm

      English fail…

  • You mean

    Homerton June Event, yes? Let's not get too carried away.

    • Actually

      No, Homerton MAY BALL. It alternates between a June Event and a May Ball each year – this year is the turn of the May Ball. Check your facts before making an idiot of yourself.

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