Monsoon Rains On Lax Girls’ Pre-Varsity Parade

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Lacrosse Blues feel the pressure ahead of Saturday's very big game. After rain today both Varsity and their place in the BUCS league is at stake. Photos included.

It was supposed to be a day of solid domination for the lacrosse girls in preparation for Varsity on Saturday; instead, pressure is mounting after a day of relentless rain put a stop to their psyche-up schedule. The Blues and Kingfishers were due to play their BUCS League knock-out games today, with the Firsts playing Warwick at home and the Seconds facing Oxford just three days before the big weekend, but waterlogged pitches meant that the games had to be cancelled.

The monsoon weather has scuppered the girls’ calm and considered pre-Varsity programme, as the Blues are now forced to travel to Warwick on Friday afternoon to replay their match, and the Kingfishers will be fighting for more than just local pride on Saturday, as their game will now be both a Varsity match AND a knock-out match.

Anna Harrison has been doing her best to hold the team together in the absence of her Co-Captain Laura Plant, who has been called up to play in an England tour in America this week, and told The Tab: ‘I am confident in the resilience of our team both physically and mentally. The Kingfishers will have a double incentive to win on Saturday, and the Blues will have the extra shot of adrenaline that a Varsity match entails to get them through two consecutive match days. We will not let this minor set-back ruin our scum-boshing this weekend.’

The girls will be looking to repeat last year’s impressive double victory when they face the old enemy on Saturday on Parker’s Piece in front of an expectant home crowd. The home game will also be a chance for them to reassert their status as Cambridge’s most attractive sports team, in light of the Netballers’ comprehensive Varsity wins last weekend. Kingfisher Co-Captain Ellie Pithers told The Tab that there is no threat posed to the supremacy of the lax girls in terms of their status as the fittest girls in Cambridge: ‘We’ve got the superior stick skills to allow us to dominate the playing field both day and night. Our fitness this year has reached an all time high thanks to our hulk of a coach, Wellsey, and our bodies are now in the perfect condition to win balls.’

Catch a bit of thigh this weekend and head down to Parker’s Piece to show your support:

10.30 am Cambridge Kingfishers vs. Oxford Swifts (Women’s Seconds) and Cambridge Eagles vs. Oxford Iroquois (Men’s Seconds)

12.30pm Cambridge Men’s Blues vs. Oxford Men’s Blues and Cambridge Mixed vs. Oxford Mixed

2.30pm Cambridge Women’s Blues vs. Oxford Women’s Blues

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