Girls Stood Up As Too Few Boys Do RAG

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After too few men signed up for RAG Blind Date, many of Cambridge's women were left alone on Tuesday night.

If Jay from The Inbetweeners had been on RAG Blind Date he probably would have said he was “knee deep in clunge.” And he’d have been right.

Many of Cambridge’s most eligible ladies were left disappointed after too few men signed up for RAG Blind Date.

Sophie-Anne St. Clair Jones, a Homerton 2nd year, was one of those let down by Cambridge’s men. She told The Tab: “I didn’t have anyone on the Monday, which is when they said they would have all the dates out by.

“I was told it was because there were too many women compared to men.”

Tasha Sales, a 2nd year Historian, had a similar experience, saying: “I handed in my form before the deadline but when the forms were handed out, I didn’t have one in my pigeon hole.

However, things were salvaged at the last minute for Tasha. She said: “Later that evening, I got a Facebook message from a boy who had been roped in at the last minute and been assigned to me.”

Ed Lucas, a second year SPS student at Queens’, was one of the guys who did sign up, but said he could see why some might be put off by the “utter terror of social situations.”

He said there are: “different perceptions of risk and reward, with fear of humiliation dominant for men and hope for romance more powerful for women.”

To make matters worse, some of those who signed up also cancelled on their dates. Anna Sheinman, a 2nd year from Downing, told The Tab: “Mine cancelled on me, said he was ill, and asked if I wanted to rearrange. He said to make it up to me we could ride on a motorbike. I declined.”

A 2nd year Girtonian, who didn’t want to be named, had a similar experience. She said: “Because there weren’t enough guys doing Blind Date anyway I couldn’t get a replacement, so I paid £5 to stay in and get work done while everyone else had fun.”

But some of Cambridge male population valiantly took it upon themselves to make sure every girl who signed up got a date.

Juan Zober De Francisco, the RAG rep for King’s tried to even the balance by taking on three women. He managed two dates last night and plans a third tonight. He told The Tab: “It became a bit of a marathon, but it was a lot of fun.”

Another man reportedly swooped in to be the date of someone who’d been stood up after it became clear that his first date wasn’t keen on going to Cindies.

Homerton RAG Rep Lindsay Morlock insists there was little that RAG could have done. She told The Tab: “It isn’t really anybody’s fault if guys won’t sign up, and I don’t think it can get put down to anything except that.

“We were trying really hard even as late as Tuesday afternoon to find more guys to sign up and I’m sure we weren’t the only ones.”

RAG have reassured students that anyone who was unable to get a date will get a full refund.

Despite the lack of men RAG President Emma Cooper thought the evening was a success telling The Tab: “Personally I had a great night, we had a fantastic turn out, and although there were slight hitches there was an amazing team who tried to fix any issues or missing dates.

“It has been our most successful year on record.”

RAG Blind Date managed to raise over £10,000 this year for 10 charities.

Find out how The Tab’s own team got on last night HERE.

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