It’s The Final Countdown

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Pembroke Fresher Jack Hurst is the bookies favourite to win the Countdown final this Friday.

Pembroke Fresher Jack Hurst is set to star in the Countdown final this Friday – and is the hot favourite to win the series.

The “best thing to come out of Desford” is tipped to win either a 20-volume gold-leafed edition of the Oxford English Dictionary or the runner-up prize of £1,000 cash.

Brainy mathmo Jack breezed through to the last rounds of the daytime TV quiz show after racking up the most points in the show’s 28 year history.

The modest ‘octochamp‘ exclusively told The Tab in October that winning the grand final “all depends on whether I can pull out my A-game.

“I was confident I’d win a couple of shows, but I wasn’t expecting to do as well as I did!” he confessed.

Jack’s performance hit the headlines around the world after he notched up a huge 948 points over eight appearances.

As well as battling his Countdown opponents, Jack also also faced censorship from Channel 4 after his word “shitface” was deemed “unsuitable” for teatime audiences. He instead managed to pick up the points with the word “hardiest” after presenter Rachel Riley discreetly swapped the ‘C’ for an ’R’.

With less than 48 hours to go, the final countdown is on – good luck Jack!

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    "Jack’s performance hit the headlines around the world after he notched up a huge 948 points over eight appearances".

    Didn't know people in China, America, Brazil, Argentina etc. knew/gave two shits about Countdown!

    For that matter, I didn't realise people in England did either

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