How Independent Are You?

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How far do you conform to the student stereotype? And how desperately do you need your mummy? Take our quiz here.

As proud students we’re supposed to be happy to live off Pot Noodles, grow mould in our microwaves and never take off our jammies. As proud Cambridge residents we’re supposed to live off Proust, grow mould in our beards and never take off our gowns.

How far do you conform to the student stereotype? How likely are you to die surrounded by your own filth as soon as you leave the Cambridge bubble? And how desperately do you need your mummy?

Haul yourself out of your squalor, put your cup-a-soup to one side and find out here:

Take our Quiz

  • nightstalker

    the link doesn't work……think that makes this article pretty meaningless. Not completely though. helped me fill 2 more minutes while I wait for my housemates wake up.

    • Anal Speller

      '…while I wait for my housemates wake up.'

      I think I speak for the majority of Tab readers when I say that I really don't understand what you are saying! It doesn't make grammatical sense, can you see? I'm sure it is a very worthwhile comment, but I just can't see what impression you are trying to make.


      A. Speller

  • Destiny's Child

    I hope all the ladies who find they are independent from this quiz, throw their hands up at me!

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