Wills And Kate Could Take Cam Title

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Prince William and Kate Middleton look set to become the next Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Prince William and Kate Middleton look set to become the next Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, it was revealed this week.

The nation’s favourite couple will be able to choose from a string of possible titles when they tie the knot next year.

Bookies have slashed the odds on them gracing Cam ahead of Windsor, Connaught and Sussex to 5/4.

The title may be symbolic, but it’s sparked excitement among students.

Megan Smith, a 2nd year at Fitz, told The Tab “The Boat Race, University Challenge and now this – it just shows that Cambridge is definitely the place to be!”


The couple’s first interview after the engagement.

Marc Shalet, an English student also commented that “Kate Middleton is an absolute fox.

“I’d show her my crown jewels any day”

However, one Cantab who won’t be so happy with the news. Rt Rev Pete Broadbent – a Church of England Bishop – slammed the engagement in the press, claiming it “won’t last for more than seven years”.

The last Duke of Cambridge was Prince George who, like William, caused outrage after wedding a “commoner” in 1847.

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  • republican

    does anyone really care about the royal family? are they worth 62p a year?

    • Worse than Lexi

      Surely there are better reasons to abolish the money than "they cost 62p" a year. Here's a hint: talking about cost doesn't win arguments. What's to stop someone saying they are worth it? Try a political or moral argument, or even better, an idea, next time. Please circulate this. People might just start to take you seriously.

      • Tab Copper

        Acting like a pompous prick will do you no favours when it comes to staying on the right side of the law. You so much as fart in the wrong place and I'll have you behind bars you posh little prick.

        PC Tab

      • anon

        to be fair, i dont think 'republican' was saying that the royal family should be abolished because they cost the average tax payer 62p…

        I think, however, your name as 'worse than lexi' is violently unoriginal, and your tone is disgustingly arrogant, for, let me guess, a random recluse who before coming to cambridge hadn't spoken in a social situation.

      • ???

        Abolish the money? Were you drunk when you typed this?

  • Shalet be soon?

    When can we expect more in-depth political analysis from Marc?

    • Shalet Never!!

      Hopefully never.

      He already ruined a University Library video.

      And is a twat!

  • I'm A Monster Twat

    All Republicans should be drummed out of Cambridge and sent to ARU to repent of their foolish and mistaken ways, and yes Kate is a total fox.

  • Nell

    The entrance is at the front of the building – just walk up the new front path….that’s not hard to find at all! Also the food court is not that far…you shouldn’t judge the building before it’s even open. By all means after, because i’m sure there will be problems but not when you don’t even know what it’s like :p

  • disqus_loFqgaOkd3

    Ridiculous article. You really don’t want the new building? WOW

  • Freeman Henry

    What tripe. Politics is all about attention seeking. Talk of ‘reasoned debate’ is just a distraction, invariably deployed by rationalists when failing to make an impact, whereas politics is all about stirring emotions.

    • The Author

      Maybe. But there’s a difference between provoking an emotional response and losing any kind of nuance in argument and position.

      And, this kind of purely irrational protest provokes negative emotional reactions more than positive. If the image of UKIP’s opposition is a bunch of tools, this affects people’s perceptions of the views themselves.

      Because Farage was simply being shouted down, it looked like he may well have had something valuable to say and the opposition have no good arguments. Want controlled immigration? RACIST! Not socialists? Fuck off back to England! Instead of making the (pretty obvious) arguments against these positions, all you’ve done is make it look like you can only throw incoherent squawks at them. Not only does that weaken your case in itself, but it creates an image of UKIP as rational and measured, and the left and Scottish nationalists as idiots. I think it’s clear why that’s bad in itself, and how that can have a counter productive impact on people’s perceptions and emotional reactions.

      Incidentally, the protest this year was considerably better. There were stupid moments (the Nazi scum chants coming from a minority). But overall, the image was considerably better, more positive, less extremist, and more inclusive. Again, this was better rationally and at an emotional (and even PR) level.

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