Lax Blues Clean Up Bath

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The lax Girls continue their winning ways, comfortably defeating Bath in the BUCS championship.

Bath 3-20 Blues

After a 120 mile minibus journey, the lax Blues continued their impressive season by putting 20 goals past Bath last week.

Determined not to have wasted such a long journey, the team dominated the score card in a physical encounter.

After a manic first half which saw many a wild check (tackle) from the Bath side go shadily undetected by the referees, the Blues were leading 9-2, but this was not a fair reflection of the amount of possession the tab girls were maintaining.

A focussed team talk from current co-captain Laura Plant and former co-captains Gen Gotla and Georgie Hurt saw a much improved second half. Widening the attack set-up and implementing some stunning set plays, the Cambridge girls gave the back of the Bath net an absolute pounding.

All of the 5 freshers on the team scored at least once, and there was some fantastic pair work from the Blues’ Northern representatives – Alana Livesey and fresher Ellie Russel.

It was also noted that Georgie Hurt and fresher star Georgie Pritchard – who is enjoying a fantastic run of form at the moment, probably due to the colossal amount of Innocent veg pots she has been devouring after practice – demonstrated exceptional communication skills in attack.

The home team became increasingly frantic after the disallowing of three Cambridge goals and, spurred on by the drunken Bath men’s lacrosse team on the sideline, they scored once more.

However, comeback was impossible and Cambridge played a skilled and controlled game up until the final whistle.

A parting comment from one of the Bath men demonstrated how convincing a win Cambridge had pulled off – ‘I don’t like people from Cambridge, could you please leave Bath as quickly as possible.’  The incredulous Gen Gotla was ushered away before she was able to reprimand the young Somerset gentleman for his rudeness.

The Kingfishers (seconds) had a similarly successful day against Nottingham 2nd team, although they were given tea before their depature, rather than insults. Fit College star Antonia Gardner had a good game with some solid drives towards goal, and fellow fresher Ellie Jeffreys won virtually every single draw in the centre.

There were a few disputes over goals actually going in after some holes were founds in the Nottingham nets, but the final score was 20-8 to Cambridge; an indication of the cohesion of the team after half a term of training.

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  • Jermaine Jelous

    Someone seriously wants to shag one or many members of the lax team with this many fucking articles about them. Good on you mate, but noone really cares.

    • lolsville


    • Chils

      I want to shag one or more of them, because they're the fittest girls sports team in cambridge, by a mile.

      And they're really good at lacrosse, by all accounts. so can you blame them for covering them?

      • nny

        I would love to cover them

  • Duncan

    Hi guys, why does no one write about the men's lacrosse team? We're university sportspeople as well you know. We've even been on tour to Slovenia – it doesn't come much bigger than that! Not to mention our awesome chat – assuming you want to talk about lacrosse or my abs. See you in the hawks club!

  • WTF?

    Is the FOURTH article on Lacrosse this term??!!!!!

    WTF are you doing Tab! Lacrosse is s***

    Seriously no-one cares… what are you doing this year!!!

    Sort it out, seriously, it's a f***** joke!

    • WTF?

      Let’s be honest, Lax is the only sport Cambridge girls are good at. They are literally the best in the country. If you don’t like the article, dont read them.


      Actually cannot believe how much of a reatard you are.

    • Barman

      hi. just wondering whats with all the stars? im not sure they really help to convey the true anger behind your message. thats all. x

  • Steve Wildman

    When I get angry, I get erectile dysfunction. Also when I'm drunk or in bed with a girl

  • Matt

    What's the point in winning if you've got no chat? You let us down girls.

  • Lapsecross

    Is this the FOURTH article on Lacrosse this term??!!!!!

    This thing is a joke… if the Cambridge girls are good, I'm sure they have medals, good for them… just because they're girls and they're good doesn't mean any of us are fucking interested.

    "Tab Reporter" put your real name up you retard, you are an absolute mug!

  • Kwinny

    Like Nav and Seb, I am also a big name.

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