College Football: The Season So Far

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As the university's footballers get stuck into Cuppers this weekend, The Tab looks at how the top league is shaping up so far.

As the university’s footballers get stuck into Cuppers this weekend, Liam Conlon looks at how the top league is shaping up so far.


Trinity and Emma are neck and neck at the summit of college football after the first three matchdays, both having achieved 100 per cent records so far this season.

The Tab’s title tip and last season’s runners-up, Trinity, are looking the team most likely to lift the title with wins over Homerton and Christ’s in their first two games, followed by a 4-0 drilling of Girton. The true test of their title credentials will come next weekend against Downing. 

Emma looked shaky in their narrow 1-0 wins over both Jesus and Caius, but they thumped Catz resoundingly 8-1, and look likely to stay near the top until the business end of the season.

The PWC Division One table.

Jesus and Fitz both suffered culls to their squad and both have had mixed starts, but along with Christ’s look set for upper mid-table finishes this season.

Fitz on the other hand will need to get their kit in order after one of their freshers narrowly avoided being reported after being seen stumbling around their pitches in his y-fronts and a pair of roller-blades.

Downing will be disappointed with their start to the season, and on current form look unlikely to defend their title, with narrow victories over Caius and Catz before a 2-0 defeat to Christ’s.

The two newcomers from the second division, Homerton and Caius, have had distinctly average starts to the season, with Caius in 9th and Homerton in 7th.

At the other end of the table, Girton have made a simply appalling start, with three defeats from three, including a 2-0 defeat to Homerton, and are still yet to score.

Girton’s talismanic midfielder and Tab favourite Lukas Wang blamed Homerton for their poor start: “It’s just not fair really. We had to go to their pitches to play them. That meant booking a minibus and Travelodge so we could stay over the night before. It got everyone down and it affected our performance”.

Girton desperately need a win over Catz this weekend in a match that could prove crucial to both sides come the end of the season.


Tab favourite Lukas Wang

When league matches resume next week, the match to watch will be Downing vs. Trinity. If Trinity can get the better of Downing, they will surely make a huge dent in the champions’ title hopes, whilst 3 points for the home side would throw the whole division wide open again.

Should Christ’s, Fitz, Jesus and Downing all win this weekend, only two points will separate 1st place from 6th, compared to six points at the same stage last season.

Attention this weekend turns to the first round of the Cuppers Competition. Look out for all the high and lows on The Tab on Monday!

Full college league tables, fixtures and results can be found here.

  • Tommy Palacios

    I'm the biggest lad in the northern hempishere!
    I could drink any footballer under the table because I play rugby. If there were a boat race of the 1st Division vs. Me, I would win comfortably!

    • girl

      I wish you would just grow up a realise that drinking is not a competition.

      • Wilson Palacios

        Mate did you read what he said!? He could beat the 1st division by himself! How could you not respect that, that's amazing! Well done you Tommy!

      • Tommy Palacios

        Listen, "girl", I'll beat you in a drinking race too… now get off the computer, out of the office, and back to kitchen.

        • Wilson Palacios

          Haha great comment Tommy, great comment, keep 'em coming! You sure told her!

          • Nav Dogz

            I'm in the premier league. Big Name.

  • Tab Reader

    Is it actually Lukas Wang or Wong? … either way he is an absolute legend by the sounds of it, but has a very high-pitch laugh!

  • Caius 'LAD'

    'Should Christs, FItz, Jesus and Downing win this weekend'…..Fitz winning, are you having a fucking laugh!? Their team is a fucking joke! They had a fucking spwany win against Homerton I heard from a reliable source, got beat by a Catz side who are, undeniably, absolutely wank, and drew against a very bog standard Jesus team!

    THis article is fucking bollocks, why Caius haven't had more of a mention in this I wll never know. Fucking appalling. Ok, we had one or two bad games, it's just a fucking teething period in the dizzy heights of Division one, cut us some slack yea?

    Don't know why I'm ranting on such a pathetic article, will just let the football do the talking when we trash the rest of the teams in this joke of a division in the coming weeks.

    • Emmz 4 lyfff

      What an absolute load of bollocks. You my friend are a fucking cunt. Caius are a terrible side full of wank players who the majority of have the touch and finesse of serial gang rapists. I have absolutely no doubt that Caius will be back in division 2 next year as they are disorganised, talentless and mentally pathetic. I honestly cannot wait til Emma play them this year because we're gonna fuck you over, and you'll realise you're shit. Emma league winners this year, you heard it here first! We've got a proper good squad this year, the captains got us organised and we've got some absolutely sick players at least 4 of which should be playing blues (genuinely I think 8/9 of our first team could be knocking on the squad as a whole). The only people who can challenge us in my opinion are Trinity and Homerton.

  • Hero

    Odd that Girton's game against Homerton was actually played at Girton pitches… Strange that Mr. Wang forgets that? Did he also think they won?

  • eh?

    Why does nobody report on divisions 5 6 and 7

    • 1st team captain

      because they're all shit

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