Student Wants Cambridge To Be ‘Tory-Free Zone’

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A student's nomination to stand in a local election has been met with a mixed reaction.

A Cambridge postgrad running in a local city election says he wants to make Cambridge a “Tory-free zone”.

Outspoken George Owers, a history researcher at Jesus, is hoping to win the Coleridge ward – which includes colleges to the east of the city – at a by-election on November 4.

Owers told The Tab, “I’d dearly love to be the guy to make Cambridge a Tory-free zone”.

“I’ve been knocking on a lot of doors and a lot of Lib Dem and Independent voters are unhappy about the Coalition Government.”

He also hit out at current ‘privileged’ students, saying “A lot of students aren’t aware of wider social issues.

“I’m tired of navel gazing, internal Cambridge student politics. I’m in touch with what people – the elderly and young families – are worried about and I think their concerns are more pressing than students’, a lot of whom have won the lottery of life”.

Owers – who was the chair of the Cambridge Universities Labour Club (CULC) – is well known for his blunt views. When he was the head of CULC, he described the uni’s Conservative Association (CUCA) as “a glorified social club for wannabe toffs, social climbers and minor aristocrats”.

During his reign at the helm of CULC Owers also described CUCA as “pathetic” after the former head of the Conservative group penned a fake email pretending to be a woman.

He has already tried running for a seat for Labour, in the Abbey ward earlier in the year. He came third, getting just 90 more votes than the Conservative candidate who came in last.

Fans of Owers say he’s the best man for the job. Sam Littlejohns from Trinity said, “George’s pasison for Cambridge has always been inspiring.

“His commitment to the issues that affect people in Cambridge has never struck me as anything less than heartfelt”.

But other students are unimpressed with Owers’ tribal tub-thumping. Kien Trinh, an engineer, said, “ How can he say that students aren’t clued up on social issues when he’s a student standing for office?”

Another said, “I’ve got no time for the sort of gimps who at 21 already want to play party politics.

“It’s a bit pathetic, really.”

  • KEGSladee

    I heard he is hung like a horse

    • Jarvadinho

      I've heard you're hung like a cunt. So fuck off.

  • Wannabe Toff@CUCA

    No(wers), thanks.

  • No 2 CUSU

    Owers is a general muppet at politics who doesn't have the faintest idea about how people in the real world live and what matters to them, his organisation has alienated many of its potential supporters during his time as chair and he would be a laughable disaster for whichever ward he might get elected in

    • oh dear

      I actually did read that as if it was CUSU

  • George Owers

    The more CUCA/CSLD trolls hate me, the more effective I know I've been.

    I'm intrigued at the claim that I 'haven't the faintest idea about how people in the real world live and what matters to them'. How many hundreds of ordinary people have you spoken to recently? I've spent years knocking on doors and asking what people's problems and issues are – indeed, I must have spoken to several thousands of people living in some fairly deprived bits of Cambridge, Essex and Norwich in the past few years- and I would say that I have a far better idea than most Cambridge students, living in their Ivory Towers. Some criticisms of me – overly partisan, tribal etc – are probably to some extent valid. That one is absolute bollocks.

    • 100 ordinary people


    • Madame Anon

      If you hate Cambridge students so much why don't you fuck off and go annoy somebody else?

    • Anon

      A truely successful politician builds consensus, my fellow Essex chum :) And id hardly think a grammer school, middle class lad like yourself can really talk about having an idea about poverty. Cant win a seat in the Home County, looking for a safer option, eh George?

  • Big Dave

    Man banging on about on about how many ordinary people he knows. Cunt.

  • voice of reason

    Damn right. Wonder if we can get rid of the tories in a more permanent way? 'icing a tory a day till camerons gone'

  • Schmorpus Schmisti

    Sam Littlejohns – sit down, shut up.

    • Chris Knott

      he's a gay bastard!

  • Richard

    From the Tab article on the fake email by CUCA chair Gavin Rice: Owers decided "to send The Tab a photoshopped picture of him dressed as Little Britain transvestite Emily Howard." Yep. Actions of a future PM right there guys. I suggest you all rush out and vote for him now. Unless you, you know, have a brain or something. Which seems unlikely because you're at Cambridge.

  • Anonymous

    I had an argument about politics with Owers one time, and the next day found someone had used my e-mail address to join the BNP mailing list. I don't know if it was Owers, but I certainly wouldn't rule him out given his track record with the Gavin Rice issue.

    I hope it was just someone on my staircase pranking me, but I haven't been able to rule Owers out yet.

  • "Wants Cambridge to be 'Tory-Free' Zone."

    Why don't you stop being so pointlessly single-minded and get together some decent proposals. At the moment you're just some provocative Leftie kid. Try being a serious politician rather than engaging in unhelpful party gossip and lame pranks.

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