Caius Cook Up Some Trouble

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Anger boils over as Caius ban hobs from their student accommodation.

Ever come home after a night out and have a strange craving for beans on toast? Sometimes can’t be bothered to be social in hall and just want to retire for the night with pasta and iPlayer?

Hope you aren’t at Caius then, as the college have disconnected the last remaining hobs in their student kitchens.

The unexpected move is the latest in a long run of bizarre Caian food rules, such as forcing the undergrads to buy forty hall tickets at the beginning of each term and cancelling their boozy dinners.

The decision has been met with outrage from students, particularly as Caius food is notorious for its dubious, some claim overpriced, delights: anyone who has sampled a Caius ‘taco’ will, apparently, understand.

The undergraduates are fuming, one student told The Tab: “it’s difficult enough to keep within my budget when I can plan what food I’m going to cook, but now it’s impossible. I chose my accommodation because it was somewhere that I could cater for myself.

“Forcing us into hall every night might be good for the college’s bank account but it certainly isn’t helping my overdraft.”

The college are taking a hard line, with the Senior Tutor Dr Holburn blaming the college’s Student Union for misleading students into thinking that they were competent enough to cook without burning anything.

Students are beginning to fight back: becoming creative with microwaves (which apparently can be used to make cakes), and George Foreman grills, which cook pizza nicely.

A third year student, who probably should know better, told The Tab that his attempt to use a candle to heat up soup “went fairly disastrously”.

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  • dangerous dave

    Last year our kitchen didn't have a microwave and the hob didn't work. The fridge went on or off sporadically.

    At any other university there would be hundreds of prospective students and their parents walking round, inspecting the kitchens and things. But at Cambridge they don't give a shit and just arrogantly assume everyone wants to come here anyway.

    Who goes to 40 halls? I went to one last year, it cost me £35 and it was shit. The food's just a bit better than the crap they normally serve up except you get to wear a gown, which costs another £30 obviously

  • Disheartened,

    I, for one, have sampled a "Caius Taco" – it's very bitter. Go elsewhere.

  • awt

    Trinity disconnected the hobs time ago

    • Anthony

      Only in Great Court/New Court/Angel A-B-D. Burrells, Angel C, Wolfson, Blue Boar and Nevile's are all good.

  • Chef

    Queens' has timers on the hobs to stop us burning the place down – you press a button every 10 minutes to keep them going. Better than not having hobs, I cook almost all my meals now, at a great saving. The better kitchens in college have freezers, and some students have furnished their kitchens with ovens too.

    • dangerous dave

      I'm in queens. Where are the freezers? I guess you're in Fisher.

      • Chef

        They're in Erasmus, and some Cripps fridges have freezer compartments.

  • No 2 CUSU

    The powers that be in Caius clearly regard us to be a bunch of retards who'd set fire to the curtains if they so much as let us near anything which was above room temperature. I think we should collectively reduce the amount of rent we pay

    • CUNTSU

      I think your all cunts

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