Review: Pembroke June Event

JORDAN BICKERTON: 'Pembroke’s June Event did a spectacular job – for a relatively cheap entrance fee, I was treated to a thoroughly enjoyable evening'

Given the fact that Pembroke June Event only approaches half the budget of the equivalent May Ball, and given that said May Ball was my first experience of the decadence of May Week, my expectations of yesterday night's event were fairly low. However, I was thoroughly impressed by the way in which the committee managed to make this night quite so special.

My home college looked absolutely fantastic, playing up to the (albeit vague) theme, 'Under the Ocean' by decking it out in a variety of spectacular nautically themed decorations. Although the queue on the way in was pretty deflating, the atmosphere was maintained by a joyous steel band, and upon finally entering the main court, I was fully revived by the celebratory vibe. 

At this point, I must insert one minor complaint – the food queues were absurd, and could quite easily have been alleviated by a little forward planning. Channelling one thousand hungry guests towards one food tent is asking for trouble, particularly when the pizza caterers seemed comatosely slow. Having stood in line for a good forty minutes, I was thrilled to eventually receive my fajitas, which were admittedly very tasty.

The fantastically decked out courts were full to the brim of amusing diversions, with an especial highlight coming in the form of a samba band – they were brilliantly incapable of staying in one place for more than five minutes, inviting a bustling conga line. Various drinks tents kept the guests admirably well oiled, as the champagne and Pimms flowed freely throughout the night. Several music tents provided the requisite beats – Beat Bullyz’ combination of grime and electro was jacking and a great laugh, and Kings of Leon tribute band ‘Kings Ov Leon’ did a passable impression of their heroes, supplying the American’s hits with aplomb. Moreover, a series of high quality comedians kept the crowds entertained in the beautiful setting of Pembroke’s Old Library, as a smattering of high class Jazz filled the intervals. 

All in all, despite a couple of gripes with avoidable queues, which have seemed to be an annoying fixture of this year’s May Ball season, Pembroke’s June Event did a spectacular job – for a relatively cheap entrance fee, I was treated to a thoroughly enjoyable evening, and would certainly recommend it to future revellers. 

Food and Drink: 

Wow Factor:


Value For Money: 

Star Attraction: The length and decadence of a May Ball for half the price. 

Biggest Turn Off – Badly planned food provision

  • anon

    Totally agree – amazing evening, but they could've organised the queueing for food better. The rest of it though – spot on.

  • In Joke

    I thought Pierre Novellie was the highlight of the evening. Absolutely blooming marvellous.

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