Milo Yiannopoulos: Drama Queen

Our resident Drama Queen tells us what's on in Week 3.

Have you heard the one about the Tory and the Liberal Demo… oh, fuck that. If I hear one more 'hung Parliament' joke I'm going to throw myself off the nearest multi-storey car park. Politics? YAWN.

Fortunately, there were some brilliant shows last week to take our minds off the sodding election, from the surreal Hitchcock Blonde, via the gloriously camp Guys and Dolls, to the beautifully understated Story of a Great Lady. And an astonishing five stars were gifted to comic Jon Richardson by Laurie Coldwell. (Don't worry, I'll have a word with him.)

Can the Pembroke Players, an X Factor reject and Billie Holiday do even better? Here are the shows you need to know about this week:

Wolfson Howler, Monday 10th May at the Junction. £3-5.

The Howler welcomes Tim Key, comic and performance poet, as this week's headliner – along with the usual familiar faces. Tickets for the Howler are now only available in advance and online, so don't turn up without booking here first.  The last one was supposed to have been a real treat.  

Diana Vickers, Monday 10th May at the Junction. £12.

Nothing compares to retro X Factor goodness, especially not in the form of diminutive barefooted popstrel Diana Vickers. Call me!

Red Priest, Tuesday 11th May at the Corn Exchange. £12-18.

A 'break-all-rules, rock-chamber approach to early music' from an ensemble that sound fucking terrible to me, but which the Telegraph thought 'positively volcanic' and the Times called 'magnificent'.

Entertaining Mr Sloane, Tuesday 11th May – Saturday 15th May at the Corpus Christi Playroom. £5.

The Pembroke Players tackle Joe Orton's best play. Worth a look, revision permitting. The video might tempt. 

The Odd Couple, Wednesday 12th May – Saturday 15th May at the ADC. £7-10

Not to be churlish, this sounds terribly dull to me from the promo material. Check back on Thursday for the Tab's review before you book.  Maybe I will be proved wrong.  

Ray Davies, Thursday 13th May at the Corn Exchange. £35.50.

Worthy but dull ex-Kinks singer-songwriter who's apparently so good he's going to sell tickets to students at £35. We'll see.

Sing-a-long-a-Sound of Music, Friday 14th May at the Corn Exchange. £10-14.

Needs no explanation. If it sounds like your idea of hell… I agree. Which is why I'll be reviewing it.

Varsity Big Band Battle, Friday 14th May at the ADC. £5-6.

Oxbridge's premier big bands, OUJO and CUJO,  battle it out in an evening of swing, latin, funk and contemporary jazz.

Andrew Maxwell, Friday 14th May at the Junction. £10-12.

Edinburgh Comedy Award and Time Out Award nominee Andrew Maxwell is, the Junction tells us, 'one of the most talented stand-up comedians in the UK'. Highly praised by Time Out and the Observer.

Lee Mack, Saturday 15th May at the Corn Exchange. £18.50.

Mildly irritating star of Not Going Out, and team captain on Would I Lie To You?, Lee Mack's new tour has been playing to packed houses since last October. The Corn Exchange is no exception and sold out months ago – last time he was in town, Lottie Unwin wasn't quite sure why.  

God Bless The Child: An Evening with Billie Holiday, Saturday 15th May at the Mumford. £10.

This went down a storm at the Edinburgh Fringe. A soulful evening, accompanied by Mike Conliffe, which promises 'a wide and varied selection of Lady Day's greatest songs and darkest secrets'.

Emma Johnson, Sunday 16th May at the Corn Exchange. £15.30-17.50.

'Emma Johnson, who is one of the few clarinettists to have established an international career as a soloist, returns to Cambridge after performing alongside the European Union Chamber Orchestra during the 2007/08 International Concert Series.' The programme includes music by Mozart, Schumann, Weber and Poulenc.

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