Cambridge Mephedrone Use Revealed

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A Tab survey has revealed the extent of Mephedrone use among Cambridge students.

More than ONE IN THIRTEEN Cambridge University students has taken mephedrone, a Tab survey has revealed.

8% of the 1671 students polled told The Tab they had taken the legal party drug. Meanwhile, 25 PERCENT of clubbers at student club nights admitted trying mephedrone.

The news comes amid calls in the national media for the drug – which has been linked to at least 3 deaths in the UK – to be banned.

The drug was most popular at Homerton, where 16% of students polled said they had taken mephedrone. No one surveyed at Clare or Caius colleges said they had tried it.

The Tab survey was also carried out on student nights at Kambar, Cindies, Life and Fez. Kambar had the highest rate of use, with 33% of visitors admitting they had taken mephedrone. Life polled the lowest, with 18%.


Mephedrone is highly addictive, and a number of students we spoke to described their experience with the drug as “fiendish.”

A female student from Robinson said she and many friends had become highly dependent on the drug. “I can barely get up for anything without having a little snort, and I definitely can’t go clubbing without it,” she told us.

“I haven’t experienced any physical problems, but I get so depressed when I’m not on meph. It’s dark.”

Other students who take mephedrone habitually were less concerned. “I do take it almost every day,” said a student studying medicine, “But it’s not really a problem – it’s not that different to people who drink every day.”

Asked if they would stop taking it if it was illegal, most students said no. Many of those who said they would claimed they would simply switch to other drugs.

“People only take it because there’s no MDMA around,” explained a girl from New Hall, “If they can’t get hold of that then it probably won’t matter – a new legal high will probably pop up pretty soon.”

The drug is widely available on the internet, and costs between £10 and £15 for a gram. It is advertised as ‘plant food’ although there is no evidence to show that Mephedrone has any purpose except as a recreational drug.

One company, Cambotanics, offers delivery in the Cambridge area within 30 minutes. According to an employee of the company, Ben, Cambotanics currently delivers to around 20 customers per week.

When asked if misuse of mephedrone bothered him, Ben responded: “I readily accept that Mephedrone is sometimes misused; and this does of course bother me.

“However I do feel that it would be wrong to suggest that a product should not be sold on the basis that it could be misused by some people.

“I’m sure you would agree that there are other products sold throughout the market that are, unfortunately, misused by some people.

“We take every opportunity to advertise our products as not for human consumption.”

Porter’s Lodge Delivery

Many students are regularly arranging for the drug to be delivered to their college porter’s lodge.

One student who ordered 10 grams told us “I came into the porter’s lodge and picked it up from behind the desk. The package absolutely reeked of the stuff, but the porters had no idea the smell meant it was Mephedrone.”

“Even if the porters had known, there’s nothing they could have done – it’s legal,” he added.

After increased media attention, Mephedrone is likely to be made illegal by the summer. One Catz student told The Tab he had purchased A KILO of the drug to sell when it is made illegal.

“I currently make about a hundred quid a week from selling meph, but when it’s illegal there will be more demand for it at a higher price,” she said.

Mephedrone has been directly attributed to at least one fatality in Britain.

Last term The Tab revealed that the story of a Mephedrone user tearing off his own scrotum was untrue.

  • City Boy

    Predictable Homerton tops unsurprising drugs poll by tab.
    Good work

  • disgruntled

    'survey'?? Pah!

    • The woman

      O how witty, city bitch

    • disaster

      since taking Mephedrone I've sprouted a lawn on my chest, a fine moss in my nose, and my pubes have turned into broccoli

      • Concerned

        Disaster if you are female.

  • Paxman


    Why is it that no-one batts an eyelid when countless millions fuck up their lives drinking but as soon as the word 'drug' is introduced, everyone feigns disgust!

    'Drug affects change in the human body' – you wouldn't write this as a headline, so why pretend that people taking drugs is news? It is so not news.

    • Samuel Pepys

      There must be some mistake, one house in Magdalene alone makes up about a third of Cam's drone use. Poor work, Tab.

    • jackrivlin

      because mephedrone is about to get banned. do you not read the news?

  • oxford crushed

    what a pointless article..

    • London

      Oh Cambridge, you seem to have let me down. It seems you've gone from looking down on me because I smoke weed, to snorting in the morning because you can t get through the day.
      Fucking wasters, that shit ain't THAT hard to throw, grow some balls, shake the habit.
      Spend all your spare cash on drink or something, keep you from wasting it on Meth.

      Love from London Xxx

      • Cambridge

        I look down on you for totally unrelated reasons. Well done for smoking weed, how edgy. Nobody is talking about meth. Fuck off.

        • London

          Its funny how you read what i said, and you only seem to have absorbed the bare minimum or made up some other meaning behind what it. Clever one aren't ya, if you have a braincell about you, go and ask someone for a gold star. You deserve it ; – )

          Also "Nobody is talking about meth. Fuck off." Wat?, what the hell is think article about…

  • lame

    this is a load of jabroni, you probably surveyed only a handful of people. the tab lacks panache, insight and overall is poorly written. consider this comment a slap on the wrists. if you don't improve, these comments will not either

    • tabeditor

      Why have you commented twice on this article using different names and different email addresses?

      • tcs

        probably a varsity troll. loser.

    • jackrivlin

      sample size: 1671 – over 10% of student population.

      compared to election polls which sample less than 0.1% of the electorate

    • Better than you

      And we all know who "Lame" is. Get a life. Don't see you writing any better. In fact you are neither funny, nor insightful yourself. I guess it's your lack of personality as well as looks or intelligent that means you have to spend your life putting others down to hide your own flaws. Bravo.

  • mephedrone cat

    "Although mephedrone has been linked to deaths, there is still no evidence that it has directly caused a fatality."

    actually not true, toxicology report not back for the scunthorpe boys yet but it is for this guy –

  • Clarky Cat

    The Tab's top tip for the summer:

    "One Catz student told The Tab he had purchased A KILO of the drug to sell when it is made illegal.

    “I currently make about a hundred quid a week from selling meph, but when it’s illegal there will be more demand for it at a higher price,” she said."

    All publicity is good publicity!

  • piano dentist

    Mephedrone made Cindies tolerable and actually quite fun the two or three times I took it and went.

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  • the queen

    well all i can say is cambotanics practices bad business… takes your money…beware

    • I am not just a cat.

      ……. I am an Iams cat

      meow meow

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