Lizo Mzimba: An Apology

The Tab would like to apologise to BBC Correspondent and former Newsround presenter Lizo Mzimba for making a considerable number of false and damaging allegations about Lizo's professional and personal behaviour, in a series of articles published in October 2009.

The Tab now acknowledges that Lizo did not visit Cambridge to research a documentary aimed at exposing and embarrassing Cambridge students, and further acknowledges that he has never worked on a documentary of any kind about Cambridge or the University.

We fully accept that he was not 'seen draping himself over a number of girls'; it was untrue to label him as a 'sleaze' and a 'perve'; and we were wrong to accuse him of loitering around ladies' toilets to support false allegations that his behaviour while in Cambridge was debauched.

The Tab also acknowledges that Lizo was not gaffer-taped to a wall in Emmanuel College; he was not forced to lock himself in a toilet following a confrontation with students; and he was not 'bug-eyed and sweaty' as a result of a night of heavy drinking.

The Tab apologised unreservedly to Lizo for the articles and the distress and embarrassment they have caused.

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