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A scandalous Oxbridge blogger has started bragging about her sexploits as she attempts to “shag (her) way through term”.

A scandalous secret blogger has started bragging about her sexploits as she attempts to “shag (her) way through term”.

In her blog, which has been updated four times since its launch ten days ago and available here, she candidly discusses a one-night stand with a Blues rugby player and how she lost her virginity.

The self-proclaimed “researcher of sex” boasts that she is shocked by her success rate. “Statistically speaking, I have slept with nine different nationalities”.

“British men and German men are the best, and typically have the biggest penises” she clarified.

This week the Belle de Jour of Oxbridge reported on an encounter with a Rugby Blue that was “fairly average” in her “book of shags”. After a disappointing night in bed – “more like a slack tide” than a “tsunami of love” – the blogger reported her horror as the sportsman went for a new tactic.

““I don’t have a condom . . . but I want to put it . . . here” he said as he slapped my ass”. The blogger politely declined and left on her “stride of pride” – she doesn’t do walks of shame.

The saucy scribbler has now promised us that she will reveal how she made out with a Blues rower and how she loves having sex in public places. On her twitter the mystery hussy posted: “Lost in the library, but finding lots of dark corners . . . I've always wanted to do it in a library.''

Her shenanigans have been picked up by the national press forcing her to defend her stories.

“The first thing you should know about me is that I am not a whore” although “I am unapologetically and unquestionably a closet nympho” she wrote.

“Don’t believe my stories? Well you choose to read this blog as much as I choose to write it, so that’s your prerogative.”

Sex at Oxbridge wishes to protect her anonymity for both her sake and the sake of her conquests. “Besides, my mum would kill me” she added.

Her next blog, she promises, will feature “Less talk, more sex!”.

So guys, watch out on the Cindies’ dancefloor – you could be her next prey.

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  • ??? at Jesus

    Hmm – I think she's probably at the other place.

    Even though she cleverly alternates terminology – she sometimes says Lent term, and other times Hillary – she talks about a long taxi ride costing over £8. Apart from those living in college at Girton and Homerton, I doubt many people here live that far away. By contrast, Oxonians often live quite a long way out in their second years.

    So I'd put her down as having gone over to the Dark side.


  • http://intensedebate.com/people/kenkecheng Ken

    I dunno, Homerton is known for being a college filled with slutbags though and it is about £8 by taxi from town.

    Anyway, I'm putting up a reward for the Blues rugby player with a small penis, disappointing sexual performance and a penchant for buggery to come forward and reveal details about "SAO".

  • Harry

    Followed her on twitter, only to be followed hours later by @JoanneWatch, another twitter account linked to a blog – with the same Twitter text/site colours and background as @SexAtOxbridge. The blog has exactly the same theme as Sex At Oxbridge and seems to have similarly viral aspirations, but this one is written by a guy. They've got to be connected.

  • gobsmacked virgin

    BREAKING: Student has sex at uni.

    thank god we have a blog around to chart this unprecedented turn of events.

  • D..

    Actually, I think she is at Cam. She talks about needing to walk through the City Centre, which wouldn't be a problem in Oxford, as the taxis are much more flexible as to where they can go..

  • suspicious

    Is it all a Durex marketing campaign do you think?

  • Dan

    All sounds a bit manly to me.

  • frustrated

    All sounds a bit alien to me. I identify more with this blog:


  • Simon

    I can say without doubt this "blog" is a fictitious concoction of a male student, probably at Cambridge, who is experiencing celibacy during his time at university through no choice of his own.

    As an Oxford chap, I find it rather amusing. Cambridge students are always a source of laughter.

    • "banter will"

      pipe down simon

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/kenkecheng Ken

      cool story bro

  • Seb Dunnett

    O mi god! WOT A SLUT LOL…tho to b fair bet shes wel gd n bed LMAO!

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  • Seb Dunnett's p

    actually as a student at homerton, i can confirm taxis back from cindies are usually £6.50 or £7.00 …

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