The Tab’s Crossbar Challenge. This week’s featured team: the Blues.

TABTV and Tab Sports are putting Cambridge’s football teams to the test in The Tab’s Crossbar Challenge 2010.

The rules to this game are very simple: the ball is placed somewhere between the penalty area and the halfway line; each team member then has one attempt to hit the crossbar.

In this first installment, we’ll be seeing whether the Blues team can set the bar for everyone else…


  • guest 1

    what a great uni side we have….

  • mackem

    who is this james day character? one of the worst crossbar challenge efforts i've ever seen..

  • Pu55

    4th one on is a mug

  • Gav (A.K.A God)

    Matt Stock – Penis

  • jimmy dizzle

    james day! mate, where did it all go wrong?!