Cuppers Round-Up: Homerton Shock Girton

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Girton 3 – 3 Homerton (Homerton won 3-0 on penalties)

The game dubbed “The Battle of the B-listers” was dominated by dodgy refereeing decisions as Second Division Homerton produced the upset of the round, overcoming First Division high fliers Girton on penalties.

Homerton went into the game very much the underdogs but made a good start and had a few early chances to break the deadlock.

However Girton showed their pedigree, opening up a 2-0 lead, thanks to goals from two of their Blues players. Jack Hylands opened up the scoring with a 35-yard screamer before Matt Cook volleyed home a second.

The second half was marred by controversy, largely thanks to the referee provided by Homerton. Indeed he proved to be the crucial twelfth man for his side, controversially awarding Homerton a goal after his assistant had flagged for offside.

The momentum was now very much with the underdogs and in the dying seconds of the game they grabbed a dramatic equaliser to force extra time.

The tension was, at times, unbearable, but Girton retook the lead as skipper Andy Stone cooly slotted home. Yet Homerton were not to be denied. With just minutes to play they were awarded a “soft” penalty. This was duly despatched, sending the tie to penalties.

Homerton stopper Dave Rose, who had previously never faced a penalty, proved to be the hero of the day, saving all three Girton spot-kicks. His team-mates Alex Mitchell, Alex Seal and Ryan Stevens all held their nerve to seal an historic victory over their arch rivals.

Homerton will face Catz in the quarter-finals, whilst Girton can now focus on getting their league campaign back on track.

Catz 6 – 3 John’s

Current holders Catz eased past their Division One relegation rivals, with Blues striker Matt Stock proving to be the difference between the sides. Man of the match Stock scored four and claimed two assists as he made a mockery of the John’s defence.

With Catz 4-0 up after twenty minutes the game seemed dead and buried. John’s rallied, showing the dogged determination they will need if they are to avoid the drop to Division Two, and fought back to 4-2. If Jamie Spencer had capitalised on a golden opportunity, an incredible comeback could have been on the cards.

However the loss of Blues fullback Chris Maynard hit them hard and as they pushed men forward Catz were able to pick them off and cruise to a comfortable victory.

CCCC 3 – 4 Trinity

Trinity made a seemingly straight-forward tie look far more difficult than it needed to be, squeezing through by just a single goal.

Lowly CCCC, who ply their trade in the lowly Division Four, more than matched their more illustrious opponents for large parts of the game. Unfortunately they just fell short of pulling off one the biggest upsets in Cuppers history.

Trinity, hot on the heals of leaders Downing in the league, will have high hopes for success in the competition. They will face the winners of the Fitz-Jesus tie in the quarter-finals.

Fitz P – P Jesus

This had promised to be a scintillating encounter with both teams in the upper echelons of the First Division and packed with Blues players.

However, with the Varsity game fast approaching, the risk of injury to key University players such as Kerrigan and captain Johnson on the icy surface was deemed too high and the match was called off.

The replay is likely to be a highly interesting encounter, as both sides will be forced into fielding significantly different XIs if it clashes with a Blues game. The side which comes out on top should go a long way in the competition.


The remaining four ties were all postponed, suffering from the sub-zero temperatures which hit Cambridge over the weekend:

Long Road v Sidney

Darwin v Downing

Churchill v Emmanuel

Caius v Selwyn

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  • MartinJol

    The Girton v Homerton article is the most ludicrous piece of writing I've ever seen. Girton were battered from start to finish, and were lucky to even get to a penalty shoot out. And for the record, the goal was not offside, and the penalty was a penalty.

  • Sore losers

    Girton report is a load off bollocks, anyone who was at the game would never have written the words 'Girton' and 'Pedigree' in the same sentence. Totally outplayed from start to finish and the fact they ever got to penalties was an absolute travesty, 6 or 7-1 would not have been an unfair scoreline, even with their three blues. There is no mention of the Girton refs many questionable decisions in the first half, over-ruling the linesman on one occasion also.

    • Andy S

      Girton deserved the win. Definitely.

  • will

    I think they are a nurses training centre somewhere near adddenbrooks…

    • alex fergurson

      Hang on, who the fuck are homerton?

      • Weak Effort

        Homerton were a considerably better side than Girton, even with their three non-regulars in the side. A fair scoreline would have seen Girton dead and buried under a 4 or 5-0 defecit at half time. 'Girton showed their pedigree'? Really? If a very ordinary side like that represents 'pedigree' round here, its a sorry reflection on the standard of Cambridge football.

        • guest

          3rd in division one tells a different story

      • Chief

        um wait, who the fuck are you?

        • A to the R

          I am Alison Richards, Vice Chancellor of this University, and I have never even heard of Homerton. Are they even a college?

          • Girton Villager

            Watching from my bedroom window, I'm ashamed to associate myself with the 11 men in green on Saturday morning. They not only let themselves down, they've let our beautiful little village down and all their Girton colleagues. Every Sunday morning from now on I'll make sure my bedroom 'Girtons' are shut.

            • greenarmy

              WHAT ARE YOU TALINGABOUT GIRTON VILLAGER!!!! no true gritonian wud ever talk lake that! when you cut mee i bleed GREEn, up the girton and down with those two cheating twins!!! bastards.

          • St Johns are heroes

            How about fuck you lot?

  • Marlon Devonish

    Absolutely hilarious account of Girton v Homerton! I think its fair to say that '35 yard screamer' can be translated as '20 yard hit and hope' and that when Girton scored a second to go 2-0 up, both teams, and every spectator (apart from an obviously very observant Tab writer), were in absolute shock that they were even winning, never mind by 2. Homerton dominated in midfield, created 6 or 7 clear cut chances in the first half alone, as compared to Girton's 1 (which was missed), The trend that continued in a second half where the away side dominated possession and limited Girton to 3 or 4 further chances in the whole game (including extra time).

    Considering the pattern of the game, it was a poor result for Homerton, but due to the at very best questionable refereeing in the first half in favour of Girton, I'm sure they'll take it. For the record as well, the goal was onside, – unsurprisingly it was the home side's linesman flagging – and genuinely you won't see a clearer penalty decision this year…something supported by an angry Girton player raging:

    "Who the fuck made that tackle!?"

    • Gareth Edwards

      Cupset? Come on. Homerton are the biggest college, and as everyone knows its a council estate down there. They should be amazing at football. It would have been more of a shock if that sham of a Girton team won.

  • Juande Ramos

    I've never heard of 'sore winners' before but it seems Homerton have managed it! Well done!

  • jedward

    we would just like to clarify, we were not playing in this football game, there seem to be two blond imposters pretending they can play football as well as us for Homerton…

  • Andy S

    As a spectator who had travelled from Telford I would agree that Homerton should have been 4-1 up at half time. A superb game but have to say the best team won. I would agree that the blues players were raher average and they should perhaps look at some of the players from Homerton particularly the cente half-absolutely class

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