May Balls Up

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Confusion has struck the planning of many May Balls, with a number of colleges choosing identical themes.

Confusion has struck the planning of many May Balls, with a number of colleges choosing identical themes.

The announcement of Christ’s Parisian-themed ‘L’Espirit Nouveau’ caused panic amongst the Robinson May Ball committee, who are believed to have chosen an identical theme.

According to an inside source, they are considering changing it before the launch party on Friday.

And they are not the only colleges to come unstuck this week.

It has emerged that both Jesus and Newnham have chosen ‘Circus’ for their May Week events.

Homerton were also planning a big top extravaganza, before switching their June Event to ‘Carnival’ at the last minute, allegedly after pressure from Jesus.

“It’s pretty annoying”, said Justin Wolf, Homerton Ents Officer.

“The posters were at the printers, and we had to scrap a number of design ideas.

I’m sure Jesus stole our theme, but we’re confident that Carnival will still be one of the best events in May Week.”

Homerton have also taken the unprecedented step of hosting an event on Thursday, to avoid clashes with St. Catz, King’s, Pembroke, Sidney Sussex and Tit Hall.

Of the other themes that have been announced, perhaps the best is St. Catz’s ‘Make Believe’.

Emmanuel have settled for ‘Hollywood’, after last year’s ‘Empire’ provoked accusations of racism.

A satirical Facebook group, ‘Emma against Hollywood’, so far only has 38 members.

  • julirah

    why would jesus steal a theme from a B list college like homerton?

    • bobes

      homerton is so far below b-list

      • honestly

        i'd take a fun may ball at homerton over one at either of your undoubtedly snobbish, stuck-up colleges anyday.

  • mayballz

    is actually it a college yet?

    • Detests you

      enough of your shite

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  • Eamonn

    Because all the Homerton girls are awesome

  • Sam

    Homerton aren't going to allow their students residency during may week anyway, which is the only reason why they've taken the 'unprecedented step' of moving their event to Thursday. Bye Bye hungover almost-Cantabridgians on Friday Morning.

    • Violet

      Uh Homerton students already have residency for may week for this year and I think you'll notice that their event's happening on the Thursday during May week, not the Thursday before…nice if people can read!

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        • violet is a cunt

          who the fuck are homerton?

          • Peter

            How about they are all stealing John's June ent from last year?

            • Redboy

              Homerton's not a PROPER college – unlike John's.

          • Chief Historian

            I believe a "Homerton" is an ancient farming technique prevalent in Eastern Europe during the pre-modern period. It gradually fell out of use as farmers began to realise that it was actively killing, rather than nurturing, their potato crops.

      • Sammy

        John's June Ent was shit last year, why would anyone copy it?

        (John's student)

  • more drama

    Don't forget it's not just Homerton and Jesus, but also Newnham. Newnham launched first in the 1st week of lent term : cirque du soir, so they've all stolen that theme because it's just a june event.

  • cantab

    if anything, Circus is just a bit of a cliché.

    gd job homerton and robinson chose new themes. bit of originality …

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