Berk in Burka Row

Nick Griffin has slated Cambridge for allowing students to graduate in burkas

Nick Griffin has slated Cambridge for allowing students to graduate in burkas.

The Uni is relaxing the strict dress code. Students can now wear burkas, military uniform and kilts (as long as "dark undergarments" are worn underneath!)

A Cambridge University spokesman said: “Religious dress and cultural observations are allowed. We would allow the wearing of the full burka if that’s what the student wore day to day. So far we have had no requests to wear the burka.”

The BNP leader reacted badly to the news: “It is no surprise. There are a disproportionate number of Muslim students in our colleges and universities already. In 20 years time it will become compulsory for all women students to wear the burka.”

Griffin, a former Cambridge law graduate, has been in the media spotlight recently. After his disastrous appearance on Question Time he bizarrely ranted that London has been "ethnically cleansed" of "English and British people".

The burka is no stranger to controversy. French public schools have banned students from wearing it.

Last week an 18 year old girl in Burnley was caught up in the row when she was told that she had to remove her burka if she wanted to enrol at college.

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