Hey! Council! Leaves Those Balls Alone!

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Cambridge City council has yet again provided the thorn in Cambridge University’s backside.

After shutting down Jesus College May Ball early due to noise restrictions, Cambridge City Council placed heavy restrictions on Magdalene May Ball. Their main act, ‘Scratch Perverts’ were only allowed to play at a volume of 80 decibels. The sound engineer told us that normally, an act would play at 200 decibels. It was not surprising therefore that there were plenty of guests begging for the volume to be turned up.

Council officers patrolled the ball in plain clothes, taking regular measurements of the sound, and threatening to hand out heavy fines if the limits were exceeded.

Nonetheless, the acts provided at Magdalene May Ball were a great success and the dance floor was well attended. It is just a shame that this year the Council chose to take a negative stance on the end of term celebrations. It has been suggested that jealousy is the cause of this poor attitude. 


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  • LS

    160dB causes instant perforation of the eardrum… so I doubt they’d usually play at 200dB..!

  • Amused Reader

    At a loud rock concert, the front rows would be subject to a SPL of approximately 110dB.

  • Anon (committee member)

    80dB is the limit for all May Balls (infact any event in the UK) after 11pm that takes place outside. The council do police these event, and the Magdalene Committee had to abide by the rules to ensure that they were not shut down like other Balls.

    Also, it is a member of college staff, not the council, that take the measurements. The council counter-check them at regular intervals.


  • Deafened

    Jealous of what?!? Suggested by whom?

  • WarNeverChanges

    “we would likely the first option more heavily than it was today”
    You accidentally a word there

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