See Goldney Hall on Sherlock Tonight

Don't miss Goldney Hall on the hit detective drama tonight!

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman returned to our screens in the acclaimed ‘Sherlock’ on New Year’s Day, but the real star of the new series is yet to have been revealed. Who is it? It’s Goldney Hall, of course!

Fans of the show will be aware that after finding out his best friend’s come back from the dead, Dr Watson’s about to get married!

And the Tab can reveal he picked the perfect wedding destination – the beautiful Goldney orangery. Let’s just hope the marriage isn’t interrupted by any drunken students, although perhaps that’d be better than a murder…

Filming took place in April, attracting crowds of Cumberbatch-mad students – here’s some photos of the stars!

The Cumberbatch arrives at Goldney Hall

The Cumberbatch at Goldney Hall in April

Benedict waving at Goldney-ers

Looking cool…Benedict Cumberbatch


Martin Freeman in wedding gear

Martin Freeman in wedding gear

If you can’t wait for Goldney Hall’s moment of fame, then here’s a sneak preview…

Don’t miss it! Tune into BBC One tonight at 8.30pm!

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