Why You Should Sign The Organ Donor Register

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Natasha Isaac explains why it's important people take the time to register as organ donors.

I started university a year ago now and on my first day I met a guy called Will Pope. We became close friends pretty quickly and over the past three months I’ve come to realise that Will is the bravest and most special man I know.

Some of you might have seen Will on TV recently, he was on an episode of ‘Tonight’, not a programme I normally watch, but I was glued to it on Thursday.

This episode was called  ‘Waiting for a Heart’ because that’s what Will’s been up to recently. In fact that’s just about all he’s been up to, he’s been stuck in hospital for over 80 days now, just waiting.


After watching ‘Waiting for a Heart’ second year Computer Science student Benji Barash said “Throughout the documentary, even in such a fragile physical state, Will’s mental fortitude was clear.

“If the rest of us could show a fraction of his courage and clarity and opt-in to the organ donor register, we might one day leave this planet unselfishly.”

Recently Will had an operation to try and install a pump in his heart but unfortunately the pump wasn’t strong enough and Will has had a pretty tough week whilst they took it out, at the time of writing he is stable in ITU.

What’s next? More waiting.

Will probably won’t be able to leave the hospital until a donor heart is found for him.

But Will isn’t the only person waiting for a heart, there are approximately 140 people on the heart transplant list. No one ever likes to be put on a ‘waiting list’ and I can’t even begin to imagine what being put on this particular list is like.

Currently just under a third of people in the UK are registered organ donors (at the time of writing there are 19,208,228 people on the organ donor register). The large majority of this number are elderly people so unless we, the younger generation, change this culture by getting everyone to sign up, one day we could all be in the same position as Will.


Don’t get me wrong – I’m not advocating signing up because I want you all to have terrible accidents so that we can save the lives of everyone who needs an organ, no, nor are we going to secretly come and harvest your organs in the night.

Your life is precious but if you happen to be unlucky enough to lose it, wouldn’t it be nice to know that those organs you’d so brilliantly looked after could find a loving new home? Just how wonderful would it be for a precious part of you to eventually be allowed to live on in someone else?

For me, it’s a no brainer. It’s not gross, it’s not weird, it’s a privilege. A privilege to have been able to take care of such fabulous gifts and a wonder to be able to pass them on if I’m not able to use them any more.

So what can we do?

‘Tis the season for gift giving and this is the greatest gift there is. It’s unlikely that you’ll be giving this particular gift on December 25th 2012 but signing up now will not only make my heart glow but could also give someone else a glowing chance at a new life.

The next step is to talk to your family about it. If you’ve signed onto the register your family can still act on your behalf to keep your organs instead of donating them.

Sadly 45% of organ donors’ wishes are overturned by their family when it comes to it which is a bit like changing someone’s will because you don’t like it.

Even if you don’t sign up or you want your family to make the final call on your behalf, the most important thing to do is to talk to them about it and make sure they know exactly what you want.

Talking about this important issue will hopefully mean that a higher percentage of the people who die every day will live on in some small way by giving the gift of life to someone in need of an organ.

If you want to give the greatest gift there is all you have to do is enter about five lines of information on the NHS website; it’ll only take a minute and you can even choose which organs you want to donate.

Click here to register

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  • Joe Appleyard

    I enjoy a good facial wank, me

  • Josh

    what a load of rubbish

  • Sammy

    Really? And I thought that size zero was out of fashion! This isn’t news at all. Sounds like she wrote this herself. How about you do an article on someone doing a real degree?

    • Jim

      Wow, keyboard warrior, don’t be mad because you’re probably a whale… I bet you don’t know how much work the fashion study degree actually requires do you? I’m going to guess you dont… Have you had to sleep at uni to then get up and get straight in to work? No? Then you educated troll, shut your mouth…

      • Lexy

        It kinda sucks if sleeping at Uni is considered hard work. Owning a fashion blog isn’t that hard, not hers to be honest. It requires taking a friend to take pictures of you sensually posing your size 0 legs next to the Architecture or Engineering building and then uploading them to a website that didn’t take you more than a couple of days to make.

        And then maybe 10 minutes to answer some e-mails you got from some brands that want some advertising in exchange for a piece of clothing.

        I’ve done it. Not worth it.

  • Reality

    She may have a popular blog, but she still goes to the University of Lincoln

  • Ollie

    Youtube is serious and the future of entertainment. Look at Zoella. Good luck to the girl

  • Andy McZomb

    Is that really the same girl in the group photos? Running a glorified Facebook photo album must have really ate into her Instagramming time.

  • Alexis

    She looks like she’s doing good to me, congratations, you can only rise from here

  • Sophie

    Can’t believe that people are being so critical and judgemental. So what if she’s petite? That has absolutely nothing to do with anything! She’s just writing a blog on something that she clearly loves, her clothes and style look great, and she’s succeeding at what she wants to do. Some people are too bitter, leave the girl alone.

  • Nah U?

    She studies Fashion at Lincoln; think I’ll be alright.

  • Connor

    Why have all critical comments been deleted from this??

  • Matt Diffey

    She’s doing well and all, but fashion blogging is hardly a career (at least not with 26k followers, which for all the bravado of the author isn’t that much, and 1000 youtube subs is nothing in this space). She’s an attractive, slightly indie girl into fashion, those numbers are completely standard, that wouldn’t be a problem but the author’s making out like she’s hit the big time and we can but hope that one day we might reach such lofty heights. Props to the girl but this is shit tier journalism.

    • http://www.crazyblondegal.com/ Frances CH

      Completely agree with you, however you can actually make a career out of 26K followers these days! However I’m wondering where this figure has come from as her stats on Twitter and Bloglovin do not match this significant number? Maybe it means 26K blog viewers in total? *shrug*

  • http://www.crazyblondegal.com/ Frances CH

    “For most blogs, there’s usually a particular post that gains a lot of attention and boosts the popularity. But for Kirsty, it was more of a process.” This statement couldn’t be more wrong! >.< For the majority, gaining followers or subs is a process that can take years and does not happen overnight.

    I also feel the title and heading of this post is awful. You're trying to put other people down, as if to say if you're not doing what she is doing, then why bother. No I do not blog every day or study fashion, but I'm very happy doing what I do thank-you very much!

  • Katy A

    I read this article this morning, and I must admit, I initially fell foul to the ‘uni of’ raillery (I mean, we’ve all heard the inbetweeners joke, right?!). However, on reflection, I actually think that the criticisms Kirsty has received are rather unjustified.

    Whilst studying fashion may not be as ‘academic’ as the courses some of us take, to pursue ANY field that you are passionate about at a degree-level in order to better your career is most certainly not something that should be frowned upon. We all have different strengths, and were we all to subscribe to the same school of thought, we wouldn’t have such a diverse and thriving economy.

    I’m personally a supporter of this girl. Whilst her fashion choices aren’t exactly my cup of tea, she is market savvy; creating not just a name for herself but a brand too. Anyone who is willing to do a little bit of ‘research’ (aka an instagram stalk), will immediately see that she is creating a consistent image that her followers and fans buy into and will continue to do so in the future.

    I do wonder, would we be judging a business/marketing graduate so harshly, who plugs someone else’s business via social media, taking home only a negligible percentage of the profits they help generate? Kirsty is her own business and will receive the benefits of this in their entirety when the opportunities she has created for herself begin to pay out.

    I think, as Frances duly states below, the accusatory strap-line adopted by The Tab asking us ‘what do we do’ may have riled a few people (as if our three part time jobs on top of a full time degree course isn’t enough)! But regardless of The Tab’s questionable writing style, the facts are that Kirsty is doing something she enjoys and is trying to build a career out it – should she really be criticised for that?

    Good luck to you girl! x

    • Katy A

      P.S. sorry for the rant! – Typical female getting carried away!

  • Connor

    Somehow this girl is better than others because she manages to write some stuff about clothes EVERY SINGLE DAY??! What an inspirational girl, imagine having a part time job AND studying a university course. I get the feeling this was written by a friend of hers to promote her blog…

  • Kate

    I can guarantee you that it wasn’t written by a friend. If you knew this girl then you would know and see how much work she puts in to this blog, she definitely doesn’t think she is better than anyone, she is the most down to Earth, kind person I have ever met and had the pleasure to know

  • Connor

    Touching stuff

  • http://www.joshuaissac.com/ Joshua Issac

    I wouldn’t be surprised if I found this article in the Guardian.

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