Meet the BNP Youth, they’re absolutely terrifying

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Move aside, Leni Riefenstahl, the British National Party have filmed some teenagers having a go at Stephen Lawrence's mum

The BNP has released a campaign video featuring its teenage members  – and it’s frightening.

Against a backdrop of sinister music, a pack of decent young Brits tell you why Blighty is going down the pan.

Targets of their anger include:

• Militant homosexuals who push to undermine the family.
• Heartless Zionists who send soldiers to die for private profit.
• The cultural Marxists who infest our teaching establishment.
• Stephen Lawrence’s mum (because the media pander to her)

The three minute clip – which at time of publication had just 3,847 views – crescendos with the rallying cry: “This is not a request, it is a demand.”


Comments on the video, entitled Fight Back, were largely supportive. One user wrote: “All dislikes come from those who are with the enemy, either the brainwashed ignorants, or the mass immigrants who are being permitted to enter Britain and its White Nation brothers by those who are responsible. Stay strong and Unite! Hail White Pride!!”

Thanks to our friends at Filterview for the tip.


This comes shortly after The BNP released its party broadcast video. It featured a disappointed Bulldog, a hymn that sounds like it was written by Elgar, if Elgar had received a massive head injury, and an animated Nick Griffin who appears much thinner than in real life.

Oh, and penguins. The video literally had immigrant penguins. Note to the BNP: the documentary isn’t March of the Penguins into Britain. One scene even has a penguin wearing a Burka. Because if Britain doesn’t stand up against the radicalisation of Antarctic aquatic birds, who will? The best part of being a suicide bomber in the Antarctic is that you don’t even need semtex to destroy an igloo, just a hairdryer.

So, can this video live up to the BNP’s previous effort? Can it outdo Jihadi Penguins? Well, it tries bloody hard.

I don’t want to reveal too much of the content because it might spoil the full WTF effect of the video. But here are a few things to keep an eye out for:

The first guy on screen awkwardly reciting his speech. Presumably he’s reading from an Autocue or a prompt card. Of course, he may just have memorised the message he dawbed on an immigrant’s door this morning.


The next guy, who is living proof that the white gene isn’t superior. Hell, I’d be happy to accept Sharia law, if the condition was that he had to wear a burkha.


The guy with the afro who leaps at the camera every time he says “Our”.


The fact they use someone wearing glasses to complain about “dumbing down”, as though to say LOOK, SHE’S WELL CLEVER. SHE PROBABLY READS BOOKS AND ALL.


The scene where the video cuts to a picture of all of them together, making them look like the worst cast of Glee ever. I don’t think I’ve ever said this about a video on the internet before but that’s one orgy I don’t want to see.

The woman who adds yet another level of insanity to the mix by calling the media, foreigners, and pretty much everyone an “unholy alliance”.


“Militant Homosexuals”, the ones who want to “push for gay marriage and gay adoption”. Why do they want these things? Because they want their love recognised as equal and they want the opportunity to raise a child in a warm and protective atmosphere? No, it’s all “in order to destroy the traditional family unit”.

Quite why gay couples would want to destroy the traditional family unit or how gay marriage directly harms this family unit is never explained.

The homophobia here is so apparent I don’t even need to point it out. The only thing worth saying about it is that if she hates the homosexual community so much then she should really take that pink Crew Clothing sweater off because there’s no way that was designed by a straight guy.


The guy announcing “This is not a request. This is a demand”. Pretty strong claim considering there’s about seven of you. Forgive my underwear for remaining unshitted.

There you have it.

Feel free to watch it over and over. And if you do get bored why not turn it into a drinking game?

If you want to get tipsy, drink a shot for every time they say something mildly racist. If you want to get drunk, drink everytime they say something completely racist. If you want to become a BNP supporter, neck bottle after bottle of paint thinner until you lose the ability to use monosyllabic words.


  • David Cameron

    Hahaha, and I thought Labor was shit!

    • David Cameron’s illiterate

      *Labour. Learn to spell.

      • David Cameron

        That’s what it says nobhead. Learn to read.

      • Sam Freedman

        David Camerons* illiterate. Learn to grammar.

        • Another guy.

          Nope, It’s right, it’s a contraction of ‘Cameron’ and ‘is.’ Learn to grammar yourself.

          • Pedant

            Actually it could be either. “the illiterate (people) belonging to David Cameron” or “David Cameron is illiterate”

            Of course, using illiteracy itself to undermine another is a poor excuse for an argument.

        • Jake Pearson

          David Cameron is -> David Cameron’s
          Learn to grammar yourself

          • Nigel Farage

            These are the people we want! UP the UKIP

            • Christian May

              if you’re serious then you are a fucking idiot, if in jest sorry, if not and your one of these stupid nazi pricks, then you can get the fuck out the country cause nazis are most definitely not welcome. don’t care if you think cause you’re white you should be allowed to stay.

              • MICHAEL

                I like kittens.

                • Christian May

                  i like debating ha its the only thing getting me through this week, debating with the idiots of society is so amusing, especially on topics such as this the british nazi youth. i work with foreigners so i have good reason to debate. if people are bothered about foreign people taking jobs, then they need to up there game to be a better worker, however people from britain are too lazy, and not as efficient so unless we want low standards of work, then people need to get a grip n work harder to achieve their personal goal n not be utter pricks cause someone is better than them, it all stems from jealousy at the end of the day, these people are jealous cause they’re idiots n foreigners generally aren’t. read this you BNP nob’eds n maybe you’ll be able to force them out of work not by kicking them out the country, but because you work harder than them and achieve a better end product.

                  • Edward Puttock

                    Oi do not call me lazy! Oh and that racsit anyway.

                • GnosticBrian

                  Boiled or fried?

          • Bah

            wow, glad you guys know whats important.

        • Diana

          Lol never go full retard.

  • So…

    is literally everyone the enemy?

    • BNP Bob

      If your white, rascsist and a fucking moron ill be you’re frend

  • JK

    This must be the best advert for “inbred Britain” I have ever seen

    • Daniel Karpantschof

      You clearly haven’t taken a closer look at Buckingham Palace


    what a shower of cunts

    • Rachael Lines

      Pahahahah – I declare thee to be comment of the week

    • A human Being

      What evil little fuckers…………This is why no normal person would ever vote for the BNP…………..Twats of the highest order!!!!!

  • X

    Utter scum, burn the bastards

    • Pete

      Yes! Perhaps a public lynching of some sort.

      Has a good history of effectively stopping people you disagree with.

  • Gick Niffin

    This article is fucking ridiculous. Why attack the BNP on the way they look, “proof the white gene isn’t superior”, perpetuating their concepts and descending to their level?
    Oh yeah it’s the Tab…

    • Sou Yuck

      I see what you did….an anagram of “Nick Giffin”…oh wait…

    • Guest

      Just because it’s politics doesn’t mean it has to be written all formally and be a serious aritcle. It’s a way of getting more young people interested in preventing the BNP from getting any kind of real power or influence.

    • IQdaRadical Thinker

      So tell Nick Griffin’s cock tasty? seeing as it’s sitting on your tonsils…

  • Lois

    If you click on the profile of the Youtuber who commented about “white pride,” the last video he liked was “Nazi Germany Anthem.” Says it all really.

    • Christian May

      they don’t do anything for promoting the party its just utter dribble.

  • Lewis

    that fat girl at 0.46 comes in like the emperor from star wars

    • Poo

      More like Jabba The Hutt

    • Matt Slater

      Lewis… That was brilliant xD

      • Lewis Edwards

        Im glad other people realise what a threat to the republic this is

      • You SAP

        so its brilliant that he called her fat? thats surely size discrimination right? well how is that any different from this “racism” you are criticizing these people off? in other news you are a ugly specky twat.. i guess thats facial discrimination.

        • Matt Slater

          I was saying brilliant to the “comes in like the emperor from star wars” part, not the fat part.
          And yes, I am an ugly specky twat… Well done for noticing.

          • Lewis

            don’t put yourself down boy, i bet he’s an extreme left winger

        • Lewis

          im guessing from your comment and not targeting me that im perfect?

          • nah you’re a cunt aswell

            • Lewis

              are you by any chance the emperor girl? that would be a massive twist in the tale

        • Christian May

          you pro bnp aswell then? are you a stupid racist brain washed by fools with nazi ideals? if so then get the fuck out of the country haha

          • ….

            people like you who call bnp people nazis are so ridiculous, you dont even know what either of the two are properly. Nazism is such a specific ideology that has nothing to do with the BNP. You just write shit that like when you hear it from others. I dont bring race into things, just ideologies that people follow which causes problems such as islam which itself is the most fascist thing out there in the world at the moment and the biggest threat to the world.

            • Danielle

              “I dont bring race into things, just ideologies that people follow which causes problems such as islam”. Islam is a religion, not an ideology. The Nazis targeted Jews, and Judaism is a religion. Hence why people see a likeness between the two parties. Islam isn’t a threat to the world for your information, it is simply a belief. I really think you should pick up a Qu’ran if you’re referring to radical groups such as IS. Because they’re clearly just as misinformed about their own religion as you are.

            • sigh

              Sorry to burst your bubble here sweetheart but Nazi is short for German Nationalist Party… BNP stands for British Nationalist Party.

            • IQdaRadical Thinker

              Alright, we’ll stop calling you nazis….

              How about massive racist dickbags? Would that be better?

    • What?

      “Something, something dark people… Something something illegal…”

    • Christian May

      jabba the slut ^_^

  • Anon

    What is a cultural Marxist? Is it a socialist who likes the opera?

    •!/ehodgett Brewerman

      They’re saying Cultural Marxist because they can’t say communist as they’d look like McCarthyist throwbacks and no-one would take them seriously, not that they do now but still.

      Cultural Marxist just sounds like a more politically correct term for communist, which is ironic considering how they back on about it so much! Political correctness doesn’t exist anyway!

      • Leni

        You’re wrong Brewerman – Cultural Marxism refers to a school or offshoot of Marxism that conceives of culture as central to the legitimation of oppression, in addition to the economic factors that Karl Marx emphasized.An outgrowth of Western Marxism (especially from Antonio Gramsci and the Frankfurt School) and finding popularity in the 1960s as cultural studies, cultural Marxism argues that what appear as traditional cultural phenomena intrinsic to Western society, for instance the drive for individual acquisition associated with capitalism, nationalism, the nuclear family, gender roles, race and other forms of cultural identity; are historically recent developments that help to justify and maintain hierarchy.”

        Basically they think that the left wants to erode and erase culture/values/tradition etc

        • Axxion

          “Basically they think that the left wants to erode and erase culture/values/tradition etc”

          Well they do don’t they?

          • pelirrojo

            I might be wrong, but I would suggest that the “culture/tradition/values” that cultural Marxists wish to erase are the bourgeois values foisted upon us from above through the vehicle of the corporate media, rather than actual traditional values of individuals, families and communities.

            An important distinction.

        • Spaces of Work and Knowledge

          Their ideas about bringing the workforce under public control are very Marxist, however. I appreciate the above comments, but I’m disappointed by the article which ultimately tries to make fun instead of actually trying to counter the arguments put across by the BNP. I also don’t think there’s much to gain by calling each other ‘dickhead’, ‘cunt’ or whatever as I see in some of the comments. Just started reading TAB articles: I think there’s work to do.

      • Michelle Caroline

        The socially acceptable / politically correct term for ‘communist’ is ‘progressive’

  • Ash

    Wonder if they are all from the same special education class or they picked a few from different schools?

  • ReligionIsShit

    Meh. Zionism is a blight on the world these days. A poorly concealed front for the kind of religious and racial persecution it’s meant to exist to prevent.

  • james larkin

    what a bunch of c.u.n.t.s

  • Apologetic Weasels

    Wonder how many of you comment on videos of fundamentalist Muslims preaching against Britain with the same comments who are far worse far more fascist and a “bunch of cunts” than these people. So pathetic.

    • BooHoo

      Oh, don’t worry, we think they’re cunts too – but these guys are still exceedingly cunty

      • AW

        extremely much less so though you must agree? so do you comment on those other videos?

        • Frosty Jack

          Because these are far more dangerous. You see it everywhere among the ‘underclass’ (not meaning it as derogatory). But to be honest i’d be far more worried about getting attacked or killed by a skinhead promoting ‘christian’ values he wouldn’t know the meaning of than be caught in a terrorist attack. These are the types of people who are the real threat to our liberty in my opinion. Borders mean very little at the end of the day further than a genetic pot luck.

          • Outrageous

            well you are a ridiculous human then. These people are a political party, how can they be that if they are going out there to kill people? Muslim preachers such as Anjem Choudary and others who are more extreme would happily see people like you stoned to death.

            • :)

              Yeah but then you’re polarizing the argument, what we forget is that we’re all human, regardless or race or religion, sex/ age/ gay/ straight, where we’re from or where we live. The issue lies in the fact that WE have divided ourselves WE focus on identity and forget we’re the same but because we’ve divided ourselves and created government, budgets and welfare there is only so much money in each country – we are in a pickle because we keep letting more and more HUMANS into OUR country so there are naturally money issues when we’re overpopulated and our expenses exceed our income. RACIST people turn it into a personal thing on the level of you’re muslim/ black/ polish – overall foreign (just an example I AM NOT RACIST) therefore you are the issue – because you’re here we have to less to share. However the vast majority are nice. You get extremist cunts everywhere – there’s a prime example of ours. The worst person is the attacker who believes he/ she is attacking for a certain reason the blessed attacker is the mindless one because they are most likely doing it out of boredom/ peer pressure/ lack of education these things we can remedy. Yes OUR country is changing and we are looking after more people within our budget but fuck it so what??? Some of these HUMANS have come from worse places. But these kids are fucked too. Excuse my french but there was no emotion or genuine belief in anything any of them said except the pink chubs. Alls I can say is they’re gonna get bullied for what they believe or worse, they would round my way anyway. Feel sorry for them, brainwashed. So its our responsibility as people to come up with solutions to problems that don’t involve us turning on each other. You may think they’re different but they aint.

              • ATQ

                All of what you have said is completely irrelevant. I just want to know whether you comment on other “extremist” videos such as the Muslim ones I mentioned. Just answer that? (If it is the same person who has written all of the posts)

                • jz

                  I see what you’re saying, but there should be no need to comment on every video/post/blog/whatever that you disagree with simply to validate that you do in fact disagree.

                  I’m sure they would also show disagreement for the other videos you mention, but the fact is this is a post about the bnp, people are going to comment on the bnp. If it was about muslims preaching against Britain I am sure there would be just as many comments.

                  I don’t really see what you are getting at :/

                  • Im getting at the fact that some white British people feel the need to condemn and criticize white “racists” more so than others who are not white and are far far far far worse such as Muslim extremists. That is a fact and is mentioned in this video to an extent. Its like the UAF which is a disgraceful and hypocritical organization that attacks right wing British organizations and ignores the fascist Muslim ones. The vice chair of the UAF Azad Ali has been linked with al-Qaeda. Id like to see more articles posted about things like this and see how many comments are the same as are written on this one. I think its pretty clear that there would not be.

              • idiot

                also if you are so concerned with all these issues and are so concerned with us all being humans etc. Then you need to start focusing your comments elsewhere because its the fascist sharia law Muslim countries of this world that are the biggest enemy to this.

                • Grace

                  It’s views like yours that create issues in the first place. ‘Fascist Sharia Law Muslim countries’ are not our enemies; Fascist Sharia Law Muslims perhaps are. We simply cannot keep defining entire countries by the extreme views that some minor groups may hold. Everything that is publicised in the news is BAD news or extreme events, you don’t ever hear a news reporter saying “Today in Afghanistan a Muslim man helped an old lady cross the road” – why would ORDINARY people, with families, passions and empathy, be interesting? The result is that extremism is exaggerated to the extent that people, clearly like you, are led to generalise an entire country/race of people due to the unfortunate evil of a small minority within that country.

                  • Everyone has views, you just develop them from what you experience of the world and what you see and read etc. Extremism isnt the issue here, just because you are not an extremist doesn’t mean that you don’t share similar views to them and sympathise with them. Personally I think extremism is hugely present throughout global Islam, “thats not saying they are all terrorists” its just the fact that sharia law is a fundamental part of normal islam and is a fascist ideology so I guess thats why people generalize because if you are a muslim you should adhere to it. But then again some muslims have different views and are far more liberal. Thats just how it is. Everyone is different but i dont agree in the way people suggest that extremism is such a minority in this sense.

    • Christian May

      these people are doing it and then it ends up on social networking i do not condone terrorism people who speak of extremism bombing n such should be kicked out, however people who preach in this manner should also be kicked out.

  • Harry Hill

    They all need a night on the beers with me up at Rajpooth. Beers, banter, biryani, boobs, bums, bottled beers, bhunas, and Bhavin the waiter. I’ll sort this one out guyzzzz

  • Unimpressed.

    An ethnic minority family driving a VW Passat to an out of town shopping centre of a Saturday afternoon, to chuck pennies at H & M and take selfies with a mocha choca ding dong in Starbucks. The epitome of Blair’s Britain. It makes one physically sick.

    Barricade the borders; deport all non-Commonwealth arrivals of the last 20 years. Save our Green Belt. Save our culture. Save my life.

    Whilst we’re at it; gas the liberal white elite.

  • pete

    Good idea! Attack a party who are criticised for judging appearance, by judging appearance. I don’t really see anything racist in this video, maybe xenophobic, but not racist. Remember that islam is not a race. The gay marriage point is rediculous however.

    • Blahblahblah

      Xenophobia is racist, dickhead.


      • Pete

        Hmm I don’t think they are interchangeable, I may be wrong though.

        Wow! An ad hominem attack and correcting my spelling, debating is obviously your strong point! Why when these things come up do the, i presume, left lose all ability to discuss things like adults.

        • Pete

          Also tbh there is very little that is xenophobic in this video anyway. Again islam is a religion not a race.

  • Sam

    Contradictory and ridiclous.

  • Callum

    Fucking Hell these people need to open their eyes and realise that we are in the 21st century where all genders, cultures and stereotypes are welcome with no alienation on other’s and social division. How many times do we have to tell you that our laws are not based on religious belief. Come and join the free minded people and then maybe you will be chosen first for a job first.

    • Christian May

      most of them were fucking idiots though struggling to read the promter, course a foreigner would get the job over them because alot of them have a much higher level of intelligence, employers will see this video and then be like “i recognise you from that nazi youth video… fuck employing you.”

  • nick griffin’s twat eye

    hahahaha oh my fucking god… they can’t even say “not us” in unison. wow if this is the future of britain I’m off

  • Lol

    Looks like the population of Bedminster

  • Ben

    You know the BNP broadcast wasn’t actually censored, right?

  • saba

    This isn’t frightening, it’s fucking hilarious

  • The Dark Knight

    A quick question who are you referring to when using the term ‘our’? The word has a totally arbitrary meaning in this case, since is it referring to the members of the video, that’s a bit presumptuous (Lockean Proviso), or all the white community, well that’s a concept difficult to define what about ethnically white Europeans? Ok so then all whit indigenous British people, again this is a term that needs defining, when does the word indigenous kicking two generations, four, five and what if it is only one family member. The lack of clear boundaries in this propaganda scaremongering is just idiotic and down right offensive, you are just listing problems, why don’t look about what’s great about this world and country instead of just pointing the finger, that’s the easy bit, get a shovel pitch in and smile that you can share humanity, also the idea of nationhood has always been evolving, so please don’t be afraid of change.

  • DanLynch82

    I want a unicorn, a rainbow and pink fluffy sparkly things.

  • Nick

    I feel sorry for the youth of today.

  • Ellie

    who is responsible for making Britain a more prosperous country and aiding our economy? The Emigrants who take up the low paid jobs that our pathetic benefits dependant people refuse to do themselves. This is 2014 where Britain should pride themselves on being a culturally diverse and welcoming country!!!

  • Helen Lovejoy

    If anything, I just feel most sorry for those children who’ve been inculcated ad nauseam with all this bile :(

  • euansmith

    What’s Dexter Fletcher (circa Bugsey Malone) doing with this bunch of losers?

  • Kenny Everett

    They all look like fucking zombies.

  • jonny london
    • Matt Slater

      Welcome to Nazi England. Population: Twats, and those of us that want the Twats dead.

  • Matt Slater

    Well fuck… When did we become Nazi England? Better watch out if you’re not a straight White British Christian… We’re all screwed… And on that note: “Our core, Christian values”… Does this mean that, even though I AM White British (and apparently, therefore “superior”… *cough* Bullshit *cough*), I’ll be burned at the stake because I’m Wiccan, not Christian, and that I apparently want all Christian ways of life gone? Shit… I want things I didn’t know I wanted…
    OH, and some of my best friends aren’t from England… Or are gay… Or aren’t Christian… Sooooo that puts me even more in the “Enemies” section, correct?
    Well… Me and my friends better watch our backs…

  • Oh Dear

    They’ve disabled comments on the video now. If you have to restrict people’s freedom of speech in order to get your message across, you’re probably not suited to British democracy. Nick, might I suggest trying to get elected abroad?

  • Misha

    Hitler Youth … BNP Youth …

  • lol

    Bit rich this Luke Terry guy attacking the way people look ahahahahah ugly cunt

  • What?

    Attacking how the people in the video look is hardly the way to go… You’d mock them all the same for the exact same views if they were models, so why make such low and disparaging comments, just because they’re not? It undermines the criticism being made in the first place.

  • Upset gay

    Don’t say a gay man made that jumper – we have much better taste xx

  • Gary Beattie

    these are real issues…but they are been brought to attention by the wrong people in the wrong way

  • Aaron

    So little chromosomes….

  • ukobserver2009

    99% sure that at least three of these muppets have either Pizza, Pasta or Curry as their favourite foods. “Traditional Christian Values”? What, so they all want to be Catholics now? Because that was the traditional British religion until Henry 8th.
    And how far back do you go to prove they are British? The 1700’s? Wouldn’t that mean that they came over from Holland with William and Mary? 1066? Wouldn’t that make them French as they came over with William The First? Can they go back to Saxon times? That would make them Gemanic or Nordic wouldn’t it? Fuckwits, the lot of them.

    Oh, and Gay Marriage DOES NOT turn you into a raging cockmonster unless you feel that way anyway.

    • Taima

      What’s wrong with liking curry, eh? D:

  • EMEK

    What a bunch of eejits – the CREAM of England’s Youth – don’t make me laugh..This lot are the most misinformed – misguided – ‘miss the point’ – bunch of arseholes anyone could ever have the misfortune to encounter.. They do however raise some of the issues which cause consternation among certain sections of English society.. Here’s ‘one man’s opinion’ – The BNP are so mislead by people who have created a ‘monster’ and look to apportion blame on anyone else other than themselves for having done so…The issue of emigration and the influx of foreign nationals is easy to explain “Stop running around in the company of the biggest racist , homophobic nation on Earth – the nation which bully’s and bombs innocent men, women and children in the name of ‘Peace’ “…At school, when the bully arrives in the playground and starts pushing around everyone who is not supportive of his actions, those victims disperse very quickly.. What eventually happens is that the Bully is left with only a handful of supporters.. Without any ‘fresh meat’ the Bully is driven to turn on his supporters to satisfy his lust for power. What happens then is that the supporters become disillusioned at having become ‘victims’ of the Bully’s obsession for power, and begin to drift away leaving the Bully to ponder on who next to inflict pain and suffering upon.. Now look at this world of ours today.. The USA sends troops all over the planet.. It causes wars in the backyards of ‘specially’ selected smaller, weaker nations… This throws millions of helpless peoples into panic, fear for their lives, and forces them into seeking refuge elsewhere on the planet.. The English government – the lap dog of the USA – then has millions upon millions of refuge seeking individuals clambering to escape the antics of the ‘Bully’… So the moral of this story is – “STOP blaming emigrants and refugees for trying to escape a situation that YOU yourselves have created” – “Break off your friendship with the BIGGEST TERROR ORGANISATION on the planet” because it is only YOUR support for the Bully that gives the Bully the confidence to continue his SICK LITTLE GAME…Also remember this “WAR is simply TERRORISM on a much larger budget”….. Have a Nice Day…

  • Jack

    Surely this is a joke? At no point is this scary, it is just hilarious and clearly these kids are reading from some form of auto-cue.

    It is slightly sad as they have clearly picked kids who get bullied at school and took advantage of them because they are in a vulnerable state. In a similar way that cults do.

    One day they will realise there is no definitive British person, as we’re a multi-cultural society. Where do they think their ancestors came from?

  • Michael Powell

    They don’t even understand much of what they are saying: “The cultural Marxists who infest our teaching establishments” says the clueless gimp who can barely read the autocue.

    • Fuck Off

      So pathetic from you. Anyone who makes comments like that trying to say other people are stupid is so cringe. You dont know how clever that guy is. Of course they know what they are saying. You are a complete fucking arse hole.

      • Lena

        But, Fuck Off – Your reply is basically aping what Michael Powell said. Why? Because you are implying that he is stupid, unless you consider a complete arse hole as brilliant?

  • Gilonator

    Very badly written. If ya wanted to bash these racists you should have taken the higher ground and done it properly.

  • James120985

    As pathetic as this is, the journalist writing this piece has risen to the attention they want and lashed back, by ignoring this video and if publishing it, leaving your personal views to yourself, you give them not a single second of attention this crap doesn’t deserve.

  • R Harker

    A brilliantly written article! Made me chuckle

  • luke

    “she should really take that pink Crew Clothing sweater off because there’s no way that was designed by a straight guy.”

    As a gay guy, I’m offended. That sweater is hideous enough to have been designed by a straight guy.

  • Michael BNP

    Love the way this luke terry that wrote this is attacking the youth displayed in this video with irrelevant insults. I assume that is him pictured to the top right of the comments ? mate who are you to insult anybody else when you yourself look nothing short of a foot my friend. No not all of there policies are right, but which party has all got policies agreed by all ? this Islam thing is getting out of hand and fair play to them for wanting to stop it and close the boarders. If lee rigby was your son or your daughter had been raped by 14 Islamic extremist you would vote BNP wouldn’t you……

  • Taima

    Ohhh my gosh I really don’t want to judge people by their looks but……… combined with what they’re saying on top of it. These people probably were dropped as children. ):

  • Marc Williamson

    Two of the “ordinary Britons” are also spokes people for the BNP youth. odd that.

  • Lena Helena

    How strange that in all this hilarious, hardly terrifying rant, and the reliance on cultural identity and elected figures in the establishment, there was no mention of our non-elected highly influential political Head-of-State, Queen Elizabeth Battenberg. British culture they urge, while conveniently ignoring the blatant and politically expedient change of name from Saxe-Coburg etc etc to Windsor in 1917 when we were warring with Hanover/Germany!

  • WhyLord

    Didn’t even read the article .

    no need to .

    why can’t we all just get along ..

    • Taima

      Unfortunately, no matter how good one person is, it can’t undo the wrong that someone else is doing somewhere else in the world y’know? I guess that’s why.

  • Ian Bannon

    Citizens! As a rabid Imperialist, I propose the formation of an ‘Empire Party’ and the immediate opening of all our borders to the old Dominions. We must overwhelm the white-supremacists with lots and lots of Indians. Indians are wonderful people. I feel closer to them, then the morons in that video.

  • Scott McMahon

    Fruitcakes….Or loonies…?

  • TotalMassRetain

    If they are examples of the culture that the BNP wishes to defend, then it ain’t a culture worth defending!

  • TotalMassRetain

    I expect in about 10 years most of these will be grateful for yesterday’s EU Court of Justice ruling against Google as they’ll probably want to get a decent job.

  • Danny Flowerdw

    Yaaay for militant homosexuals! Look at us destroying the sanctaty of marriage….. and the success rate of lasting marriage ie. not ending in divorce in this, our beloved country is?? Ohhhh my and look at the gay militants who are willing to adopt, love and take care of unwanted, unloved and in need of life long care babies? Who had those babies in the first place and either had to or just did give them away? Thank…..god? THANK THE GAYS for not continuing to over populate the planet, generally having excess income that they choose, out of love to care for and nuture a tiny human being that with a little bit of love and education will turn out to be a well rounded, caring and open minded adult.
    I hope any of you in this video will come to realise YOU are the minority.

  • James Smith

    they look cool. I would really like to go for a pint with them

  • SJ

    I feel physically sick watching this.

  • The Chimping Dandy

    Completely with you there Luke, especially the bit about the chap in the Crew Clothing top taking his jumper off – Not seen chest muscles like that since I was in the Sudan

  • Haven’t they given up yet?

    Nice to see that about 75% of the party’s members were available on the day of filming.

  • James

    Well that’s embarrassing… And maybe not the fundamental element, but the green screening is incredibly poor… Wouldn’t get that from a conservative video.

  • becca

    oh shut up you little shits ¬_¬

  • Jon

    As a ‘militant homosexual’, I find their assumption that I intend to undermine the ‘family unit’ extremely insulting. All I’ve ever wanted is to live alone and under routine oppression, the BNP seem to offer me exactly that! Heck, I’ve heard they’re throwing in some all inclusive 1940’s-style German communal holiday homes for us militant homos too!

  • Jesus

    They want industry owned by the people and then speak out against Marxism… smooth.

  • jerry

    What a load of bollocks

  • pp

    they want public ownership of vital public industry and services?,(to own the means of production) erm i think that’s called Marxism and end capitalists wars ,more marxism poor bunch of dimwits (maybe vats all vem foreiners taking ver ejuckasion

  • Charlie

    Quite the collection of hideous retards, good job BNP…

  • ….

    I really enjoyed the passionate delivery. Very inspiring.

  • Adam Anti

    Please Fuck off you sad pathetic smug left wing sheep

  • Fred

    Why is it people who think they are racially superior are often the worst genetic example of their race?

  • Max Hatfull

    I’m ashamed of my generation

  • Sandra

    It’s actually disgusting and laughable, how and why would anyone want to vote for such a racist disgraceful organisation.

  • anon

    yeah let’s just wipe the debt…

  • pff… Amateurs

    Fools,if they knew better they would keep quiet about their racist opinions, eventually join a mainstream party or the civil service or a reputable news outlet, etc., and promote racist policies under-disguise.

  • Gareth Michael Jones

    who’s to blame is a bunch of fucking WHITE MILLIONAIRE MEN FROM ETON! Stupid fucks. Voted for by the way by….lots of other white people like the parents of the people in this video I have no doubt. Morons.

  • Mickey

    The one who talks about Homesexual Militants is called Jennifer Griffin. She’s Nick Griffins daughter, and she’s 27! I was in school with her. Hardly Youth! Short on numbers perhaps?!

  • whocares

    How about you act on your on values and get the fuck out of ireland then.

  • pete

    Funny how the comments are disabled on the youtube video…

  • Joe Coward

    You are the bnp youth and you are all fucking cunts

  • joe

    everything they say is true apart from the racism Islam has pretty much the same core values as Christianity anyway if they drop the immigration and racism shit they’d have my vote

  • DAB

    You make some extremely valid points in the article and I agree wholeheartedly but attacking people for the way they look (notated what they believe) makes you no better than them.

  • Scott Moore

    Wow… i’m a lefty cultural marxist! Watching this is why I truly believe we should bring back the death penalty for ignorant in-bred arseholes. As a lefty we should enforce sterilisation on all scumbags to prevent them from breeding! This is a liberal lefty point of view though. 😉


    I hate how they use the bulldog, they should have used “POOP”, really would have been more effective.


    Since they’re against all, they may as well be also against people with black hair (the guy up there), girls who aren’t slim (two of the girls up there), those who need glasses (2 up there) and those with affro’s or w/e you’d call that (the guy up there). I don’t think it’s fair for them to comment on anyone else when they look like proper shit themselves.

  • Not even BNP

    This is disgusting… I suspect most of the commenters on this site consider themselves liberal and supportive of free speech, yet scrolling down all you can see are extremely ugly comments,. Whatever you think about politics, they are a normal bunch who have rational opinions on what they perceive to be the problems in Britain today.

    I think they did a study or something on BNP policies on the economy, foreign aid, foreign wars, immigration etc. and the majority agreed with them when they were showed them without the BNP label.

    Starting a witch-hunt saying the reason for these views are ugliness, racism, being inbred, being cunts, or having ‘bad genes’ is the classic Totalitarian way of denouncing other ideas! Basically saying that these people hold these views because they are somehow ‘broken’ or ‘inferior’ or something….

    No of you actually know these people.. They probably come from normal families, normal backgrounds and had normal childhoods with normal aspirations like everyone and anyone else!

    If you did not know them by anything else, I suspect you could probably be friends and have a pint with them like anyone else without even knowing…. The fact that this ‘complete degenerate picture’ of someone can be created just because of what politics they subscribe to is extremely disturbing! I like to rate people when I have met them and if they are nice, decent people…

    • Jonathon Robert Cowley

      You understand that freedom of speech means being allowed to criticise other people’s speech, right? You must do; you’re doing it right now.

  • Mr Ron

    The kid in the intro is just 18 he’s been identified. Most though I suspect are much older – dressing like kids. BNP getting kinky?. In all seriousness tho a BNP Youth Club for 13 – 18 yr olds should be banned. Tantamount to child abuse.

  • Snow Gum

    Sorry – but I find it comes from the same ignorance that makes people think the BNP are great to go on about the appearance of these young people as a way of reacting against their views. Its idiotic and missing the point to insult them about their looks rather than focus on the garbage they have been given to say. The idea that people who wear glasses are stupid or that a youth with a face people in this advert have deemed unattractive needs his face hidden to save our sensibilities etc is just ridiculous. Keep to the facts and the real issues rather than sink to the BNP level and act like school kids – Shite video by BNP but also shite appraisal of speakers afterwards. If we want groups and parties like the BNP to be disempowered or at best educated to see their error we can’t act like a bunch of ignoramuses ourselves

    • Jonathon Robert Cowley

      Can we make fun of their clothes still? Because that’s a choice they’ve made.

  • Leo

    Get a clue you racist BNP TWATS

  • Truth

    I disagree with everything they said except the Zionist part.

    • Jonathon Robert Cowley

      Which is weird, because that’s the worst part about what they believe. They’re right about the private profit part; but why do they then have to drag anti-semitism into it by imagining that Zionism actually exists?

  • Christian May

    fucking idiots aren’t they! i want you to make sure it looks like that your not looking at a telly prompter. kick the idiots of britain out such as these special cases, utter fucking morons bnp supporters out out out. fuck sending other cultures out. these inbred pricks need the fucking boot. fucking nazi pricks, so funny that they speak of racism, there party is fucking retarded bnp youth hahahah british nazi party youth. they don’t understand whats gonna happen to them, they should be subjected to racism cause of their nazi ideals. i’d like to see some of their family trees. stupid cunts.

  • Christian May

    militant homosexuals hashahahaha fucking idiotic slag, i’d sooner have more gays roaming the streets than this bunch of nazis

  • VOTE GREEN 2014

    Imagine walking down an alley late at night and bumping into this pack of undateables. I’d be in limbo struggling to decide whether I should run away, call the police or stab myself in the eyes to cease my suffering.

    You just know they all smell like piss and sniff M-Cat as well. Dirty fuckers.

    • Gabriel Chase

      I will actually be voting Green on the 22nd of this month, and I think all these yout’ should come correc’ and shag people of foreign persuasion. Release all that tension.

  • Disturbing

    The pink jumper woman is Nick Griffin’s daughter, she’s in the BNP political broadcast too, wearing the same jumper! Are the rest of them his family and all?

  • meaghanedwards

    Superior race indeed. Is that William Frazer who’s the second ‘gentleman’ speaking? Also, if anyone wants a monoculture, may I suggest North Korea?

  • Horreurs Musicales
  • Dan

    Did that Austrian guy in the 30’s and 40’d have a similar Youth scheme?

  • Dan

    Pretty sure they had this in Germany about 70 years ago…

  • Bill

    Luke Terry, how about daubed ? not dawbed, Oh dear!!! Oh dear!!, is this Blair’s Education!!! Education!!!Education!!!???

  • ReallyUsefulSparksy

    Brave enough to say this on the internet. Barring comments so that no one is able to comment on the views and thoughts (dare I say thoughts) of these brain dead individuals. I would love to put them all in a multicultural area, with a megaphone and a platform to stand on, saying these views, would love to see the outcome. But of course the BNP are not that brave, I don’t know who are worse, BNP or UKIP

  • Leyla Abdulla

    Disgusting, truly degrading to human kind to see suh degreeof ignorance and hatred in YOUTH! They should know better.

  • Leyla Abdulla

    Do I need to mention that racists have smaller brains? It’s not an attempt at insult, or means of discrimination- pure science. They are dummer. And one shouldn’t take stupid people seriously.

  • Jack

    “We will protect our identities, and secure our own futures.” Well good luck getting a job guys. Anyone willing to hire any of these guys is as stupid as whoever wrote this script.

  • Nick Clegg

    Ahh i know the afro kid, he goes to my school aha 😀

  • Natasha Adelia Hill

    What the actual fuck is the matter with these people?

  • Ems

    How can ‘marxists invading our teaching establishments’ and ‘the capitalist society which serves to make us all wage slaves’ both be to blame, the latter being a quote on quote Karl Marx quote? Fucking idiots

  • John Stephen Marshall

    I want BNP Youth to be put on there own little island in isolation so they can have their ‘perfect’ Britain. Disgusting little pricks.

  • Harley Johnston

    The Tab (birmingham) is a load of bullshit! just because something is on a ‘pretty’ website with videos and pictures and shit does not make it a reputable information source where all opinions are correct…

    The media has made the BNP out to be a racist organisation which it is NOT! Go on the BNP website and look at what they are REALLY there for.
    They are the people trying to get Britain out of the hands of the bankes and corrupt government and back into the hands of us, the british people, we whos lives are here in this country.

    You may make jokes to ignorantly and mindlessly bypass the information these kids and their party are giving you FREE OF CHARGE (something that no longer exists in this country), but take a minute to think about what this country will be like in 10 years time if we keep going down the same path we are currently on now!


  • Kevin

    Omg this is scary because taking the racist points out it could be quite a sound argument for example I am 100% for wiping the debt and reforming the banking system (look up positive money). But I weep for the future (im only 23) if these people get a small amount of power.

    That being said these people only gain a say at election times to distract us and scare us to vote tory, lib dem or new labour when we should be looking to keep power away from these power hungry etonian thugs. We should be giving the people who are willing to cooperate with the world a chance to make it better not worse.

    These people also help the independence debates in scotland as we are definitely not better together with this lot on the edges of power.

  • cello

    they r just so ugly

  • Hamza Alam

    The thing they dont realize is the fact that Britain cannot successfully function without immigrants. Its also really sad how much against they’re Islam and Muslims. I mean most of british muslims are natives not immigrants. What they have basically portraited is that if you (British) are not able to find a job just blame it on the immigrants and not on your incompetence.

  • Kugelschreiber

    What a disgraceful pack of slavering bullies you all are, reviling and picking on people who are grieving over the loss of their homeland to invaders.

    Is this not what HITLER did when people tried to resist his invasions of their countries? Who is the fascist here?

    Take a look at yourselves. And would you do the same if it was, for example, the Chinese people who were distressed over foreign invaders into THEIR land?

  • bluegold

    The thing in pink gets around doesn’t she, one minute stood in front of a camera speaking for “da yoof”, next she is stood by a car in the Cartoon Video…taking British Jobs (all for herself).

  • The Infidel

    Ok, so the BNP and this video are impossibly tragic. But people who mock the BNP tend to claim to be ‘open minded’ and ‘tolerant’, then they’re laughing at these kids for their physical appearance? Maybe if people spend more time paying attention to the actual problems in the UK (like the muslim community slaughtering and raping white people in the name of a paedophilic prophet for instance) instead of bullying children, there wouldn’t be a need for ridiculous parties like the BNP.

  • Nutty girl 41

    some of the points they make are valid, its not racism, its protecting the future. I don’t know if anyone has noticed but we have an influx of immigrants putting a strain on our housing, NHS etc…. We cannot cope, it has nothing to do with race it is to do with protecting our own people and putting them first for a change. I know they put immigrants first I’ve seen it myself, so you cannot blame anyone for feeling let down by our system. We were GREAT once now we are just a big doormat.

  • Anon

    Using big words doesn’t make you morally or ethically right. Morons.

  • Isabelle Todd

    These people are retards, but the article is biased. Of course gay marriage goes against traditional family values!

  • Sam Duney

    biased article!!!! down with marxism! and gay rights!

  • Guest

    What an ugly bunch of tossers. This lot wouldn’t get through the preliminaries in a pig contest.

  • Dhemo

    I’ve listened to this video and to be honest, if most young British people I’ve seen could talk and reason like this, Britain would be the best place to live in Europe. And I can say that irrespective of whatever they said, whether it made sense or not, this video was put up here to be made fun of and not to constructively criticise its content. There was absolutely no mention of Stephen Lawrence’s mum. The sooner we come to understand that we should invest our energies into making Britain better and more prosperous instead of this senseless “bitching” of other people’s political ideologies, the better. And for your information, I’m voting Labour come May 22nd.

  • maddie

    Racism against white people? Suuuuure. White people have been subjected to slavery, killed, beaten up, arrested, denied jobs, and so much more because of the colour of their skin. That’s DEFINITELY happened. Yeah. Wake up. Reverse racism doesn’t exist.

    • The Death of Music


      • The Death of Music

        I’m liberal as fuck but you can’t deny that the Mugabe regime and other parts of Africa have been extremely racist towards white people before. That’s just basic fact, the whole world isn’t just America and Europe.

  • Tea Clark

    They sound like a new branch of Hitler Youth. They make me ashamed to be British

  • Guest

    Wheres the mini Leo Sayer going with that AFRO I bet hes got a black blood,…hahaha too bad hes in denial!!

  • anonymous

    Who’s to blame for your hairdo, white afro boy?
    Who’s to blame for your monotone reading, glasses man?
    Who’s to blame for your OBVIOUS FAILED teleprompter reading skills, guy number one???
    Leave the immigrants, and the Zionists, and the homosexuals alone, regrettably you all look like a bunch of mini nazis…

  • Tom Jones

    I think all people should study the role played by parliament in 1666, in that they took all rights away from the people of the U.K. and passed a statute whereby they took possesion of all land and property into trust for the benefit of the corporation which was established.
    They then insisted that a contract should be signed making you a slave of the corporation ( Birth Certificate ).

  • .

    nawwww, they’ve disabled youtube comments!

  • hannah

    picking up on how they look is just stupid. they’re obviously not nice people, why feel the need to bring looks into it as well?

  • NeoLiberal4lyf

    Don’t agree with the BNP atall, but it’s fascinating seeing the response to them from this side of politics. Instead of feeling pity for a group of people who feel utterly isolated from the modern world you jeer at them instead. To try and combat the ugly snake of racism you just flip it round, basically implying white people are inferior, and in the comments, to a positive reception, that British people are Inbred. It’s really peculiar, I’m glad that both the BNP, and their vehment haters are in a minority. Both groups are utterly naive, unthinking and hostile. There are a million things wrong with the BNP’s policies without having to resort to Ad Hominem attacks on their members, It only serves to make your (equally as extreme) political opinnions look weak and naive, which to be honest they are.

  • Tryst46

    And then you have reporters who write articles like this. Sadly if this is the best journalism they can come up with, the UK is truly doomed.

  • Anon

    Does anyone else think the first three look like Hitler, Himmler and Heydrich in mini format?

  • aaanooon

    to be fair, the part about the bankers is true, but they’re still racist homophobic fucks that should rethink their lives

  • BNP Recruitment

    Join the BNP if your IQ is less than 50 and you are scared of anyone not born in Shropshire

  • MC Brown Bear

    I’d happily work for the BNP…

    BNP Paribas

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