UKIP? U-CAN’T! Students abused for backing Eurosceptic party

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Students abused and threatened with University disciplinary action for having a UKIP sign outside their house.

As students we like to think that university is an arena for free speech and political debate (well maybe for a few of us at least).

But when two UoB students excercised their democratic right to place a ‘Only Conservative and UKIP leaflets only!’ sign inside their porch, they were met with abuse and threats.

The students decided to put up the sign in the run up to the European Parliament Elections taking place later this month, in order to prevent piles of unwanted political leaflets mounting up.

However this act was met with abuse and in some cases threatening behaviour.

ukip pic

Students erected the sign in response to the leafleting ‘blitz’ in the run up to the European Parliament elections on the 22nd

A Selly Oak postman even took it upon himself to brand the students ‘rich, upper class dicks’ before storming off, not waiting to hear the reply of the bewildered students.

One student with a UoB hoodie also approached the house claiming that the sign was ‘offensive’ and threatened them with university disciplinary action. Yet she refused to specify who could be offended or why they would be, not giving the students a chance to defend themselves.

Since this was posted on the Birmingham Tell Him/Her page the students have been called ‘racist’ and ‘fascist’ by other students, for simply sympathising with some of the views of a mainstream political party.

Several messages like this were left on Tell Him/Her

Several messages like this were left on Tell Him/Her

Keen to discuss their decision to create the sign, the students said:  “Just because we are open to some UKIP policies does not make us ‘closet racists’, as some have claimed.”

In response to the abuse they have received, one of the students added: “I am a Conservative personally, but I am open minded to UKIP policies and am perfectly entitled to express this viewpoint.

“I’m sure students are aware of the amount of junk mail that is posted through student letter boxes, so we were simply trying to filter the junk mail whilst expressing our views.”

However despite their request for a sensible and civilised debate, they have been subject to further abuse with little room for discussion.

UKIP sign

The sign was later stolen

The students have been subject to a series of trespassing incidents, where students have attempted to remove the sign from their door, by attempting to enter the porch.

This leaflet (shown below) was even posted through their mailbox, clearly defaced with graffiti and marked with a number of annotations including a Swastika, and obvious allusions to the Nazi party.

UKIP Farage

Not a good look…

We are not only seeing this attack on UKIP supporters in Selly but also nationally from the press and the political establishment.

This incident is but one example of a number attacks upon UKIP supporters over the last few weeks, in what appears to be a growing smear campaign against the party.

In the run up to the EP elections and the proceeding General Election in a year’s time, the  debate looks set to intensify.


  • Not a self-important cock

    Give it a rest already.

  • Klaus Bintang

    Even Flo Perry, despite her dreadful Tinder chat, must have got some with that kind of ratio?

  • Kim jong-un

    I’ve seen rallies in North Korea that are less one-sided. It wasn’t a debate but rather an hour and a half of angry, militant feminists wafting out identical opinion after identical opinion. As soon as someone said something mildly contentious he was sworn at, with people storming out. That isn’t an intelligent debate. Some DU FemSoc members need to take a long hard look at themselves. I certainly don’t want to.

    • average audience member: 2/10

      Nobody wants to look at them, they’re all rank. That’s why they joined femsoc

  • A Moderate

    I was at the debate and feel its unfair for you to characterise Tom as equating girls rating a man with rape, i think he was making a point more about sexualised talk being common to both genders more than that. Also the bloke that shouted him down should really grow up, you can’t have a discussion and work towards mutual understanding if you can’t listen

  • Feminist CU member

    I hope Tom ‘cereal’ Newman gets raped by satan

    • Jay

      Evil hypocritical bitch

  • Feminist CU audience member

    In my opinion, Tom Newman deserves to be anally raped by Satan

  • Supermilitant feminist

    I think the only reasonable course of action to take in response to Tom Newman’s brief comment is to castrate him and force him to eat his removed body parts

  • Commenter

    Feminism is poison. it’s a bit fishy when something that professes to be about ‘equality’ gets so much hate, and sucks the life out of anything it touches

  • Tony the Tiger


  • Point missed

    Belittling the attempts of Cuth’s Rugby to try and do something positive is actually quite sad. They try to turn this into something positive and you’re there with your niggly, demeaning writing style making sure their attempts are as fruitless as possible.

  • Georg Hackl

    In my luge days I was know as ‘the flying sausage’, could easily transfer the term to this article. I don’t care about feminists but I negotiate a fucking good corner on ice at 80mph.

  • Harry Hill


  • Crocs concience

    Flo Perry, we are going to eat you

  • Anonymous

    Having spoken to people who were at the debate, I think it was interesting to hear from both boys and girls that that the debate was extremely one-sided, especially after Tom was shouted down… Obviously there is a great deal of concern about rape, and it is clearly an issue which needs attention. However as far as i understand there were no statistics which backed up the connection between ‘lad culture’ and rape, and instead the debate turned into a mass vilifying of men.. Of course Cuths deserve some damnation for their previous actions, but when they are trying to be productive it seems unfair to so closely associate them with this vilifying.

  • Cynical

    Excuse me for not shedding a tear. Bet they haven’t even registered to vote.

    • Utterances

      Well done for entirely missing the point. It must have been very difficult for you to have warped your mind in such a direction.

    • Registered to Vote

      Actually, we all registered to vote.

  • Liberal4life

    The students displaying this sign have a right to free speech – they can’t criticize others for exercising their free speech to condemn their views…

    • Utterances

      Have a word with yourself.
      Trespass is a civil offense.
      Making threats is a criminal offense.

      • Dan

        Trespass is (in most cases) a civil offense.
        Threatening to report someone to the uni is not a criminal offense, nowhere do they give an example of a threat of violence.
        They mainly seem to be whining about getting abuse. That’s free speech.

        • Utterances

          How else would you interpret ‘threatening behaviour’ if not a threat against the person? Perhaps I’m making a very slight assumption. But even if I am incorrect, ‘abuse’ and ‘threatening behaviour’ would still undoubtedly be in contravention of the Public Order Act.

          • Ricky Strong

            Offences Against the Person Act 1861

            “An act which intentionally and directly causes another person to apprehend an infliction of immediate unlawful force” (Collins v Wilcock)

            Words (R v Wilson) or silence (R v Ireland) alone may be sufficient.

            • Oli Law

              Exactly Ricky Strong.

              “apprehend infliction of unlawful force” – to which R v Ireland relates to.

              This case was a threat to report to university, not a threat of unlawful force.


  • Hindsight

    The lefties are the real nasties in our midst. They are afraid of and suppress free speech by shouting down or intimidation if it, in any way, contradicts their jaundiced view of the world.

    • Tony

      Free speech? You mean like when a UKIP Councillor called the cops on someone because they TWEETED UKIP’s policies?

      • qazwsx

        No, it was because the Cllr was concerned that Abberton was pretending that he was from UKIP. If you look at the quote from the police it states that they were asked to investigated under the Representation of the People Act. At no point did they ask Abberton to delete the tweets. The title is very misleading.

  • Max

    God forbid somebody has a different political view. Frig me.

  • Rondy

    For this exact reason I didn’t put one up in our porch. The one they provided said no more leaflets from anyone and I would have liked that, unfortunately fear of what the rest of my area might take to doing to the house stopped that in its tracks.

  • John

    Vote Ukip

    • Roger Clague

      I was leafleting in Edgebaston today. Black guy said, ” not decided yet, but heard good things about UKIP”.
      So he and his mates discuss and like UKIP.

  • Druth

    Is anyone really surprised by this? After all it’s just a clumsy version of what the MSM have been doing for several months now.

    The majority of University students regard these lefty gobshites with contempt. Unfortunately what they don’t yet realise is that when these losers leave college they get rid of the hair and metal work and go on to become Labour placeman in lucrative non-productive public service/media/pr positions where they can continue to espouse their communist inspired hate.

  • Ray Veysey

    and everyday new training videos from the Eastern Ukraine on how the real hard liners do it. If you don’t see things my way then you get a beating until you do.

  • Winning UKIP Voter

    Shame, they can’t even draw a proper Nazi swastika, it’s back to front, cretinous dyslexic. Educashun, educashun, educashun.

  • Truth

    Posh cunts out for themselves. Typical UNI Tory boys.

  • Normal bloke

    Dan free speech isn’t about getting abuse. It’s about having your view without threats and abuse. Frightening how the left are adopting more and more fascist approaches to close down anyone with a different view. If you look at UKIP and Conservative poll scores and compare with those who openly talk about voting for those parties there becomes a problem. People are scared of voicing their views. Well done lefties , killing democracy .

  • nigel

    Why not just allow the other leaflets to be posted and put them in the bin without having to put your political stance all over your porch?

    • Adaadat

      Their porch, their rules. Free speech.

  • EppingBlogger

    It was always like that with the left – they wanted to monopolise debate and funding at University in my day. Exeter at the time of student riots was not riotous generally but the left certainly dominated all meetings by shouting and robust behaviour. They forced speakers to stop speaking and to leave the campus.

    Meanwhile they invited frinds to hitch-hike to Exeter from London and sleep on a floor but claim the travel and hotel subsidy from the Student Union.

    Times don’t change.

    And how poorly educated and ill-informed the students must be (if they were students) to accuse UKIP of being in any way similar to national socialists; the name of the 1930s terror party rathwer gives it away – they were socialist authoritarians. UKIP is a libertarian free market democratic party.

  • Beth

    I think some people are confusing UKIP with BNP.

  • Ben Kelly

    Students are narrow minded idiots. I went to uni as a mature student and found my younger fellows immeasurably irritating and desperate to conform totally to one ideology or the other, usually socialist or leftist liberal.

  • Dave

    As always students proving they are stupid, should be expelled for this sort of behaviour

    • Steve

      Are you referring to those who put up the sign or those who were calling them out for it?

      • Dave

        They who are anti democracy such as the ones defacing posters etc

  • Charlie

    Wouldn’t it be funny if the Tories came top in a TAB student politics poll. If at the last General Election students ranked the Tories 1st in national opinion polls. And if the UoB Conservative society was the biggest political society on campus…

    Oh wait.

  • brokepensioner

    So much for law and order in our cities and villages the length and breadth of Britain. This is obviously considered that if you do not agree with someone’s point of view, then it is quite in order to threaten them with all sorts of threats. If this was an ethnic person or persons under threat, our Police would be falling over themselves to find the guilty party; then brand them racist and whack a hefty fine or imprisonment on them.
    Civilised Country ?, you see better than this elsewhere. Ukip has an option to stand and fight for our rights. If they receive the majority votes then they are well deserved. We never went in or gave into threats from anyone, let alone idiots who think they can enforce disorder and fear .
    Let anyone try it with me, you are welcome, but I can guarantee you will not have an easy task.

  • Owen_Morgan

    I don’t think their command of grammar reflects well on Birmingham University, but I applaud their political stand. We can’t go down the American road of having “free speech areas”, in which (and only in which) students are allowed to express views that offend the left-wing orthodoxy.

    Meanwhile, I’m wondering if I can deflect some of my junk mail, by putting up a “Vote Conservative” sign.

  • Dano

    Using abusive, controlling tactics and censorship to hush people who have different political beliefs is one of the most shamefully ironic tactics the left seems to employ these days.

    All arguments are entitled to be heard in a free forum of ideas, regardless of whether you happen to agree with them. This is the whole point of democracy.

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