Beckett graduate to face off against Chelsea in FA cup final

She works at the uni when she’s not playing football

We asked these Beckett students to read mean YikYaks about themselves

‘We don’t mean to offend’

SU to give out free rape alarms and self-defence classes

They’re taking action after an attempted sexual assault in Burley

Beckett campus style: Spring vibes

Serving revision realness

Selma Kesedzic

Who are you voting for on Thursday?

Don’t lie

Why do you think it’s okay to call NOS ‘hippy crack’?

Pass the hippy crack pipe bruv

We went to Hyde Park on 4/20 and interviewed loads of stoned people

Feels good man

Jordan Crankshaw and Josh Dutton

Bumbling Leeds Beckett send out Oxford Uni prospectuses

Oxford is currently 100 places above Leeds Beckett in the University rankings

Beckett to offer modules in ‘Lad Studies’

Did someone say banter

Where should you live in Leeds?

‘Hyde Park is the one’

Leeds Rhinos players admit to Opal One assault

Both players will pay £200 in compensation and write a letter of apology

The rugby boys are off to Twickenham (again)

They’ll be playing Loughborough in the final

Leeds Rhinos Players to be questioned over Opal One assault

The victim was left with two black eyes

Headingley hero: Beloved ‘cursed’ cat loses leg in tragic car accident

They couldn’t afford to have him keep the leg

Jordan Crankshaw

Police appeal for information after assault in Opal One

The victim was trying to stop the men from breaking in

Union election poster promises to ‘promote lad culture’

He goes to Leeds Uni