Video: I saw a man shout ‘Donald Trump’s here’ at an Asian shop worker

Is this normal for Britain now?

On Sunday night, on my way home to see my mum, I saw a little flash of racism in London – a moment of pure ugliness.

It was just after 7pm at Victoria, one of the busiest stations in the country. I was joining the line at a branch of Whistlestop, just next to the ticket barrier.

A tall guy in a Union Jack snapback cap was waiting in line, raising his voice at a worker a few aisles away.

The shop worker – I found out later – is Bangladeshi. Once I started listening, it was clear he was on the end of some unpleasant abuse. “They shouldn’t have let you in,” the tall guy said to him, “Donald Trump would stop you at the border.”

Then he turned to the till and started paying for his milk. That’s when I started filming, just in time to catch him saying to the man behind the till: “Donald Trump’s here mate, yeah? Donald Trump.”

The till-worker stopped what he was doing, and looked quizzically at the guy.

We all know what he meant when he said “Donald Trump’s here,” to two Asian men in a shop, but I didn’t know how to respond, so I asked him why he said it. “Shut your mouth, or I’ll shut it for you.”

That didn’t transpire in the end. I paid for my newspaper (the Mail on Sunday – yes, I see the irony. The front page story was about Brexit), and he left the shop with his friend.

The shop worker said the argument started because the racist customer didn’t like the price of the milk, and wanted to walk out without paying. Any excuse to taunt a guy doing his job, and make him feel out of place in the country he lives in.

I don’t live in the UK anymore – I’m just visiting. Maybe this is normal these days. No one standing around us challenged the outburst of racism. The man behind the till took it in his stride. Maybe this is the kind of thing that goes unremarked in 2017 Britain. I hope not. It won’t go unremarked here.

racist guy at victoria station trump

Here is is, mid-taunt. “Donald Trump’s here mate, yeah? Donald Trump.”

If you have witnessed and recorded incident like this recently, please email [email protected]