Tom Rasmussen
Tom Rasmussen

Veterinary Medicine, Queens’. After reading the sexcapades of a certain LGBT blogger in his first term, Tom decided to pick up a pen and write about his experience of life as a normal(ish) gay man in Cambridge. After being described as a “cliché 80s beardy weirdy” by one reader, and a “literary g-e-n-i-u-s” by another, The Tab is excited to see what Tom will come up this term. When he is not writing about relationships, you can usually find Tom in Caffe Nero or QBar ranting about them - whilst avoiding anatomy learning.

Golden Girls

TOM RASMUSSEN is inspired by The Union’s Japanese festival in this week’s Eastern fashion shoot.

Colour Play

TOM RASMUSSEN injects some POP! into your outfit. Check out this week’s shoot for some key colour blocking tips.

La Primavera

JOY STARKEY and TOM RASMUSSEN focus on make-up that will put a spring in your step


TOM RASMUSSEN brings this weeks shoot into bloom, by mixing colour, florals and Americana…

Fashion’s Little Weight Problem

The unshakable obsession with the Size Zero.

Style File: Boys In The Band

The Boys are coming…

Is Fashion Racist?

TOM RASMUSSEN sees a darker side to the fashion industry, with its whitewashed aesthetic of beauty.

Elitism is So Last Season

Why style is no longer in the hands of the privileged few.


Drape yourself in fabulous textures, shapes and colours. TOM RASMUSSEN merges two of the most iconic fashion eras in this week’s shoot.

Into the Woods: English Heritage

TOM RASMUSSEN, JOY STARKEY and ELISKA HASKOVCOVA go deep into the woods for this week’s English Heritage inspired shoot.

Street Style: Winter Coats

TOM RASMUSSEN and SAM PRANCE prowl the streets of Cambridge to find the best winter coats about.

Acid Grunge

TOM RASMUSSEN, SCHAROLTA SI and ELISKA HASKOVCOVA are inspired by ’90s grunge in their latest shoot.

The Riverbar Steak And Wine Tasting

TOM RASMUSSEN and JOY STARKEY enjoy an evening of steak and wine tasting at The Riverbar.

On Location: The Cambridge Vintage Fair

TOM RASMUSSEN and JOY STARKEY went to Cambridge Affordable Vintage Fair on Saturday. Here are a selection of their favourite items.

Winter Beauty: Make A Statement!

In our first shoot of term, TOM RASMUSSEN, JOY STARKEY and THURSTAN REDDING show you how to perfect your make up to brighten up your winter wardrobe.

Tom Rasmussen

TOM RASMUSSEN is no longer a fresher. But he’s had an amazing first year.

Tom Rasmussen

In the midst of exam term, TOM RASMUSSEN finds himself in not one, but two relationships.

Tom Rasmussen

Revision has caused TOM RASMUSSEN to go insane.

Tom Rasmussen

TOM RASMUSSEN spends his week in heated debate about Lady Gaga. But, it’s not as shallow as it sounds.

Tom Rasmussen

TOM RASMUSSEN presents: his guide to escaping exam term nothingness.

Tom Rasmussen

“I column, therefore I am.” This week, TOM RASMUSSEN gets philosophical about the dating game.