Lucy Woodham
Lucy Woodham
Assistant Editor

Swiping Sunday is going to be the most desperate time of your single life

The most matches are made on dating apps this Sunday

Cinderella-ing is the latest tactic which will guarantee you a second date

It’s when you leave an item of clothing at their house

Cinderella-ing is the latest tactic which will guarantee you a second date

We’re all guilty of it

Meet Amelia Windsor: Edinburgh third year and member of the royal family

She also models for Dolce & Gabbana

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Mum and dad, I’ve failed you and I’m sorry

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When are we getting married ??

It’s freezing! But don’t worry as here’s this year’s best naked calendars which are hawt

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If you don’t date them I will

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I wish I was this fit

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Mother may I

Who’s the maddest fresher in the UK?

They’re more fun than you