Josephine Taylor
Josephine Taylor

Naked News: Again

Naked antics in CUTV’s naked news: this time with higher production values and even more nudity.

Naked News

Cambridge students present a round-up of the news in the buff.

TABTV: Spoons Stories (Aggro Count)

TabTV braves a lairy Saturday night outside Weatherspoons.

TABTV: Meet Lib Dem Leader Clegg

Nick Clegg, leader of the Lib Dems, took time out of his busy schedule to talk to The Tab about his time in Cambridge and his views on the tabloid press.

TABTV: Meet Blueprint

Cambridge’s original boy band grants Tab TV an exclusive interview

TABTV: Private Blueprint Serenade

Cambridge’s ‘original boy band’, Blueprint, give an exclusive performance for The Tab.

You’re Deaned

Ever wondered: how big a party is? Who you can go home with after Cindies? JOSEPHINE TAYLOR delves into the highlights of deans’ rules across the university to solve these problems for you.

CUTV does Jailbreak

CUTV brings their RAG jailbreak adventure to TabTV

Shameless Promotion

TabTV brings you the latest play previews.

TABTV: Rah Count

TabTV lurks outside of Hidden Rooms (and the Pitt Club, naturally) to count the ‘Rahs’ on offer. Sound good? Yar?

TABTV: Catz Opinion On The Rugby Social Scandal

Catz students talk about the rugby social fiasco at the Red Bull and the dean’s response to it.

TABTV: Sorry We Didn’t Get You A Birthday Cake

In the pub during the light show? Don’t fret – The Tab brings you its highlights.

Review: Festive TV Highlights

The Tab’s run-down of the highlights of the small screen during the festive season.