We asked girls what clothes they hate boys wearing

No one said bad jeans

As much as some men may not think it’s important, dressing well is a must. You don’t need to be 2015’s number one fashionista, but there are some don’ts when it comes to scrubbing up for Friday’s Tinder date.

Jess, 20, Photography student



Lucy, 20, English student at Sheffield



Sarah, 26, actress


“Sweater vests. They will never look OK. On Brad Pitt or Joe Bloggs, they’re awful.”

Giulia, 21, vintage retail


“I like bad shoes – so anything that’s not trainers is a no.”

Fiona and Hollie, 24, make-up artist and photographer


“Cardigans and Ugg boots. Ugg boots on anyone.”

Heidi, 20, student


“Carrot jeans.”

Alley, 21, session musician



Ashley, 21, student


“Weed socks.”

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