QUIZ: How shit is your life?

We're all complaining about exams and deadlines... but just how shit actually is your life?




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US EXCLUSIVE: We spoke to ‘Dead of Summer’ star Amber Coney ahead of today’s premiere

She’s on her ninth collaboration with James Franco this year

, Senior Reporter

UConn Mac ‘n’ Cheese kid Luke Gatti gets arrested again

It is still unknown whether mac ‘n’ cheese was a part of this incident

UK Margot Robbie admits she loves Infernos in Clapham

‘Everyone’s wasted and so sweaty’

UK I’m young, I’m not a racist, and I still voted for Brexit

By voting to leave, we’ve achieved something for society and democracy

US Going without makeup for a week was the best thing I ever did

You don’t realize how much you rely on it until it’s gone

, Head of Marketing and Assistant Editor

UK If you went to Glastonbury this weekend you walked the equivalent of four marathons

216,000 steps = 102 miles over the course of the festival