Getting lucky with Grouper: UK’s newest app sets you up for an epic night out

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Shifting your social life into higher gear, this fun new app has come to the UK. And 3 in 5 users are women!

Feeling spontaneous? Pick two of your mates and get on Grouper, a new “social club” that matches you and two of your wingmen or wingwomen with another trio of the opposite sex for a night out on the town.

After launching in New York in the summer of 2011 and expanding into 25 cities across the U.S., Grouper is now in the UK, gaining fans and swift momentum across the different neighbourhoods of London. To date, we have proudly hosted tens of thousands of nights out and hangovers worldwide.


How does it work? After signup, simply commit to a night out for the cost of a round of drinks. Grouper will send you an email with the location details, and the first drink is on us as you break the ice. In other words, no endless swiping left and right from the confines of your sofa. Who knows, you may even get lucky.


“Things got weird,” one anonymous Grouper fan told us by text recently. “We danced onstage at a piano bar to I Like Big Butts.”

“We migrated to a few other bars and by the end of the night all went to a strip club,” a Grouper user said, “It was a blast, and things got crazier when one of the strippers turned out to be a girl from my high school!”


So you’re busy, we get it. But in between lectures and all-night library sessions you also want to meet new people, spend time boozing and carpe that diem. Have no fear, Grouper is here. We can’t sit in on your lectures for you, but we can promise to help load up your social diary— with people you’ll actually hit it off with.

How can we make such a promise? When you and your mates sign up for a Grouper, we match you up with three other members of the opposite sex based on mutual interests, friends and lifestyle (thanks, Facebook!).

Our technology is pretty savvy, so chances are you’ll come back wanting us to set you up again. In fact, 96% of people who go on a Grouper social want to go on another one.


While our official UK launch is in April, we’ve had an exciting time showing London what Groupers are all about. Since opening up our platform to the UK, 3 out of 5 of our Grouper users have been women. That’s quite the achievement for a modern day social network.

Are we a dating app? Not so fast. We think of ourselves as a social club. Our priority is making sure you have an unforgettable night out. But hey, sure, love might be in the air.

Grouper founder Michael Waxman even met his current girlfriend on a Grouper night out.

“I started Grouper when I first moved to New York as a way to meet new people,” he says. “Grouper has been a great way for our members to meet new friends, expand their social circles as well as start relationships.”

So skip the pickup lines and awkward encounters at your local pub and get involved with Grouper. Simply sign up, get paired up, and see where the night takes you.

Join the Grouper Social Club today – visit

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Pictures are from our #Groupergrams and Grouper Texts – check ’em out.

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