NO LIKEY, NO LIGHTY! Six uni students looking for love on Take Me Out

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Meet the six students of the flirty 30! Who would you leave your light on for?

Scroll down to vote for your fave!

This year’s series of ITV hit show Take Me Out will see SIX glamorous students try it on with a horde of eligible bachelors, picking them off one by one.


In case you’ve been living under a rock the last few years, Take Me Out parades young gents in front of 30 ladies (the flirty thirty) who turn their lights out if they’re unimpressed. The bachelor then gets the chance to choose from the remaining lasses.

Let The Tab see the totty!

Dolly – University of Sussex

Take Me Out - Series 6

Bet she was dreading it

This hip young chick is studying Globalisation, History and Politics and hopes to work with the UN or Amnesty International. She thinks it’s fit when lads can play the guitar and sing.

Leanne – Leeds

Take Me Out - Series 6

According to ITV, Leanne once cooked a meal and kept it in the oven for half an hour before realising she hadn’t turned the oven on! She’s so kooky!

Leanne, a law student, is looking for a guy with a good sense of humour (that’s original) and she doesn’t like boats.

Nina – Aberdeen

Nina is looking for a smart bloke. Reality TV seemed like the perfect place to look

Nina is looking for a smart bloke. Reality TV seemed like the perfect place to look

This half Persian beauty is studying Psychology but has a fear of velvet. She thinks beatboxing is impressive.

Kayleigh – Sheffield Hallam

She used to go out with an MMA fighter, so be careful boys

She used to go out with an MMA fighter, so be careful boys

This two-time Miss Sheffield winner is studying Accounts. She states that her ideal man would be a bit of a “barbarian” so it’s a good job she’s at Sheffield Hallam.

Sadie – Kingston

Sadie is studying Dance. Yep, that's actually a degree

Sadie is studying Dance (yep, that’s actually a degree)

This fun loving Kingston student has one foot bigger than the other. It’s a whole shoe size bigger, but her feet aren’t what we’re looking at.

Gemma – Leeds Met

Gemma says she's a part-time face painter. Don't think putting your make up on counts as a job love

Gemma says she’s a part-time face painter

Gemma is an Irish gal who says she’s always “up for the craic” which is probably what the lad on TMO will be saying after the date.

So, readers of The Tab… Who would you choose?

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