These are the best of this year’s naked calendars

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'Tis the season for naked calendars, we trawled through all of them so you don't have to.

Every year more and more students are getting their kit off in the name of charity. Fortunately the Tab is on hand with our cheeky guide to the very breast of student nudity.


Cardiff University’s Athletics Union stripped off to raise money for the mental health charity Mind, you can get yourself a copy from their SU.

blokes with weights more netball girls

changing room blokes dancing girls more gym blokes naked girls looking over shoulders netball girls runners of some sort smiling girls weird blokes


The University of Birmingham students were happy to get their kit off for RAG.


Their calendar is in aid of Dementia UK, Meningitis Research Foundation, The Children’s Society, Nightline, Prostate Cancer UK and React.

You can get your copy here.


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Exeter’s AU donned their birthday suits in aid of Sport Relief. You can grab your calendar from the Guild’s shop or from Club Captains.


boys girls



Kingston University’s rugby team came dangerously close to getting their tackles out in their risque shoot in aid of Cancer Research.


rugby rugby2


The lovely ladies of Nottingham University are in fine form this year.

First up are the Knights, the Notts Uni cheerleaders, who are raising money for local children’s charity Forget-Me-Notts.

You can use their facebook page to get in touch and pick up a copy.

pompoms valentine

1420142_10153506460120570_1074773467_n-530x352 1476766_10153506458815570_1716144929_n-530x353 1479644_10153506459400570_890152627_n-530x352

The fine fillies of the Notts polo team have been horsing around in their ninth annual naked calendar in aid of Help for Heroes.

You can buy your copy here.

polo-3-530x797 polo-4-530x797

polo-1-530x352 polo-2-530x797


Warwick’s lady rowers are looking boatalicious in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

You can pick up a copy of the girls’ effort here.

boathouse pontoon


Not to be outdone, Warwick Boat Club’s men have also gone row naturelle in aid of Sport Allies, a charity aimed at fighting homophobia and bullying in sport.

You can buy the calendar, greeting cards and individual shots of the hunks here.

man 1 man 2

13-530x353 15-530x298 18-530x302


Oxford Uni’s rugby teams have gone toe to toe in a battle of the sexes.

It’s a great try from the men who are looking scrum-ptious in aid of Against Breast Cancer UK, you can buy their effort here.

men 1 men 2

1377284_395641630569663_527562261_n 1452329_395641560569670_1836680368_n 1456747_395641463903013_1967491493_n 1459133_395641553903004_445612838_n 1464594_395641380569688_313289215_n 1466260_395641580569668_40802921_n 1467317_395641620569664_26321030_n

The women’s rugby team have pitched in too, they’re nudity is in aid of mental health charity Mind Your Head.

You can bag a copy here.

women 1 women 2

article-0-19C76CED00000578-940_634x455 article-0-19C76D0500000578-597_634x508 article-2516966-19C9A5C200000578-823_634x488


Cambridge Uni students have disrobed in aid of Cancer Research UK, Emmaus Cambridge, Arthur Rank Hospice and the Philippinnes Relief Fund.

You can get the latest details from their facebook page.

cambridge blokes


Notts’ aren’t the only cheerleaders on display.

Cheer rivals the Liverpool Foxes have also ditched their usual matchday outfits to wangle some wonga for breast cancer charity CoppaFeel.

Check out their facebook page for the latest details.

lift flag



Plenty of balls on display from Sheffield’s sporting heroes (sorry ladies, only American Footballs).

Their calendar is on sale from the Union Shop.


They’ve bared (almost) all to raise money for the Burton Street Foundation.


cycling-2013-1-530x353 cycling-outtakes1-530x353 Naked-calendar-out-takes-530x353 rugby-530x353 rugby-naked-photo-out-take--530x353 SabrecatsPOM-530x347

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    Someone should let most the girls teams know that it’s not a naked calendar if you were clothes

  • Gam Suthrie

    Yes, this’ll do nicely.

  • Big4

    Haters gonna hate, don’t hate the game or any other similar phrase. Just because you don’t want to do it doesn’t mean you’re right. Why did you bother writing this article. Unless you get given money or live at home how else are you going to pay for the stuff you’ve wanted to do since you were little.


    LOVE THIS SO MUCH, so true but the story kinda makes me want to cry

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    I think you’re bitter. Had some rejections?

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