Tab Research Reveals Uni Animal Testing Figures

Tab research reveals that over 1 million animals are killed by British universities every year

• Edinburgh University killed more animals than anywhere else in the country
• Over 1.3 million animals were killed by unis across the country last year
• Science’s victims include cats, dogs, rabbits and over 950,000 mice

Freedom of Information requests submitted by The Tab to every university in the UK have shed light on the murky world of vivisection.

On a national scale Edinburgh top the table killing a whopping 226,341 animals every year predominantly using mice, fish and rats for their research.

Oxford University’s 202,203 casualties included 29 monkeys18 pigs and 43 badgers as well as 192,793 mice but at least they beat Cambridge who massacred almost 60,000 fewer animals.

At Oxford that represents a massive five mice killed for every one student studying at the university.

Newcastle Uni euthanised macaques (left) and marmosets (right)

Newcastle Uni euthanised macaques (left) and marmosets (right)

Alongside Oxbridge it was also Newcastle University and KCL who were guilty of killing monkeys.

Newcastle saw off 14 macaques and 6 marmosets whilst KCL euthanised 39 marmosets.

Cambridge killed 36 “primates” but did not specify the species.

Studies have shown that pigs are smarter than a typical three-year-old child yet 403 were killed at British universities in the last year.

Britain’s Most Bloodthirsty Unis

most bloodthirsty unis

Alongside Edinburgh and Oxbridge it’s KCL, Imperial and Stirling that complete the ‘Big Six’ of animal testing unis as the only institutions in the country euthanising more than 100,000 animals annually.

While they’re busy with that, spare a thought for scientists at the University of Derby. Whilst their day jobs don’t involve killing anything they do have 1,000 crickets indulging in a daily lab-based shag fest with the noble aim of better understanding their mating habits.

Britain’s Most Vulnerable Animals

dead animals

Mice were by far the most popular target representing over 75% of the animals being used in deadly research.

Fish came second due to the widespread laboratory use of the Zebrafish which is frequently used as a model organism in studies focused on human gene functions.

Britain’s Most Vulnerable Pets

dead pets

This will make uncomfortable reading for most animal lovers.

Cardiff killed two cats last year as part of their research. This is revealed just a year after the university was criticised for sewing kittens’ eyes shut.

Luckily for him Charlie (right) lives at Tab HQ and not at the RVC

Luckily for him Charlie (left) lives at Tab HQ and not at the RVC

Don’t worry though cat people, the dogs have been copping their fair share as well. The Royal Veterinary College killed 10 dogs and cute bunny rabbits bit the dust in 11 universities around the country.

Michelle Thew, CEO of The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV), told The Tab: “The details of some [university] research will not only surprise but disgust.

“Tests have involved forcing rodents to inhale diesel fumes to investigate their harmful effects and deliberately inflicting high levels of stress on baby animals to see if having a stressful childhood causes mental health issues in adulthood.

“Many members of the public are under the illusion that all animal experimentation is vital for human health benefits, whereas this couldn’t be further from the truth.”

A spokesperson for PETA told The Tab: “These universities urgently need to rethink their policies regarding animal use and align themselves with public opinion, social progress and 21st-century scientific pursuits if they are to stay ahead of the curve.

“Studying any species other than humans while investigating human diseases is studying the wrong species – more than 90 per cent of drugs that pass animal tests fail in human trials.

“All the wishful thinking in the world won’t make studies on a mouse or dog relevant to humans.”

You can see the full results of our investigation by downloading the raw data here.

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  • Panomar

    I think all these comments give an indication about what normal people think Snehal. You’re not right because you wrote and article for the Tab and we’re not wrong because we didn’t. I am liberal. This is disgusting. Feel bad that the whole world has found out though.

  • Surprised Reader

    Best written article I’ve ever read on the tab. Well done Tab – you’ve won me back.

  • tom

    “But wouldn’t have you done the same?”

    I can’t speak for the majority of women, but i’d be willing to place a large wager that the vast majority would not do the same.

    If you would happily suck off 24 strangers for a £500 holiday then so be it, but don’t tarnish the majority with your grim brush.

  • Yuck Fou

    This is absolute horse shit.

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    Honestly people need to get down off their high horse. If you are participating in any form of sexual activity you have no right to deem this ‘wrong’, ‘unacceptable’ or ‘disgusting’. To those that seem to feel they are in the position to throw these terms around, allow me to ask you, who exactly do you think you are? What gave you the right to hold the rest of the world up to your own moral compass and set the standard by which everyone else should conduct themselves?
    “Oh it’s okay because I only have sex with my partner but anything other than that is wrong” “I have one night stands but that’s okay because it’s only with one person but anything other than that is disgusting”- no, sorry. You’re own morals do not make the benchmark by which the rest of the world has to live, that may come as a shock to some of you as self righteousness seems to be oozing out of you but you are not the almighty decision maker on what makes someone a “whore”. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  • Dr. Nick

    What an interesting article. This has highlighted the moral flaws of so called “slut-shaming” and put a very thought provoking angle one a very one-sided argument.

    I am, of course, joking. Trust some self-righteous undergraduate sociology student to write a piece on the tab telling us how we should think. Shock it is against the vast majority of popular opinion.

    • Anon

      Popular opinion does of course always equal what’s right. Heaven forbid someone oppose popular opinon..not like we’re all being told to think that or anything.

      • Dr. Nick

        I was waiting for someone to bang that incredibly predictable drum.

        Well done for entirely missing the point, as I am suggesting the author has written this opinion piece to generate a pathetic amount of controvesy merely for her own ‘journalism career’ (ha), unless Ms. Shah would genuinely suck 24 people off for a £500 holiday.

        I don’t feel the need to debate morals over the Internet for such a trivial non-issue.

        Furthermore popular opinion is reached as most people are rational thinkers. If your conclusions are so easily shaped by the media or other influences so be it but don’t apply that to the majority of people who are able to think for themselves.

  • I.L.L. Ogical

    “It’s not fair to show people a video they were never supposed to see. Photography and video sharing should be done responsibly.”

    … embeds the video for everyone to watch on the article. Great job Tab you pathetic waste of internet.

  • :)

    I had heard about this but I did not know that she was offered a ‘holiday’ so I did learn something.That is very naive but better than the story I was told that she was offered a single drink.
    I agree that what a person does sexually is completely up to them and I also disagree with the comparison to prostitution as in Magaluf prostitution is not legal although you could say she was providing a sexual ‘service’ to men for money which leaves a grey area.
    What I don’t agree with is the assertion that somehow people are not entitled to film her actions.
    She isn’t living in the 19th century, she should be fully aware that she may get filmed doing something that outlandish as a bet. and she should know how this may affect her future prospects. It is an unfortunate fact that we are judged by our lowest most decadent escapades Hopefully when she is trying to get on with her life later the rest of the world would have gotten over that pettiness, but I doubt it.

  • Johnny Fairplay

    “But if really were a holiday up for grabs, I’m pretty sure a lot more people would’ve done it.”

    eh……trying to tell us something?

  • The slut-shaming is obviously out of order but let’s not dress it up as expressing sexual freedom. I haven’t watched the video but from the descriptions I’ve heard it sounds like club reps and the men involved basically abusing someone too drunk to consent and getting them even more drunk….

    • CAB

      your right women are always victims and its always the mens fault. Drunk girl has sex with drunk guy…. guy is a rapist, female is a rape victim… Oh the hypocrisy of feminist and women that have been indoctrinated by feminism. If a guy crashes a car while he is drunk he is responsible for his actions if a girl does something she regrets while she drinks it is the men’s fault. lol
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      Equal rights shouldn’t be given unless you have equal responsibilities.
      If you don’t have to defend the country or be subject to military draft like men, you shouldn’t get to vote on any foreign policies…

      We live in a matriarchy where women use weak men as proxies to do their dirty work.

  • dusty mcboogerballs

    ‘What’s more, almost all the criticism is directed at the girl – barely a thing is said about the 24 guys who put their dicks in a stranger’s mouth’

    Those guys weren’t trying to win a holiday, all they saw was a girl giving out free blowjobs. Do you really think a guy would turn down a free blowjob?

  • Anonymoni

    I have never commented on any of these things my entire life but “wouldn’t you have done the same?” You are obviously also a slut who lacks morals. Don’t you dare insult the majority of us with morals and imply we would act in this manner. It is despicable behaviour. Drunk or not.

  • Jennifer Davy

    This is a disgusting article. How can you encourage this and say this behaviour is okay?! You clearly have no respect for women.

    • CAB

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      • The Captain

        Or maybe the 30yo ladies would have more luck in finding husbands if there where more suitible ones. But that’s a far too radical thought, isn’t it?

    • The Captain

      How can you encourage this witch-hunt and say slut shaming is okay? You clearly have no respect for human beings.

  • becca

    sooooo the guy that fucks 24 chicks and gets a slap on the back and a stud label is ok???????

    • CAB

      A guy isn’t trading his sexuality for a lifetime of slavery from a man. Women slut shame because they want to reduce to supply of sex to drive up the price they can charge for it.

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