Tab Research Reveals Uni Animal Testing Figures

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Tab research reveals that over 1 million animals are killed by British universities every year

• Edinburgh University killed more animals than anywhere else in the country
• Over 1.3 million animals were killed by unis across the country last year
• Science’s victims include cats, dogs, rabbits and over 950,000 mice

Freedom of Information requests submitted by The Tab to every university in the UK have shed light on the murky world of vivisection.

On a national scale Edinburgh top the table killing a whopping 226,341 animals every year predominantly using mice, fish and rats for their research.

Oxford University’s 202,203 casualties included 29 monkeys18 pigs and 43 badgers as well as 192,793 mice but at least they beat Cambridge who massacred almost 60,000 fewer animals.

At Oxford that represents a massive five mice killed for every one student studying at the university.

Newcastle Uni euthanised macaques (left) and marmosets (right)

Newcastle Uni euthanised macaques (left) and marmosets (right)

Alongside Oxbridge it was also Newcastle University and KCL who were guilty of killing monkeys.

Newcastle saw off 14 macaques and 6 marmosets whilst KCL euthanised 39 marmosets.

Cambridge killed 36 “primates” but did not specify the species.

Studies have shown that pigs are smarter than a typical three-year-old child yet 403 were killed at British universities in the last year.

Britain’s Most Bloodthirsty Unis

most bloodthirsty unis

Alongside Edinburgh and Oxbridge it’s KCL, Imperial and Stirling that complete the ‘Big Six’ of animal testing unis as the only institutions in the country euthanising more than 100,000 animals annually.

While they’re busy with that, spare a thought for scientists at the University of Derby. Whilst their day jobs don’t involve killing anything they do have 1,000 crickets indulging in a daily lab-based shag fest with the noble aim of better understanding their mating habits.

Britain’s Most Vulnerable Animals

dead animals

Mice were by far the most popular target representing over 75% of the animals being used in deadly research.

Fish came second due to the widespread laboratory use of the Zebrafish which is frequently used as a model organism in studies focused on human gene functions.

Britain’s Most Vulnerable Pets

dead pets

This will make uncomfortable reading for most animal lovers.

Cardiff killed two cats last year as part of their research. This is revealed just a year after the university was criticised for sewing kittens’ eyes shut.

Luckily for him Charlie (right) lives at Tab HQ and not at the RVC

Luckily for him Charlie (left) lives at Tab HQ and not at the RVC

Don’t worry though cat people, the dogs have been copping their fair share as well. The Royal Veterinary College killed 10 dogs and cute bunny rabbits bit the dust in 11 universities around the country.

Michelle Thew, CEO of The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV), told The Tab: “The details of some [university] research will not only surprise but disgust.

“Tests have involved forcing rodents to inhale diesel fumes to investigate their harmful effects and deliberately inflicting high levels of stress on baby animals to see if having a stressful childhood causes mental health issues in adulthood.

“Many members of the public are under the illusion that all animal experimentation is vital for human health benefits, whereas this couldn’t be further from the truth.”

A spokesperson for PETA told The Tab: “These universities urgently need to rethink their policies regarding animal use and align themselves with public opinion, social progress and 21st-century scientific pursuits if they are to stay ahead of the curve.

“Studying any species other than humans while investigating human diseases is studying the wrong species – more than 90 per cent of drugs that pass animal tests fail in human trials.

“All the wishful thinking in the world won’t make studies on a mouse or dog relevant to humans.”

You can see the full results of our investigation by downloading the raw data here.

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  • Panomar

    I think all these comments give an indication about what normal people think Snehal. You’re not right because you wrote and article for the Tab and we’re not wrong because we didn’t. I am liberal. This is disgusting. Feel bad that the whole world has found out though.

  • Surprised Reader

    Best written article I’ve ever read on the tab. Well done Tab – you’ve won me back.

  • tom

    “But wouldn’t have you done the same?”

    I can’t speak for the majority of women, but i’d be willing to place a large wager that the vast majority would not do the same.

    If you would happily suck off 24 strangers for a £500 holiday then so be it, but don’t tarnish the majority with your grim brush.

  • Yuck Fou

    This is absolute horse shit.

  • Anon

    Honestly people need to get down off their high horse. If you are participating in any form of sexual activity you have no right to deem this ‘wrong’, ‘unacceptable’ or ‘disgusting’. To those that seem to feel they are in the position to throw these terms around, allow me to ask you, who exactly do you think you are? What gave you the right to hold the rest of the world up to your own moral compass and set the standard by which everyone else should conduct themselves?
    “Oh it’s okay because I only have sex with my partner but anything other than that is wrong” “I have one night stands but that’s okay because it’s only with one person but anything other than that is disgusting”- no, sorry. You’re own morals do not make the benchmark by which the rest of the world has to live, that may come as a shock to some of you as self righteousness seems to be oozing out of you but you are not the almighty decision maker on what makes someone a “whore”. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  • Dr. Nick

    What an interesting article. This has highlighted the moral flaws of so called “slut-shaming” and put a very thought provoking angle one a very one-sided argument.

    I am, of course, joking. Trust some self-righteous undergraduate sociology student to write a piece on the tab telling us how we should think. Shock it is against the vast majority of popular opinion.

    • Anon

      Popular opinion does of course always equal what’s right. Heaven forbid someone oppose popular opinon..not like we’re all being told to think that or anything.

      • Dr. Nick

        I was waiting for someone to bang that incredibly predictable drum.

        Well done for entirely missing the point, as I am suggesting the author has written this opinion piece to generate a pathetic amount of controvesy merely for her own ‘journalism career’ (ha), unless Ms. Shah would genuinely suck 24 people off for a £500 holiday.

        I don’t feel the need to debate morals over the Internet for such a trivial non-issue.

        Furthermore popular opinion is reached as most people are rational thinkers. If your conclusions are so easily shaped by the media or other influences so be it but don’t apply that to the majority of people who are able to think for themselves.

  • I.L.L. Ogical

    “It’s not fair to show people a video they were never supposed to see. Photography and video sharing should be done responsibly.”

    … embeds the video for everyone to watch on the article. Great job Tab you pathetic waste of internet.

  • :)

    I had heard about this but I did not know that she was offered a ‘holiday’ so I did learn something.That is very naive but better than the story I was told that she was offered a single drink.
    I agree that what a person does sexually is completely up to them and I also disagree with the comparison to prostitution as in Magaluf prostitution is not legal although you could say she was providing a sexual ‘service’ to men for money which leaves a grey area.
    What I don’t agree with is the assertion that somehow people are not entitled to film her actions.
    She isn’t living in the 19th century, she should be fully aware that she may get filmed doing something that outlandish as a bet. and she should know how this may affect her future prospects. It is an unfortunate fact that we are judged by our lowest most decadent escapades Hopefully when she is trying to get on with her life later the rest of the world would have gotten over that pettiness, but I doubt it.

  • Johnny Fairplay

    “But if really were a holiday up for grabs, I’m pretty sure a lot more people would’ve done it.”

    eh……trying to tell us something?

  • Jasmineacs

    The slut-shaming is obviously out of order but let’s not dress it up as expressing sexual freedom. I haven’t watched the video but from the descriptions I’ve heard it sounds like club reps and the men involved basically abusing someone too drunk to consent and getting them even more drunk….

    • CAB

      your right women are always victims and its always the mens fault. Drunk girl has sex with drunk guy…. guy is a rapist, female is a rape victim… Oh the hypocrisy of feminist and women that have been indoctrinated by feminism. If a guy crashes a car while he is drunk he is responsible for his actions if a girl does something she regrets while she drinks it is the men’s fault. lol
      If a girl cheats, everyone assumes the guy spent too long at work or wast fulfilling her needs… If a guy cheats, its because he is a pig not because his wife is a land whale.
      Equal rights shouldn’t be given unless you have equal responsibilities.
      If you don’t have to defend the country or be subject to military draft like men, you shouldn’t get to vote on any foreign policies…

      We live in a matriarchy where women use weak men as proxies to do their dirty work.

  • dusty mcboogerballs

    ‘What’s more, almost all the criticism is directed at the girl – barely a thing is said about the 24 guys who put their dicks in a stranger’s mouth’

    Those guys weren’t trying to win a holiday, all they saw was a girl giving out free blowjobs. Do you really think a guy would turn down a free blowjob?

  • Anonymoni

    I have never commented on any of these things my entire life but “wouldn’t you have done the same?” You are obviously also a slut who lacks morals. Don’t you dare insult the majority of us with morals and imply we would act in this manner. It is despicable behaviour. Drunk or not.

  • Jennifer Davy

    This is a disgusting article. How can you encourage this and say this behaviour is okay?! You clearly have no respect for women.

    • CAB

      better shut women like this up if you don’t want men to wake up to the true nature of female sexuality where they have sex with physically attractive men and bad boys in their youth for free and then expect “dependable daves” to marry them right as their looks are falling off the cliff so they can be cared for from 35-85 when they are invisible to men. Men are rapidly waking up to female nature and its articles like this and Sheryl Sandbergs “you date the hot bad boys in your youth but you marry the dependable guys” that is making it really easy for men to see. We don’t want to be price discriminated against. The saying is if you don’t get her prime, you don’t owe her a dime rings very true. This is why guys are checking out of the labor force and 30 year old women can’t find husbands. Feminism removed all obligations on women while assuming men would continue to be responsible and “do the right thing”. No thanks, there is nothing in it for us. Rather then being dependable workers that would slave away 50 hours a week for the rest of our life so a gal could have the white picket fence, we will work just hard enough to buy the latest video game system or Orvis fishing rod and go after the easy sex from younger gals. I would have played fair if I was treated fairly but I ain’t no sucker.

      • The Captain

        Or maybe the 30yo ladies would have more luck in finding husbands if there where more suitible ones. But that’s a far too radical thought, isn’t it?

    • The Captain

      How can you encourage this witch-hunt and say slut shaming is okay? You clearly have no respect for human beings.

  • becca

    sooooo the guy that fucks 24 chicks and gets a slap on the back and a stud label is ok???????

    • CAB

      A guy isn’t trading his sexuality for a lifetime of slavery from a man. Women slut shame because they want to reduce to supply of sex to drive up the price they can charge for it.

  • You SUCK


  • Prashant azazel

    # attitudes

  • Oxy Moron

    “a real sociologist” – good one!

  • :)

    I don’t really see what’s wrong with a person doing what they want to do. Giving a misleading offer is immoral, but you need to be naive to expect an actual holiday out of that.

    More importantly what is wrong with a girl sucking 24 dicks if that’s what she wants to do and there are 24 men happy to let her suck their dick?

  • honestjohnson

    Social etiquette dictates that sucking 24 guys off in a public place is considered unusual behaviour, it is neither right nor wrong because it is her choice as an individual, but it is simply not the norm (notice people do not do this in bars up and down the country). If something is not the norm it is subject to scrutiny, and people have as much right as she did to suck those penises to vocalise an abhorrence to the act if it doesn’t match their values. Words like ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ are projections of this clash of values. Under freedom of speech they are entitled to say what they think, so i believe the phrase ‘tough titties’ is in order.

  • Mort93

    ^ This is the only decent comment here… I agree with the article that the video should not have been filmed without consent.

  • Mort93

    Exactly… Although it is a bit daft. They best get there sens to the sexual health clinic after.

  • Barnabloo

    Shows how much you know.

  • CAB

    lol good luck getting married. Men have woken up to the hypocrisy of feminism and female nature. We don’t want marriage anymore because nobody wants to pay full price for the leftovers of another mans meal. Marriage was to ensure all men got a female youth and all women were taken care of in old age by those same men. Im an atheist but even I see that traditional cultures did this to harness male productivity and female sexuality. It was a two way street. It ensured men worked hard and were over producers so women could consume their production and ensured women were cared for after they became unattractive with age so men didn’t just throw them out for younger women. This is why male productivity is plummeting and young men are checking out of the labor force and older women can’t find men to take care of them. If a guy doesn’t get a girls prime, he doesn’t owe her a dime. Women started the movement and men will finish it, it just took a delayed response. If I can’t tell her to “make me a sandwich” she can’t tell me to “get a job to help pay the bills” or “get down on one knee and marry me”. If you don’t have anything to give me that you didn’t give to 24 other men when you were hotter for free, what makes you think average guys will slave away at a career to get the same. Guys are well aware that they are being scammed. You ladies are about to pay the price for the last generation of women treating men like shit for the last 50 years. Guys are waking up very quickly to changing incentives now that the internet has outed women’s alpha fucks, beta bucks mating strategy where in their youth they go after jocks and then expect “dependable dave” to marry them right as their looks fall of the cliff and take care of them for the rest of their life as a husband or alimony slave. NO THANKS, We are gonna play x-box and travel. Ta Ta

  • CAB

    stop blaming men for women’s mistakes. If a guy drinks and drive he is held responsible for his choices and if women want to demand equality when it benefits them they damn well better be equally held responsible for their choices when they drink.

  • Guest

    In general people are pairing-off later in life due to a myriad of reasons, such as independence for women, more opportunity for advanced education and because it is socially acceptable to have sex/relationships without being married, and you do not need to be married at a certain age for people to not look at you weird. I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic because it also affects me, as a highly educated, smart and independent woman. I have a hard time to find an (at least) equally high educated man that takes care of himself who’d be suitable partner-material. And what you are claiming women to do (sleep around before marriage and expecting a good guy to take ‘sloppy seconds’ when they’re old and wrinkly) is exactly what men do. How many men aren’t sleeping around without being married and are putting-off getting in a committed relationship to well into their thirties or even later (way after their physical as well as sexual prime yet often in their professional/career prime)? Yet I make no problem of being with an older man (I am willing to date men that are 15 years my senior, no problem) who’s been around the block a few times (I can even accept a guy who’s already got children from a previous relationship as long as he doesn’t have the main care role). From your opinion here I feel you have a double standard when it comes to sex before marriage etc. So if you as a man want a virgin, please also keep your virginity until you get married?

    I am really interested to hear your comments and can explain a bit from my own point of view: I am in my late twenties, highly educated, speak several languages and now live in my third country (and plan to move on to a fourth after I finish my project here). I am tall, average body type and not too bad looking, artistic, wide interests in culture, music, art. I am very keen to meet a highly educated man that is in decent shape, smart, nice, caring, ambitious and who would like to build a life together. I don’t need anyone to take care of me as I am highly educated myself and am a hard worker and am thus not looking for someone to support me, but for an equal partner to enjoy life together. Yet after having been here for two years, spending time to meet men/date, I haven’t found any… Care to explain? What do you have to offer? I see so many guys that have really high demands when it comes to the woman they like to date, yet are themselves obese/out of shape, rude, uneducated, dependent on others, not ambitious or are otherwise less-desirable? Why would I ‘settle’ for a man who is, in my view, below par, when I am highly educated, funny and ambitious? This is how a lot of women that are in my position feel, and we can feel like this because in our society in our age, we, as women, can support ourselves, are outperforming men in education, and can have a happy and fulfilling life as a single woman, even raising babies on our own (which I would not prefer but that is for everyone to decide for themselves). This freedom allows ‘us’ to be picky and demanding, because ‘we don’t need you guys’ to feed us or give us a roof over our heads, we are more than capable of doing this ourselves. So for these women, a man should be an addition to their life, sharing some of their values and ambitions and be an equal. And it seems that not too many men are suitable enough, so we’d rather be single.

    So for all the men complaining they can’t find a great woman: What do you bring to the table/what makes you so special?

    Thanks for reading and I hope reading a woman’s perspective on this issue will give you some new insight.

  • Guest

    I agree. If anyone drinks so much they can’t remember what they’re doing, they shouldn’t drink this much, or, if they do so, not complain about what they did while drunk once they are sober again.

    I never got the whole getting-drunk-out-of-your-mind thing. And if people do enjoy getting so shit-faced, I don’t see why they’d do it in unfamiliar territory with strangers, instead of at home with friends who can make sure nothing bad is going to happen.

  • CAB

    Men and women are very different so they are judged differently. I feel sorry that women have been mislead about this by teachers and society but the truth is men do not care how high status a career a female has or where she stands on the social ladder. This means nothing to a man and is not attractive at all. I understand that women care about these things but men do not and this leaves a lot of women that spent their youth in education and career building stages stunned when they realize that its hard to find an equal status guy that will get married because equal and higher status men can pick and choose younger women and women that spent their youth building a career have already lost their most attractive years and physical attraction and cheerfulness/living within means is the only thing a man cares about in a long term partner. I agree with you that men do like to sample women but only a segment of men are able to do this so many men go without. Keep in mind as a career girl who is probably at least 25 or 30 you are competing with younger gals who put out easily to high status men and a girl with a Harvard med school grad at 30 will loose out EVERY time to a 20 yo working at mcdonalds all else being equal. Please remember, I am not some traditionalist fundamental christian that thinks women should be locked up, I am an atheist that sees that we mistook what was good for one person as something that would work when everyone does it. Men have been dropping out and pursing easy sex with young girls because independent women in their 20s now pursue “hot” men rather then reliable good providers so guys like me starting lifting weights rather then working on careers. I graduated #1 in my major (genetics) of over 1000 students in my college… rather then work on a career, I realized very quickly was to work out instead so I now I live off girls and don’t work. No reason to work on a career if as a guy your gonna be stuck with someone else’s leftovers. Men are extremely repulsed with longterm partners that have more then a few sexual partners. More and more women are going to have a harder and harder time finding men to take care of them into old age. What do you think will happen once male birth control gets out which is coming soon, ladies will no longer be able to accidentally get pregnant to trap a guy thats gonna leave. The main reason most men worked so hard in the past was they were rewarded with a females youth and in turn were required to be over producers and work hard enough to take care of a family. Now hot guys get the chicks rather then hard workers so hot guys don’t need to work hard and guys at the real top can get all the leftovers and don’t need to settle for one and many guys just check out because they see no reason in working hard only to get what other guys got for free because they where “hotter”. Guys don’t like to be price discriminated against and charged a diamond ring for the same thing other men got for free. Don’t shoot the messenger, I am just telling it like it is. Good luck finding a partner of equal or higher status, some may succeed but the vast majority will not. Men are responding to changing incentives, it took a few years but we are responding to the vastly altered sexual market place since “female empowerment”.

  • CAB

    What makes me special?
    multimillion dollar inheritance coming my way (pops was a very successful businessman)
    tall, decent looking, 140IQ,
    and now thanks to my changed priorities 6-pack abs!!!

    The biggest mistake I ever made was listening to my parents to work hard and be a provider like my pops. Its so much easier to work-out and pick up young gals hanging out at the beach then work your ass off on a career only to get a used up 25 or 30 year old that 10-20 other guys got to experience before you for free but you gotta risk half your shit if she decides to cheat. Also, fact is I don’t want to screw with someone on a perminent basis if there gonna have 10-20 former fuck buddies hitting them up on Facebook too. NO FREAKING WAY. My friend told me the saying which is totally true… If you don’t get her physical prime, you don’t owe her a dime. Womens physical prime is their teens and EARLY 20s. By 28 gals (especially white women and I am white) have their best years behind them.

  • Guest_

    Sad to hear your experience is that men just seem to care about youth (which fades away within a few years as you yourself state). But if sex/youth is all a man cares about, then that’s not a man I want to date. I (and with me a lot of women) are looking for a man who is also looking for an equal/partner in crime who has more assets than just tight skin and bit tits. Who takes responsibility for her own life and will be an equal in making decisions, a suitable mother that will raise kids wonderfully and some ditzy girl without a brain/education wouldn’t be as good at those things.

    “Men are extremely repulsed with longterm partners that have more then a few sexual partners.” Probably stems from jealousy because they didn’t get any when they were younger? I personally find it not very attractive if a man would have had a lot of sexual partners but it wouldn’t be the thing that would make me stop seeing someone.

    It seems that (by stating this: they see no reason in working hard only to get what other guys got for free because they where “hotter”) you feel men basically just want sex out of a relationship. Again, this is then not a man I (and many other women) want to date. If a man just wants sex, he should just go to a prostitute or find a FWB without the relationship-hassle. I think you are really seeing this wrong. The fact that young people (women and men) have no-strings-attached sex is because it’s fun, they don’t want to be in a committed relationship and are playing the field, exploring their own sexuality and generally ‘growing up’ as independent young adults. Just because a lot of guys are not getting any when they are in their 20’s doesn’t mean they wouldn’t do the same if they could. And for something that is so physical, of course looks matter, so no wonder men and women will then go for the people they find physically most attractive, leaving the less attractive/less confident guys/girls to the side. When people are older (generally), they are looking for more than just a quick romp, and then looks are not the main/only determinant (for either party I’d hope) but personality traits, status, profession, ambition etc matter (more). So then the game is completely different. Apparently you think men then are still just interested in sex and for that they have to ‘pay’ by being in a committed relationship which you say they feel is not fair/whatever because someone else got her ‘sex’ without this commitment years earlier. This is really a flawed reasoning, except in the case for men who just want sex and nothing else, but again, these should then look for casual encounters.

    I really hope your statements do not apply to all men, and that there are still men out there that care about the woman as a person and about her achievements, personality and ambitions.

    Thanks for replying.

  • CAB

    I didn’t say youth was the ONLY thing but is a major thing. You are a hypocrite as you expect men to be equal or HIGHER status but won;t date a LOWER status guy but the higher status guy by default is dating a lower status girl. Im not saying your wrong for that preference but to expect men to not have preferences too is hypocritical when you yourself have non-equal standards. If you don’t want to date a man that cares about youth, you should stay single because there is not a man on the planet who is not more sexually attracted to a girl when she is 20 then when she is 30. Same hypocrisy with partner count, JUST BECAUSE IT DOESN:T BOTHER YOU DOESNT MEAN IT SHOULDNT BOTHER MEN. Why should men’s preferences have to be filtered by what female preferences are. I don’t care if a girl works at mcdonalds or if she comes from a low status family as these mean nothing to me and other men however that doesn’t mean that women don’t care about those things. For me to say women should not care about income or job prestige and status of a man because it doesn’t I don’t care about it would be completely hypocritical. If women are allowed to have presences, men should to. Grow up, MEN AND WOMEN ARE DIFFERENT.

  • CAB

    READ THESE 2 ARTICLES!!!!!!! I Really hope you read these and would love your comment on them.

  • The Captain

    Her choice where her lines are. Not anyone else’s buisiness.

    But @’digital age’: how many girl might already have participated in this kind without been exposed to the internet?
    remember, the video gone viral was made & leaked by the club staff themselves, not by some random visitors. pretty cheap pr campaign using drunken teenage girls to attract desperate teenage boys. even if she was prepared of being filmed by some random people having no direct interest in exposing her to the whole world, she could not be prepared to be used as a marketing gag.

  • The Captain

    No one would prostitute themself if they could have the money as a gift, would they? Choices depend on opportunities. People making bad choices often merely aim for the lesser misery.

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