The best of ‘I need feminism because…’


They're the whiteboards that have swept across campuses nationwide. The Tab picks out the best of the 'I need feminism' signs.

These whiteboards came alive on campuses across the UK this year as students scrawled their ‘I need feminism’ messages on them.

And almost all the resulting pictures went viral on Facebook as more students and societies joined the whiteboard movement.

Here The Tab picks out the best of the bunch from around the country.


From Cambridge…


From Bristol…


From Cambridge…we all love our grannies


From Leeds…and cleaning is shit in general


From Cambridge…it’s important to razor-wareness


From Bristol…


From Cambridge…


From Cambridge…


From Bristol…he couldn’t resist a bit of a boast


From Cambridge…The Tab’s favourite is cheese and pickle


From Cambridge…on the lottery of life


From Cambridge…invoking the spirit of Bey


From Leeds…


From Cambridge…or womaaan!


From Leeds…The Tab trying to be clever


From Oxford…getting to the point


From Leeds…whoever devised that work experience is barmy


From Leeds…


From Oxford…some signs are a little bolder than others


From Oxford…a message for Apple


From UEA…a nice literary take on things


From St Andrews…


From St Andrews…


From UEA…quite

Bristol pictures via Ellie Williams at The Tab Bristol.

Leeds pictures via LUU Feminism.

Cambridge pictures via CUSU Women’s Campaign.

Oxford pictures via WomCam.

St Andrews pictures via The Stand.

UEA pictures via UEA Feminism.

  • Tom

    We need feminism in the Middle East etc. i.e. Countries that women are actually oppressed in.

    First and second wave feminism were both good, but third wave feminism is cancer.

  • james

    Why can I just tell that this guy is probably a smug, self-important prick

  • Eyy lmao

    Who does that woman with the hairy armpits think she is? Who is she to dictate what people should or shouldn’t be perturbed by or find attractive? I don’t find hairy armpits attractive and I’m not obliged to change.

    Also sorry girl, you’re a slut, not a stud. Stud implies achievement. Any girl can go out and get a shag whenever they want. Very, very few guys can go out and get a shag whenever they want. That is why only men can be studs. There’s no such thing as an ugly stud, but there’s plenty of ugly sluts.

    I don’t even use the word “slut” in a negative manor. Girls should be and are free to sleep with anyone they want. But if you do it a lot; you’re a slut.

    • 100% slut

      Own that slut title girls!

    • JPDL

      I also think more or less like you although being a slut or a stud by itself doesn’t grant any respect from my part to the person in fact if they like to brag to much or something it’s gonna be actully negative. But yeah you deconstruted well the double standard. Sadly this one as it is a free market based on demand and supply,is not one who is going away easily xD

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