The best of ‘I need feminism because…’

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They're the whiteboards that have swept across campuses nationwide. The Tab picks out the best of the 'I need feminism' signs.

These whiteboards came alive on campuses across the UK this year as students scrawled their ‘I need feminism’ messages on them.

And almost all the resulting pictures went viral on Facebook as more students and societies joined the whiteboard movement.

Here The Tab picks out the best of the bunch from around the country.


From Cambridge…


From Bristol…


From Cambridge…we all love our grannies


From Leeds…and cleaning is shit in general


From Cambridge…it’s important to razor-wareness


From Bristol…


From Cambridge…


From Cambridge…


From Bristol…he couldn’t resist a bit of a boast


From Cambridge…The Tab’s favourite is cheese and pickle


From Cambridge…on the lottery of life


From Cambridge…invoking the spirit of Bey


From Leeds…


From Cambridge…or womaaan!


From Leeds…The Tab trying to be clever


From Oxford…getting to the point


From Leeds…whoever devised that work experience is barmy


From Leeds…


From Oxford…some signs are a little bolder than others


From Oxford…a message for Apple


From UEA…a nice literary take on things


From St Andrews…


From St Andrews…


From UEA…quite

Bristol pictures via Ellie Williams at The Tab Bristol.

Leeds pictures via LUU Feminism.

Cambridge pictures via CUSU Women’s Campaign.

Oxford pictures via WomCam.

St Andrews pictures via The Stand.

UEA pictures via UEA Feminism.

  • Just another Warwick student

    I support the lecturers against the soulless corporate University but if they really wanted to gain some leverage they would stop publishing research. That would heavily damage their reputation but doing so would put the lecturers at risk rather than playing politics with students.

  • Anonymous

    The first and last time I met him was at a house party, for that brief moment I met him (and before SLOS came out) I still came to the conclusion he’s a massive cunt. My best bet is he has narcissistic personality disorder, this selfish egomaniac fuck needs to take a good hard look at himself.

  • Claudia

    Had him in my kitchen for pre’s once in Loughborough. He has the IQ and personality of bog roll.

  • Eeyore’s M8

    “Distraught” over a text? lmao grow a fucking spine, seems like she couldn’t deal with him not giving a shit tbf
    The kid seems like a cunt though

  • DJP

    Smokers subsidise non-smokers through the tax system, you intolerant shit. You should be buying our cigarettes for us and kissing our boots every time we blow smoke in your angry face.

    • Sigh

      Yes they do technically but also put a massive drain on it with a lovely plethora of diseases you’re giving yourselves and other people. Thank you…

    • Liam

      So does that out way the cost to the NHS with the thousands of lung cancer paitents dying every year they have to care for?

  • Stop

    You must be fun at parties

    • C

      why does smoking mean your more fun at a party?! Moron.

      • Hew

        I think it was more the complaining about people smoking…

  • Josh doble

    fuck off

    • Sigh


      • Smoky the smoking smoker

        Just stooping to the level of the article

  • ChainSmoker12

    I use to be a chain smoker (see profile name). A close friend linked me to this article. I have been sat here since its publication re-evaluating my life choices. I have binned my cigarettes (like the famous bridget jones scene) and have invested in some healthy orange juice instead. I cant thank you enough.
    One problem- Need to think of a new profile now (as I am no longer a chain smoker). Suggestions?!?!?!

  • RB

    Most smokers I know, myself included, take care not to smoke in peoples faces publicly, and conceal their cigs under their hands when kids are going by so they don’t see smoking as a thing ‘cool’ young adults do. You’ve written a bullshit article because someone had a fag next to you at a bus stop once. Don’t cry about it.

  • for real?

    You know, i can empathise with this, every time i see someone in a car, or a bus, infact any thing powered by a combustion engine i get so angry. People putting those cancerous fumed into my lungs. Especially when people ride the bus, all high and mighty because they think they’re saving the planet. I mean come on, read a book.

    • Sigh

      To be honest, I do like going to the countryside because of the lack of fumes, so your sarcastic comment actually makes sense to some extent. One step at a time, give it a few years hopefully

      • Anton

        this is a cringe worthy article, though i dont smoke I disagree, people have the right to do as they wish without biggots like you poking fun at them. its bad enough they have to stand in the cold like refugees on they’re breaks and get hate from every direction, yes its a choice but its THEY’RE choice not yours, and if your unhappy about the fact you dont make the rules then go live in the woods.

        • Sigh

          If you want to have a debate, which is fair enough and good, can you do it without petty insults?

  • Yolosweg

    You’re dying everhi yday regardless.

  • FedUpWithBadJournalism

    the smokers you know may be rude, but of all you are the most rude! given that it is not illegal to smoke outside if you don’t like, you should MOVE!

  • maggieisatwat

    Yo Snooty McSnotwhine, there’s no need to get all butthurt because someone sparked a cig next to you in a bus stop, if you are opinionated enough to stream your “thoughts” on The Tab then why not grow a pair and do so in real life? Plus smokers and tobacco have been around for hundreds of years, long before your parents squirted water at each other from across the clown car and then honked their bicycle horns to indicate they really wanted to make a smug, insufferable little clown baby together.

  • Alice

    – As a person who used to smoke, who has a heightened radar for the smell of smoke, I can safely say I rarely have this issue and either you’re very unlucky or super sensitive.
    – I also doubt that smokers are as emotionally unintelligent as you appear to assume.
    – The majority of people don’t think it’s cool, they’re addicted and it’s a very hard habit to kick.

  • B0zwalox

    He’s right tbh. I smoke and have tried to quit once every 3-6 months for several years. It’s a horrible habit that pisses me off and makes me feel shit but I feel unable to break. Maybe if we stigmatised it a bit more as a country it would recede even further.

  • Be quiet

    Bet you love weatherspoons and watch the X factor.

  • Georgie

    live and let live you obnoxious prick

    • Michael

      If someone goes for a drink then pisses on you or pukes on you that’s not okay right? Why is it okay for smokers? Because it doesn’t make your clothes wet?

  • Benjamin Chandler

    Right so rather than be open and explain your problem you choose to over exaggerate your actions to try and get smokers to stop or move. Why not just say it bothers you rather than trying to subtly make your point. Smokers aren’t any less intelligent than anyone else they know what your doing and you are the one being rude. Frankly id rather have a smoker next to me at the bus stop than a ‘journalist’ who has the opportunity have his voice heard but chooses to be judgemental. Your choice to attack a group for their looks or habits has no benefit and your article is another example of how the tab is all about offending people (rather than supplying us with some actual fucking news relevant to students). Anyone else think its amazing that we have the resources and time in this country to indulge in intellectual debate, open fruitful discussion and create beautiful things, but the large proportion of articles presented to the student community is lacking in anything which builds people up or offers opportunities? I wish ‘I hate smokers and their disgusting habit’ had been ‘ How to accept one another and realise being hurtful is never worth it’. Hope you end up writing something that is of some benefit and your attitude doesn’t cause your friend to much grief.

  • Dale

    So glad you said it :) wonderful article !!

  • Jeb59

    I do think this girl is being slightly over dramatic but to those of you saying ‘we don’t smoke because it’s cool’ why do you do it? Like she says it isn’t beneficial to you in any way. Why did you start smoking when it has been extremely evident for years how bad it is for your health? I don’t mean to be rude but it really baffles me why people start in the first place. If you want stress relief, take up yoga.

    • Manoxox

      I smoke because I like smoking. Coffee and cigarette, the cigarette after meals, cigarette on a terrasse with a cold beer, etc… Part of the small life pleasure.

    • Former Smoker

      As a former smoker allow me to answer your question… At this stage (University), most people have been smoking for a long time, it may have been cool back when they started (At least I thought it was), usually all your friends are doing it and it can seem quite attractive… Eventually, just like any other addictive substance, your addicted, you know its not cool but heck, you just cant help yourself any more.

  • Anton

    this is a cringe worthy article, though i dont smoke I disagree, people have the right to do as they wish without biggots like you poking fun at them. its bad enough they have to stand in the cold like refugees on they’re breaks and get hate from every direction, yes its a choice but its THEY’RE choice not yours, and if your unhappy about the fact you dont make the rules then go live in the woods…..

  • Crap article

    What a shit article, the writer comes across as both anal and utterly annoying.

  • oh hell no

    Though I don’t agree with his passive-aggressive standpoint, I do have to agree that, in my opinion, the smokers could be more considerate and do more efforts not to inconvenience non-smokers.

    As for the bus stop, the only times smoking bothers me is under heavy rain, when the bus stops get crowded and I don’t have the option to step away without getting drenched. I just ask them as kindly as possible to stop and it’s not usually a problem.

  • Non-Smoker

    Sounds like you have a classic case of being chronically butt-hurt…. Being a little bitch isn’t cool, now go away and do it where nobody has to listen to your shit

  • michael jones

    ask them if they mind moving futher away or try getting up and moving instead of making a scene, better still stop breathing and let some one who can write better articles have a job

  • Ciara

    People have the same right to smoke as people have not to smoke. Some smokers are polite and stand away from people when having a cigarette, you are not ‘dying every day from passive smoke’, that’s a little over dramatic. I think most people who smoke really don’t give a f*** what they look like and if it’s attractive or not, I know I don’t, and your opinion of how we look, really doesn’t bother us, sorry.

  • eh

    So your the annoying twat that doesn’t have the balls to ask me to smoke somewhere else, and instead sits there huffing and puffing and covering your face like there’s something wrong with you.
    Don’t flatter yourself, I doubt people go out of their way to bother you, they just don’t realise they are. This article is ridiculous, it just makes you look bitter, you have every right to fresh air as we do to smoke, so just be polite and ask the smoker to move away next time. Smoking doesn’t make you a mind reader.

  • X

    You take a breath when you walk past a smoker?
    Maybe, perhaps, get over it a weeny bit?

  • Hmm

    there’s more important things to worry about than this, f*cking hell

  • Smoky the Smoking Smoker

    10/10 article for effort. By which I mean: “You used the word ‘cunt’. How clever.”

    Some smokers are polite and do keep their smoking to themselves (thank you very much). Clearly, people who do a thing-with-a-smell-and-very-maybe-possibly-some-health-risks-to-those-around-them should ask before lighting up next to you or they are, as you say, rude. They’re not, however, the only ones, and remind me if I ever spot you on campus to come over and give you a big hefty breath of second-hand smoke: if you’re going to assume I do it and apparently hate me for it anyway, I might as well give you the cancer anyway.

    I think we’ve all learned a valuable lesson today. Now, if you could just get over yourself (I’m happy to give you a leg up, if that helps – it’s a big ol’ climb), I can go spark up. It’ll be my pleasure to do it as far the hell away as possible from you.

  • Anastasia Smith

    As a smoker myself, and as a public transport user, I would like to tell you politely to shut up.

    I know all smokers aren’t the same, but as a smoker, I move away from people and make a conscious effort to make sure it doesn’t go all over people (obviously as much as the laws of nature will allow).

    Can I give you a tip? Shut up moaning and deal with it. As if it isn’t bad enough that we have to stand in the freezing cold now we aren’t allowed to stand and smoke outside.You got your smoking ban indoors didn’t you? And you made air travel, train travel and any other sort of travel unbearable for the smokers what more do you want? To stop completely? Well whilst you’re on your soap box why not write a useful article asking for world peace, an end to racism or something actually interesting?

    If you don’t want to be surrounded by smoke don’t sit outside like an effing moron.

  • It’sprettygross

    As someone with horrible asthma that’s constantly triggered by someone smoking in my presence, I hate. It’s no surprise the only people having problems with the article or complaining about it are those who smoke.

    • getoverit

      I don’t smoke and I have asthma and I still think this article is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever read

  • Rosie

    I hate to break it to this charming author, but perhaps it is ther poor attitude and rudeness that is getting you so much trouble from smokers. All the smokers I know are very considerate of others, normally until the point when, instead of politely asking you to smoke elsewhere, or moving yourself away, they huff and puff and bitch about it. Then, we move closer to you. Because you wouldn’t like people being rude to you in this way, would you?

  • rk

    Ffs chillout, not all smokers are rude and no amount of complainings gonna change anything

  • samibravo

    Theres alot more things to worry about than second hand smoking.

  • Got a light?

    All this article did is make me want a fag…

  • Ex-smoker none the less

    Do you mind moaning outside please.

  • Ex-smoker none the less

    And, when I used to smoke I too never smoked near anyone, always concealed it from children and ensured no smoke would be going in anyone’s faces. What you are complaining about is rude people, not smokers. You’re just stereotyping.

  • time wasted

    can’t believe I wasted precious smoking time reading this article. Next time I see someone shuffle away from me smoking in pubic I’m gonna blow it in their face and pretend it was the person who wrote this article.

    off for a cig

  • tabisshit

    All this makes me want to do is start smoking.. But only when you’re around and when we’re both sitting at the same bus stop. Please stop writing these ridiculously stupid articles.

  • SmokeyMcSmokingTits

    Transparent article: Fuck you you stupid smokers, stop smoking near me.
    I.e. “Let’s say something semi-controversial and overly whiny to get shares and a ton of self-righteous comments”.
    Not journalism, just boring cycnical nonsense.

  • Eden

    “Not even when I very obviously over-exaggerate covering my nose with my jacket sleeve and shimmy further down the bus stop bench away from them do they clear off.” I never smoke at bus stops if there are non-smokers there, but if you did that I’d move closer and blow it in your face, because it makes you seem like a pathetic little shit that doesn’t have the balls to say ‘excuse me, would you mind moving away from the bus stop for the duration of you’re cigarette’. I completely agree that people should be more aware of each other and treat each other with respect – whether it’s about smoking or queuing or being noisy or whatever. However, your crappy article that fails to remain objective (in fact, your little secondary school insults about e.g. ‘looking like Cruella De Vil are pathetic), because behind a keyboard is apparently the only place where you have the guts to address this, to people on the streets or even your friends. Congrats on being a tosser.

  • alexandra

    Sorry but this is just pure bullshit. Everyone has free will & the ability to make choices. If people want to smoke then they have the right to do so because it’s THEIR CHOICE! They’re not forcing you to take a cigarette & smoke it yourself. This article is utterly ridiculous

  • DyingButHappy

    Not all the smokers are the same. I often go out of peoples way, I never light up at a bus stop and I never blow it into the middle of conversations. Don’t tar everyone (excuse the pun) with the same brush or that just makes you the biggest loser of all.

  • Chorley

    You remind me of Rob Reiner in that episode of South Park about smoking.

  • Howardoo

    Not that I don’t respect the points your making, but, this Is little more than a rant, with the wording you’re using. I mean, instead of posting on the internet could you not just ask people to move? It’s not hard.

    “Sorry mate, would you mind?”
    “Sorry, I’ll go over there.”

  • nnnnn

    “even when I very obviously over-exaggerate covering my nose with my jacket sleeve and shimmy further down the bus stop bench away from them”
    Are you autistic?

  • Student111

    I’d rather be sat next to someone smoking than you moaning. It’s outside – they can do what they want. Get over it. Crap journalism.

  • SpookyBird

    ‘Not even when I very obviously over-exaggerate covering my nose with my jacket sleeve’ do you do the ridiculous fake coughing thing too? What do you expect? They probably do it on purpose just to piss you off. I would if I still smoked.

  • tim tims

    “Not even when I very obviously over-exaggerate covering my nose with my jacket sleeve and shimmy further down the bus stop bench away from them”

    That is just the pure epitome of attention-seeking.
    You are extremely judgemental and seem to have some sort of superiority complex. Get off your high-horse and just accept it. I’m sure you have certain traits which people don’t like, but they don’t go bitching about it over the internet do they? If people want to smoke they can, it’s legal after all.

  • Tims

    I can’t wait until they legalise weed so you’ll have an even better puff of smoke in your face.

  • Truth

    You might as well leave the Journalism course you’re on. You’re in your third year and you’re still writing shit like this? This is the kind of thing you would hear on blogs so you have no hope of becoming a serious journalist. Quit now, go home and politely hang yourself in front of your parents.

  • You’reastuckuplittleprick

    Stop thinking you’re better than everyone else. You’re a journalism student working in Nando’s. I bet about 99% of the smokers you encounter are on bigger things right now

  • h

    you need to chill forreal

  • Jack Dee

    Dey r funny I swear dooooown

  • Tom

    We need feminism in the Middle East etc. i.e. Countries that women are actually oppressed in.

    First and second wave feminism were both good, but third wave feminism is cancer.

  • james

    Why can I just tell that this guy is probably a smug, self-important prick

  • Eyy lmao

    Who does that woman with the hairy armpits think she is? Who is she to dictate what people should or shouldn’t be perturbed by or find attractive? I don’t find hairy armpits attractive and I’m not obliged to change.

    Also sorry girl, you’re a slut, not a stud. Stud implies achievement. Any girl can go out and get a shag whenever they want. Very, very few guys can go out and get a shag whenever they want. That is why only men can be studs. There’s no such thing as an ugly stud, but there’s plenty of ugly sluts.

    I don’t even use the word “slut” in a negative manor. Girls should be and are free to sleep with anyone they want. But if you do it a lot; you’re a slut.

    • 100% slut

      Own that slut title girls!

    • JPDL

      I also think more or less like you although being a slut or a stud by itself doesn’t grant any respect from my part to the person in fact if they like to brag to much or something it’s gonna be actully negative. But yeah you deconstruted well the double standard. Sadly this one as it is a free market based on demand and supply,is not one who is going away easily xD

  • Leah

    Both are extremely bad for you but i fail to comprehend how someone being fat affects you in a way in which second hand smoke would.

  • charlie moore


  • Kids With Beards

    thanks for the feedback…indeed we do! Next sketch comes out on Wednesday, we do hope you enjoy it! x

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